Summer transfers are already playing a big part in the market movements. For patient long term traders it’s hard to ever say it’s too early to go for these. 

However, despite what a lot of people say, most people are not all that patient and I wonder whether as we get into a very busy February everyone will want to stick in so long if the price inflates.

Rather, some may want to take profits on summer transfers that have extreme rises in order to go for strongly performing players for European competition etc. 

I  published part 2 of my members area Champions/Europa League preview yesterday and in that I discussed the volatility around each game as well as the form and key players likely to be most affected.

We’ve got huge match ups like Manchester United v PSG and Liverpool v Bayern coming up. And a decisive advantage for any team in the first game could see their prices soaring whilst the side looking like going out will likely go the opposite way.

So the Summer transfers are going to be a profitable time but we have a very busy match schedule up next too. Of course, if you can find the in form performance players with lots of favourable games and a big transfer rumour to boot, you give yourself a strong chance of success. 


Rafael Leao

Leao is rising after a string of good performances and 5 goals in 8 games. So why are his performance scores so dire?

It’s not just bad luck, some of those goals have been match winners. A match winner generally puts him on the 120 score range. That means to seriously challenge for a win he would need a hat-trick. 

His lack of general match involvement aside from the goals is to blame for this. And it’s particular poor even by out and out striker standards. 

This has been obvious about him since the start of the season and has continued to be so. 

You would have to believe he was a Lewandowski, Icardi, Jovic (potentially) type who can be extremely explosive and will move to a top club. 

He does have some very vague transfer rumours. But unless something drastic changes, he looks like a good on pitch player who is not very FI suitable.

James Maddison

It’s taken a transfer rumour to get Maddison going as he is being touted as the Eriksen replacement at Spurs. 

For a while though I think he has been near the front of a group of players who have huge talent and are close to breaking through yet have been relatively ignored by the market. Their crime? They actually play senior football. 

Once on the pitch, you can see that they are good but not quite Messi. When your wonderkid is safe on the bench it is easier to keep the dreams alive. 

Maddison is potentially very strong. He’s got strong goal threat as well as an all round game that suits the scoring system. And he shows that at a relatively low possession Leicester side. He would likely benefit a great deal from moving to a more dominant club.


Yann Karamoh

Uh oh. Karamoh is a good potential player who I had my eye on for when he returns to Inter in the summer after his loan with Bordeaux. 

That loan may end sooner though as apparently he has had a huge bust up with the coaching staff and is now suspended by the club pending a decision about whether he stays or not. 

On the pitch, he’s been doing alright in recent games. He has potential but is a long way from the finished article. The ideal was having a good season at Bordeaux and returning to Inter full of confidence. 

I can’t find much evidence either way on whether he is an awkward character or whether Bordeaux did anything untoward to wind him up. Either way, I’ll file this event under “not good”. 

It’s the bargain basement price that made this pick attractive though and it may be one to revisit once this drama shakes out.

Hot Gossip

Federico Chiesa

I’ve mentioned Chiesa a few times on the site now in recent months. The rise was near inevitable for a player of his ability with the transfer rumours he has. 

EPL clubs will snap him up but the rumour is he wants a big move within Italy, possibly Juventus. Hell, name a top European club and you can find a link if you look. 

He’s likely to be very Index suitable too once at a big club that is dominating and winning regularly. 

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