Welcome to my Football Index Site

I’ve been trading on the Football Index for the majority of it’s short life. And I have been blogging and active on Twitter since May 2018. Along the way, the site has picked up a great readership and a lively Twitter following of traders of all strategies and levels of experience. 

FI’s rate of growth has been amazing and many good traders are making huge returns on their investments.

Like many on the Index, I know my football.  But I think what has given me a real edge is my experience and understanding of trading in real stock markets, as well as my detailed analysis and focus on real world football statistics.

I focus on a style of trading that is grounded in reality and underpinned by strong analysis of the real football statistics, whilst at the same time, working within the trends that exist. 

I want this site to be full of thoughtful analysis of the market and it’s players. I will not just be lazily tipping this player or that player, there is too much of that already and a lot of it is misleading.

Instead, I will provide considered views based on my extensive player analysis and knowledge of trading that may help others reach their own decisions.

But readers should do their own research as well. You should be wary of following tips, guides or advice from any source without thinking it through yourself.

Feel free to check back here daily to join me on this amazing and rewarding Football Index adventure. And follow me on Twitter to be notified when I have something to say! 


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