A completely dead market today and nothing is happening… just kidding the market is deactivated until 10 a.m for maintenance. I don’t think anything exciting is going on, seems to be just routine.

In reality the market is flying and for the first time in a while a good number of those rising in the top 200 are pretty decent prospects. At least enough to convince me the world hasn’t gone completely mad.

It’s not out of the question that we will see a last push for performance players this week as the European leagues get back up and running. Short term traders and those who buy for individual games should be starting to look around for targets.

Rocket Ships

Gabriel Jesus

Similar to Rashford who was discussed yesterday, Jesus has a performance points problem.

Last night he got two goals and the match winner and still only managed 184. It’s going to be a problem if you can’t win on double or treble days.

He has limited involvement which makes big scores difficult. I don’t think he is incapable of a wider role in the game, but I think tactically he is asked to be the killer. This has been consistent and I don’t think it will change without a significant shift from Pep. He also gets heavy rotation which does not help the cause.

So what does he have going for him? He’s young, and extremely talented and gets a high number of quality chances due to the team he is playing in. Recently, he has shown a tendency to be explosive and score more than one in a game. He really needs that to continue.

Improving, I think. But not a natural performance player and he needs to step out from Aguero’s shadow.

Alphonso Davies

This is another one that is getting crazy. I think if you put a young player in Germany right now the “he’s the next Sancho!” cry will not be far behind.

I think what people forget is that Sancho hasn’t won anything yet and his best score this season despite his superb form is 155.

Davies could be a performance suitable player for sure. But he has only just turned 18 and the odds of him holding any kind of team role where he can threaten regular dividends next season are minimal. It may be even the season after that.

At £4.66 now, this is just way out of hand and it’s very likely to just be a matter of time before a heavy crash.

Sinking Ships

Jack Clarke

Not much to say here other than if you chase kids who are rising, especially when they don’t actually play eligible football and won’t even get the chance to until next season, you are asking to get dumped on.

New traders should steer well clear of this kind of trade.

Hot Gossip

Marko Arnautovic

A risk to highlight here for new traders as a couple of people have asked me what happens to players who leave the Index.

If Arnautovic transfers to China, he becomes ineligible for performance buzz and winning media buzz will be near impossible. He won’t be immediately removed from the Index but the only people holding will be those who aren’t paying attention.

The value will tank towards zero and whilst if the transfer does not happen there is a chance the price recovers, as a general rule, I do not carry these kinds of risks in my portfolio. There is just no need when profits are available elsewhere without the same risk of a big loss.

Mario Balotelli

Why always me? The striker has been troubled as ever but it wasn’t long ago he was showing superb form. 24 goals in 32 starts last term and he is still only 28.

Marseille look to be interested if they can agree a salary. Whether there or elsewhere, I think Balotelli will get one more shot at a big club. At just £1.36 and a recent history of spiking up and down between £1.30 and £1.60 depending on the rumours, I think this is an interesting one.

And also, an interesting sneak peak at what trading in the future may be like once “buy good players and hold them” no longer gives the kinds of capital gains we are used to. We will need to spend more time analysing price trends and trading on the up and down swings.

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