It’s been a busy and uncertain few weeks on FI, no doubt.

I thought it would be helpful to discuss what members can expect in terms of content as I adapt it to suit what’s happening in the real world.

And I’ll also discuss support for AgeUK and any members with smaller portfolios who might have financial worries at this time.

Age UK

For the next 30 day’s I’ll be donating 10% of all membership fees to Age UK. 

We’re seeing stories now of many older people struggling to get basic supplies of food in this crisis due to people stockpiling. This is really sad, particularly where they don’t have families to help out. 

Age UK are doing great work linking volunteers with older people to run essential errands and get food in for them etc. It’s just a small gesture but I wanted the site to do something to support this.

Site Schedule

Fortunately the world of FI doesn’t stop even when matches are not being played.

I’ve maintained the same work schedule. In normal times, I probably do 75% player scouting and 25% market analysis and strategy. In the last couple of weeks, that has flipped around as I focus on watching the markets and assessing what the optimal strategy might be.

Usually, I work 8am to 6am and try to take Friday and Saturday as my day’s off. I’ll now be more flexible throughout this and if something important happens to react to, I’ll be working anytime 7 day’s a week, taking some breaks when things are quiet instead.

Personally, I work from home as it is so my chances of getting infected are probably lower than most. And as a healthy person in my mid 30’s the odds of me getting sick enough to stop working seem quite low. (I hope I have not just cursed myself!) 

Here’s a breakdown of planned content:

Continued regular State of the Market analysis and Live Blogs

Whenever there is something new to comment on. I’ve been doing this a lot and am half worried this might be a bit spammy – I’ve decided that members at this time probably want too much information rather than too little but let me know if I’m getting that wrong.

Continued background scouting preparation

We want to be ready in the event of positive news that gives confidence that we can go ahead and find some value in the market. This will include further additions to the transfers section in the coming days, as well as some “bargain hunting” articles looking at what value this uncertainty has created in the market. That will be added over the next week.

New Key Strategy

Key Strategy was a good setup but has been overtaken by the latest advice in State of the Market. Once we reach a point where I think there is enough certainty to confidently set out a plan for 1-2 months I’ll provide a new Key Strategy. As things stand, we’re taking it day by day through State of the Market and Live Blog’s.

Longer term Scouting

In the event of resumed matches Scouting will return. We’ll also need to consider any pre-season schedule, all the transfers/tactical changes that happen between seasons etc. Whilst we currently have a good handle on who the “good” players are, this changes quickly between seasons and we’ll need to keep up to date on this.

Dividend increases/performance changes/FI announcements

Between seasons we usually get some big changes to the way FI works which have a huge impact on trading. Last season, the big changes to performance scoring meant I was able to give members a big advantage by knowing who the strong players were before they started racking up big totals in real games. 

We will likely see this again, and we know there is the dividend increase and things like the media changes too. All of this will be broken down and analysed in depth as it happens over the Summer.



There is lots going on and we know that trading successfully is going to be even more difficult in the weeks and months ahead than usual. I’ll be working hard to support members throughout. 

Speaking of which, I will also offer support to members on lower budgets who might be worried about finances right now.

I can imagine a situation where a member may have lost their job and be worrying about bills. 

If this applies to you and you’ve been a member for more than 1 month with a smaller portfolio (£2,500 or less) just send me an email and I’ll wave this month’s membership fees to ensure you can keep access to the site and help you navigate these uncertain times.

I may do a Live Blog later if we get anything new from the meetings about the EPL etc. I suspect we will just see what I’ve been expecting here – a renewed commitment to completing the seasons.

That won’t give anything new to comment on – but if we get any details of actually how that might work I expect to have something to say.

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