Another day of strong scores for some favourites, but as often happens, a relative unknown had a big day and caused heartbreak for Aguero and then Fekir owners in turn.

Finnbogason isn’t that unknown though, if you are a fellow stats/European football nerd. He has scored big a few times before.

He did surprise me though because his recent stats have been nothing to shout about, but I will have to take a second look at him later today.

Canales, Fekir and Aguero were no surprise though and all three were highlighted on my members area dashboard before yesterday’s games.

What you will notice though is that despite not winning players like Fekir, Aguero and Junior still got strong buying action.

Narrowly missing out on a dividend can hurt. But if your player is showing consistent high scores and promise of future wins that can be enough for you to see a very nice reward.


Vinicius Junior

A huge rise for Vinicius on the back of some excellent performances.

Real absolutely dominated last nights game so statistics were inflated across the board for their players. So we should not get carried away with hysteria about that particular game.

What is more important is that he is playing a significant part in the last 6-7 matches, and often completing the full 90. In those games he is consistently doing the right things that should filter through to high scores eventually if he continues to develop well.

My assessment of Vinicius since he started rising dramatically beyond £4 has broadly been “player of potential big talent” and “not great value”. I think that still holds.

With the youth mania on the Index, the main issue is that only perhaps 1 in 20 of them will become a top dividend earner in future. Because Vinicius has broken into the team sooner than most people expected, and he is performing very well, his chances of being that 1 in 20 player just shot up.

The problem with buying now therefore is this: he is already at a price that assumes he will be a top dividend returner before he is even close to getting there.

Even if all goes perfectly, it will be a long time before he matches the Neymar’s and Pogba’s for returns.

Sergio Canales

A deserved second win for Canales building on his previous win from the 20th January. This was no accident and his recent match stats made it clear that he would be challenging again before long.

He has taken the last 2 penalties for Betis and scored both. But aside from that, he has strong open play goal threat too as well as a solid all round game.

There are some winnable games up next including a Europa League clash with Rennes. However, whilst the next few opponents are not huge clubs defensively they are are no push overs either.

For the season as a whole, unless his form dips considerably, Canales should be troubling the top end of the match day ranking chart fairly often.


Alexis Sanchez

It’s a savage drop for Sanchez and although almost everything OGS touches turns to gold at Old Trafford, he’s not been able to do much for the Chilean.

With other players like Pogba going from strength to strength, Sanchez needs to do a lot more to maintain a £5-6 price tag.

Not only is he not winning, looking at the stats it’s hard to see how he could possibly win without something massive changing. Very little goal threat and involvement.

Interestingly, if you look at his November stats for Chile, he is a completely different man. 17 shots total in those two games and around 50 passes in each. That’s elite level.

So, the super star player we know is still in there somewhere. There is something about the culture or system at Manchester United that is killing him.

I am sure he will have his up days again, whether through a return to form or a transfer in the Summer to somewhere like PSG. But it’s hard to know when that will come and it’s a rough time for holders as the price continues to tank.

Hot Gossip

Joao Felix

It’s the trade that keeps on giving. He’s been in my New Trader Challenge since he was down at £1.97 but he has actually been on my radar a lot longer than that.

Another goal for Felix and he is now on a strong run in the side getting 90 minutes regularly for the first time.

Transfer links to Juventus are heating up to add to the existing ones to the EPL like Manchester United and trader confidence is likely to stay high for Felix all the way to the Summer.

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