Revamped Transfers Section

In the build up to the Summer and throughout the transfer window, I had feedback from members that it was a really useful section that helped them identify the key transfers ahead of the window.

And, that the analysis was useful in helping inform decision making. 

However, it also felt a bit complicated, with multiple star ratings, and lots of information to plow through. It also sucked up a lot of my time which I can probably better spend elsewhere.

So, the revamped transfer centre has the following changes:

Simplified – Reduced the number of categories and ratings, with a simple 4 tiers of “Blockbusters”, “Major Transfers”, “FI Relevant Transfers” and “Unfavourable Moves”. 

Focused – The main benefit of the transfer news is spotting the best transfer stories early on and getting some quality analysis on what could happen in different situations. 

I always intended it to be this way, but during the last window, I got sucked in to trying to follow every twist and turn which is just impossible when the gossip moves so fast. This led to the news getting out of date at times. 

So, it’s now focused on advice that covers a number of likely scenarios which will remain relevant no matter the current gossip. 

I hope members find the revamped transfer area useful. It’s accessible now via the members quick bar.

Blockbusters have been updated already, and the rest will be populated in the coming week. 

It will then become a routine part of the site updated each Thursday ahead of the transfer windows.

Grateful for any feedback on the new look!


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