football index in administration

With FI entering administration I have taken the decision, with a heavy heart, to pause all memberships indefinitely as of 12th March.

I would not be right to keep subscriptions rolling with a shadow of the former content level when it is clear that with the platform suspended and options limited I do not feel I can do enough for members to be worth the subscription at this time. 

That is despite some members even, to my surprise, suggesting they would continue supporting the site until it is clear FI is definitely done. That’s amazing and I admire you for it, but I would not feel right about that. 

I will still be around though, and as we see the twists and turns ahead I will be commenting but for the time being at least, as an interested observer rather than a dedicated content creator.

There will be no further charges made to member accounts as of Monday 15th March when I will spend the day administering all that. If your billing date is before or on that day the charge may go through, but will be refunded.

If we hit a point in the coming weeks where FI looks to be reviving and there is a viable product that I feel justifies a full content schedule, I will give you notice of an intent to unpause subscriptions with, of course, the option to cancel. 

If we get to a stage where it is clear FI will never recover, I will cancel all accounts entirely. And I will also refund on request members for any time they could not reasonably use. e.g Member purchased an Annual Pass 30 days ago – they will be refunded for the 11 months they could not use.

Peace out. For now.

Adam at Football Index Trader

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