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Let’s get straight into the players.

Rocket Ships

Gonzalo Higuain

The star of my gossip column in recent months. The Higuain story has been very on again and off again and he has been bobbing up and down between £2 and £2.50 depending on the rumour of the day.

It does look like it will finally get over the line though.

He is 31, but subject to the loan conditions, there is no reason he won’t be a force for the remainder of this season and next.

Given that Sarri knows him very well, it seems reasonable to assume that he will get the kind of role and team tactics that will give him a good chance to succeed.

It will be interesting to watch the price because around £3.50 for a leading EPL striker with potential media appeal is clearly a bargain in the current market.

But being 31 he is very “off trend” and people may question whether this is a solid long term investment.

I’d say that a lot can happen in 18 months though and with his goal scoring record in a team suited to him he could do some real damage.

Steven Bergwijn

One of the looser rumours as Manchester United are “set to scout” Bergwijn and possibly make a bid this month.

Although the Dutch league isn’t scored, there is plenty of real data on it available and I can say that yes, Bergwijn looks a solid prospect.

He’s got a good playing position, a decent amount of involvement and plenty of goal threat.

Of course, young players are always a gamble, and you can’t guarantee that Eredivisie form will translate to a top league. But at least with this sort of player we have a 25 full matches this season to judge him on.

Often with many young players you can struggle to cobble 90 minutes together all season.

The price is still relatively kind. It may drop if the rumour dies but I’d say a patient holder is unlikely to have too many regrets here.

Sinking Ships

Transfer Rumours

There is nobody to pick on today with the market so frothy.

However, the fallers list is full of yesterday’s transfer rumours whether or not they are fading or still live.

My only observation is this: all of the rumours are getting flipped and you don’t even need any news for them to get dumped.

Hot Gossip

Alvaro Morata

Morata has flopped hard at Chelsea although the last time I reviewed him for a Scout Report, I noted his vastly improved goal threat.

He isn’t a natural high baseline performance player, so what we need is explosive goal scoring. Could he do that Atletico?

He does have a goal scoring pedigree in Spain, with 15 in 26 for Real Madrid in 16-17. There is a reason he was so hotly tipped and is still changing hands for around £45 million.

It’s a gamble but buying a player who clearly has quality when sentiment is so down on them often pays off.

If you ask yourself “Is £2.55 worth it for a 26 year old Spain international striker at Atletico?” it’s hard not to say yes.

Mario Balotelli

I mentioned this the other day but it now looks like happening and he will get his move to Marseille.

I quite like this trade. He is going to a good club and he is so well known that if he does start well with a goal or two he is sure to attract some buying. And the price is so low the risk is not high.

At just 28, he still has plenty of years to come and if he can replicate last seasons form he could finally get his career back on track.

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