Alright alright alright. Another huge match day ahead. By my count, we have around 1,000 players potentially in action! (although f you work it out more sensibly by who might actually play, probably more like 750!).

That is an enormous field and picking the 4 winners today is going to be hard! However, that is not the only game in town. What also matters is the players who are showing quality. Players who are consistently posting high scores do get noticed, and they do not always need to win today to get a boost.

Rather, they need to convince people that they are going to be up there challenging for wins regularly in future and this is where many of the match day gains will come from.

As I trailed this week, those following on Twitter will have seen a sneak preview of the new FIT members area which will be opening very soon! It has taken me months of hard work but I think it is going to be worth it.

This will be a whole new level of original, fresh content that will be responsive to the changes on the pitch and in the market each and every week. I will be spending hours every day keeping it up to date with my personal research with no data dumps in sight, it’s all my own work. I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you!

For full details of what is in the members area, check it out here!

I am really enjoying creating all the members area content, because it allows me to look at a much wider group of players who are not getting wide attention yet, rather than the Daily which focuses on the players hitting the headlines.

Given the sheer amount of time and effort that has and will go into the members area every week, there will be a cost for those who want to join and it could not exist otherwise. It’s up to me to make it worth it, and I am confident I can and will keep working hard to do so.

But the Daily will remain unchanged and free forever and I’ll put exactly the same amount of effort into it same as always. I really enjoy analysing the days events each morning!

So in that spirit, let’s get into the players.


Rafael Leao

Another goal for Leao who is in red hot form. That’s 5 in the last 7.

However, do not expect him to be winning performance dividends anytime soon. His baseline is going to be awful (and last night was an example – he got the match winner and yet only scored 126).

Nor is he likely to be explosive because he isn’t getting that many chances. More, he is being clinical with the 1-3 he gets.

You would need to believe he is on a similar level to a Jovic or Piatek. If he got a big move and the quality and frequency of chances increased, we may get somewhere with 2 goals or more. But even then, it may be a struggle.

His best chance perhaps is a player to dip in and out of for In Play dividends, depending on form and fixtures.

Nicolas Pepe

Another win for Pepe although this was a soft score at just 132 on an easy single game day.

In contrast to Leao though, Pepe is going to be a consistent challenger because his baselines will often be high enough to see him to a big score with just one match winning goal.

This is why Pepe still beat Leao for performance points despite his goal not being matchwinning and being at a 40 point disadvantage.

Pepe has consistent quality that should only get better after a big club move which will surely come in the summer.


Joe Gomez

A big blow for Gomez who may require surgery on his injury.

This is a shame because with a run in the side, Gomez has everything needed to develop into a strong performance defender. He isn’t up there with the best ball playing centre backs yet, but as he develops I think he can improve this aspect of his game.

As an aside, I think it has been a while since I discussed a defender on the daily and this reflects the lack of attention they are getting at the moment. This is something I will ponder when I have some spare time later in the week, maybe for an article.

Hot Gossip

Callum Hudson-Odoi

Whether you are a true believer or in the “my god he is over-priced” camp, you can’t ignore that the drama with Chelsea and Bayern will probably resurface as we get closer to the summer.

Chelsea have to break their previous reluctance to give young players a chance if they are to give him the kind of pitch time that will convince him to stay.

And if not, you would think that a second attempt from Bayern in the summer would be very difficult to fend off if he had been unhappy for so long.

Despite the drama over the transfer window, he has only pulled in 13p in media dividends, managing just 1 first place finish in the month. One of the issues with a young player who doesn’t play football is that whilst they can be constantly a story, they are rarely THE story. I think this would probably repeat in the summer, too.

Still, depending on how long youth prices remain significantly overheated for, people may hold out in hope of a summer blitz.

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