MLS Match Report GW #164

Welcome to the Sorare focused MLS highlights from Sorare gameweek #164! This is gameweek 4 in the MLS which is a very free scoring League. The more we see the more reliable data should be when it comes to predicting what happens next.  I generally find that 5-8 gameweeks after a season start is when we can really start to

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Fanteam Monster – Team Reveal!

Login Twitter Rss Weekly “Monster” Tournament Afternoon all, I am sitting here doing my Fanteam Monster for the week, so I thought I may as well share what I’ve come up with! If you want to play, the deadline for this weeks tournament is 3pm today. (only an hour away, I’m late this week!) Try Fanteam Strategy for this Gameweek

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Euro 2020 with Fanteam!

Login Twitter Rss Hey all 🙂 Like many, I’m looking forward to Euro 2020 which is a little over a month away. I’m going to be playing the Fanteam Euro 2020 tournament, and I’ve managed to get hold of a little bonus for site readers who want to play too! On this site, readers and I have spent 3-4 years

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MLS Team Builds – WEEK #164

Welcome to the Gameweek #164 preview!  Before we get to the team builds I’ll talk about teams with favourable/unfavourable form/fixtures at the top.  This should help those who do not have the exact cards in the team builds. There are many ways to build a strong team each week and we will all be picking from different selections. Note that

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FI, Licensing and the Gambling Commission

It’s been a while since I’ve written about FI. There have been developments, although not necessarily much we can do anything about. And I try to only comment when I think I have something worth saying.  Today we will focus on the role of the Gambling Commission. We are fortunate to have help here from David Clifton, an expert in

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MLS Match Report GW #162

Welcome to the Sorare focused MLS highlights from game week #162.  A day later than usual as I took a (rare) mini-holiday over the bank holiday weekend! We’re on week 3 now in the MLS and by now we are starting to get a decent amount of new season data to help us. And we’re already seeing many of the

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