Extra Fanteam Offer for Football Trader Readers!

The Fanteam Euro’s game has a £1m prize pool in itself, but if that isn’t enough I have 25 free tickets to give away for Fanteam’s season long Fantasy game for 21/22. 

These should be worth about £25 each and would put you in contention for what is expected to be a £2.5 million prize pool next season!

As well as contributing to coverage over on Fantasy Football Scout, I’ll be doing some just for fun articles throughout Euro 2020 showing the progress of my team (or lack thereof) and the decisions I’m making.

The highest scoring 25 readers who score more than me in the Euro 2020 game will each get one of these tickets! And in the unlikely event that there are not 25 readers ahead of me I will give the tickets away in a random prize draw amongst anyone who entered.

Entering is Easy

1. If you do not have a Fanteam account then just sign up using this button, which will let Fanteam know you joined through me and then they will give me a small commission, which helps me out at no cost to you. Don’t worry, if you already have a Fanteam account, you can still play!

2. Once you have an account tap your email address and Fanteam account name into here including the # number (i.e Adam_FT#12345). 

3. On the Fanteam site, enter a team into the Fanteam Euro 2020 tournament before kick-off on June 11. That costs £20, so please bet responsibly! This is supposed to be for fun. 

4. That’s it! I’ll keep you updated as we go via some fun articles along the way. And be sure to let me know if you are ahead of me in the table! 🙂

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