After a surge in membership in the new season and the success of the members area since February (members rated it an incredible 4.9 stars out of 5 in August!), the price of membership will be increasing soon in order to:

However, I think existing members who were the first to join the site deserve the best value so those with active subscriptions will continue to enjoy the old price not just for a month or two, but for the entire season including the European Championship’s.

The old price of £8.99 will still exist until September 16th and I am giving traders one week’s notice where they can still sign up and take advantage of the old price for the entire season including the European Championship’s.

After the 16th September though, that price disappears forever and anyone wishing to join the site will pay the new price of £12.99 or just over £3 a week (even less on the 3 month option). That still offers superb value versus what members report making with the site information (assuming a portfolio of at least £1,000). 

But I think it’s fair to give 7 days notice so that any regular readers or returning members have a last chance to get in the door before the price increase. 

In future, I may move to a waiting list system to keep a cap on membership numbers and existing members will obviously not need to worry about that.

Click the green button below for more information about the members area and instructions on how to join!

Jason MacDonald
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"You have helped me acheive 85% growth since April! Fantastic resources, gives me an unbelievable edge on the rest. Top stuff."

Examples from Pre-Season Scouting

The really big profits, like the 220% last season for my public New Trader Challenge, come over the season. But here are just a few examples from pre-season scouting from June onwards that have done well already. There are plenty more in the Scouting area! This shows their price when positively reviewed in my pre-season scouting vs their high since. Wins in brackets. 

What Members Say

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"My membership has without a doubt paid for itself. Since joining I have seen my profits go up ten fold just from using FIT scouting, guide prices and Site Strategy! For me, I would pay for this membership over other sites as FIT doesn't just allow you to access data, he does the analysis! Perfect."
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"The site continues to go from strength to strength! Having got the summer strategy spot on, you excelled yourself with the scoring matrix predictions. With this site I am always one step ahead of the game!"
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"FIT made me sell 90% of my players on FI. I bought tempting players who don't make profit. Now I have players who have potential, value and take advantage on the FI matrix. "
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"Without the quality content and advice from this site I wouldn't have made the profits I have. I know quite a bit about football, however if you don't have the luxury of time to do detailed scouting analysis sign up. You'll not regret it."
Richard Price
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"I always log on every few hours to see the latest updates. The hard work that goes into providing this information feels like it provides me with a clear advantage over the market, ensuring I am always 1 step ahead of others. It would have been impossible to have achieved the returns I have so far without it."

Existing Members

Please make sure your subscription is up to date and active so that it keeps rolling over at the old price, after September 16th it will not be possible to apply the old price again.

I also recommend you move to 3 month billing at the old price if you plan to stay for the season - that will save you just under £10, you must do that before the 16th September to keep the old price.

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