In this series I aim to cut through all the hype and take a detailed look at what is really happening on the pitch.

I closely analyse the underlying stats of key teams (focusing on the last 6 matches) and discuss their stand out players for performance buzz purposes.

I’ll rotate between the big leagues each week.

To keep it focused I will only discuss key changes that matter on the Index, not general performances of players that readers can get from standard match reports.

Best of the Rest

This is not an exhaustive list of every player with potential. It’s made up of those that I think have shown eye catching stats in the last 6 or so games.

Ruben Neves Clearly destined for bigger things, but it looks as though he will stay where he is until the Summer at least, if Wolves are to be believed.

He’s been consistent all season, with decent involvement (impressive in a low possession team) and a huge number of speculative shots from range that rarely find the net.

A win is tough at Wolves but if/when he gets a big club move, he could become a strong performance choice. If a transfer in January doesn’t happen and he drops in price, that could be a good time to swoop. Kenedy

This goal threat, though. He should be doing a lot better with this many chances. 22 shots in the last 6, more than any other midfielder in the EPL. Many are from long range, so this partially explains why he only has 1 goal to show for it. The Chelsea loanee is still just 22 and if more of these chances start going in, he’ll be decent value, certainly for goals dividends given the cut price.

As a wider performance player, his involvement is not currently that great, but Newcastle are a low possession team, it could improve if he moved elsewhere. Newcastle have a kind run of fixtures coming up, so I think this is a decent punt.

Matt Doherty

The Wolves defence is not somewhere we would normally go, but for the price, Doherty ain’t bad. He’s effectively playing as a winger and he is very advanced and getting his chances. Always going to be a long shot, but he’s cheap and even a goal dividend wouldn’t be a bad return.

Raul Jimenez

Jimenez has huge goal threat, but isn’t putting as many away as he should. 18 shots in the last 6 though, and that’s more than Aguero and Morata. He’s not a classic high baseline performance player, but for a cheap goals dividends punt, not bad, particularly when we spot a kind run of fixtures.

Gylfi Sigurdsson

Winning outside of the big 6 is always going to be tough but as he showed vs Fulham (29 Sept) and Leicester (Oct 6) he is capable of a big score on his day.

Sigurdsson has just enough involvement to put him in contention with a match winner or more. I can see him nicking another win or two before the season is out. David Brooks

The 21 year old Welshman has been impressing for the Cherries. He’s had 10 shots in the last 6, scoring 2. His involvement could improve, as he is not quite seeing the ball enough to pump those baselines.

But, as he grows in confidence this could happen because he has the playing position and the dribbling and passing skills to become more influential. One for the future. Callum Wilson He’s in fine form and his threat is solid right now. It will however be tough to win at Bournemouth with average possession, and he isn’t the sort to see huge amounts of the ball anyway. He needs two goals or more to challenge and would be an outside shot for a win at the moment. But, if he did keep raising his profile and secure a move to a bigger club, he’s got potential. Harry Maguire His ability with the ball at his feet combined with his giant block of a head make for a strong performance combination. He looks like a very fashionable centre back, and he will surely be making his way to a bigger EPL side before long.

He can win even at Leicester though thanks to his goal scoring ability.

James Maddison

He is in a quiet spell, but he’s got all the ingredients for a strong performance player.

Lately, his threat and involvement have been weak. He’s not looked like winning but I think there are better days ahead, particularly if he can move on to a more dominant team in a year or two. Aleksandar Mitrovic He’ll probably always struggle as a classic performance buzz player at Fulham. That might improve at a bigger club with more possession but for now it will be tough. What he does have however is an outside chance of a PB win with 2 goals or more and he should be good for some goals dividends, particularly when the fixtures line up nicely. The goal threat in recent games has been as strong as ever, and he showed that last time out with 2 goals vs Southampton.

Felipe Anderson

Anderson is showing some great stats at West Ham, and this could translate into another win before long, especially with a very kind run of fixtures coming up.

His position, involvement and threat all check out and to be doing that in a fairly low possession team suggests he has quality.

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