A good day for those who want to see more rationality in the market yesterday! I count myself amongst them.

Some quality players put in some quality performances to show that eventually, the cream does always rise to the top.

That has had the desired effect on the market today because for the first time since I can remember, I don’t want to bang my head on my desk after looking at the market risers.

I think more of this will come as we have so much football coming up domestically and in Europe. That will be great news for the sustainability of the platform.

Today is also a big day for the site as I launched the Members section a few hours ago. It has taken me months of hard work to get it to a stage I am happy with and I can see the first members are already signing up which is great.

This will be a whole new level of original, fresh content that will be responsive to the changes on the pitch and in the market each and every week.

I will be spending hours every day keeping it up to date with my personal research with no data dumps in sight, it’s all my own work. I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you!

For full details of what is in the members area, check it out here!

The Daily will be be continuing as normal and remain totally free, same as always.


Gonzalo Higuain

We have been watching Higuain closely in the last few months from the will he won’t he to the transfer and then the first games.

I was a fan, but he needed a strong start. In the first game it could hardly have gone worse, but what a recovery yesterday.

He started off all classic Higuain, heavy goal threat and not much involvement. But during the game he was reborn as an attacking midfield player who even had a high baseline to go with his threat. That explains the win.

However, this was a game that Chelsea absolutely dominated, and I don’t think we will see that from Higuain every week.

We do not necessarily need that either. All we need from Higuain is prolific goal scoring. 2 goals a game and some headlines should give holders strong returns.

Next, he needs to string some good performances together because with an older player, confidence is always going to be shaky.

Daniel Parejo

Yet another reminder of Parejo’s understated quality. How often does he have to stride out and slap traders around the face with his high scores before more people pay attention?

Last year he was the break out performance darling that led people to try to find “next seasons Parejo”. Well, Parejo was next season’s Parejo. It just took him a while to get going.

Bear in mind he won on a treble day without even winning the game. He benefits from penalties massively, but he also has goal threat without it, hitting 4 more shots yesterday from open play. And his baselines are almost always solid.

His early season dip in form was more about Valencia’s struggles. With them picking up, he should be a regular challenger.


Cristiano Ronaldo

I’m not entirely sure what Ronaldo’s crime is to cause this drop because he is on fire performance wise.

Yes he didn’t win and got beaten by a strong Higuain score but he has 3 big scores in 5 and with his stats that will probably continue.

However, it shows the effect of market sentiment. He does have a number of negative factors surrounding him and when confidence is low, any minor blow can cause a drop.

The market is still of a size where even one unhappy big fish trader can start the exodus, and if people are low on confidence they are inclined to follow them off that cliff.

My opinion hasn’t really changed since I sold if I recall at the £12 mark in the wake of the first allegations against him.

I think this story is very likely to come to nothing and the market will turn out to have over reacted. However I decided to sell because I did not want the hassle of holding a player that can be trashed with just one bad story.

On the other hand though. Who better to hold for the CL run in in a strong Juventus side? If you have the stomach for it you could be looking at one seriously undervalued player here.

Leon Goretzka

Goretzka has been a hot property of late and much discussed on Twitter.

Most of the season, he has been woeful for performance points and there is no sugaring that pill.

January seemed to bring hope however as he suddenly popped up with 2 strong scores in a row and rocketed from under £2 to pushing £4.

These scores were no accident. He was moved to AMC and if playing there, I think he could be fantastic. However, in the last game he was moved back to DMC and the poor scores resumed.

It is very unlikely that he will get a regular AMC slot. And without it, his scores will probably be as poor as ever. But it is worth keeping one eye on in case he does get moved back. I won’t be holding my breath though.

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