CLUB – New Platform Coming 2022!

Login Twitter Rss 2021 has been a hell of a year, both on and off football platforms!  For many of us in the football gaming community the year did not start well to say the least. The Football Index (and other similar platforms) came crashing down, causing misery for many of us. People lost a  […]

Members: Strategy – Share Split

The final part of the season can be the most stressful time on FI. It can also be the most rewarding if you get it right.

The Share Split causes even more uncertainty. We don’t know exactly what

Football Index Daily: Thursday

Click here to find out what is in the Members Area! Wow. What a huge couple of days. In weeks gone by we have had some hotly anticipated Champions League games that have ended up being a none event. Not this week! Readers will know that I advocate a medium term patient style of trading […]

Members: Champions League Second Leg Previews Part 2

This series will focus on in depth previews of the knock out rounds of the Champions and Europa Leagues. I’ll be running this all season ahead of each round from here until the Finals!

Football Index Daily: Tuesday

Click here to find out what is in the Members Area! You can always tell when many traders in the market don’t have a clear feeling about what to do.  If people want to bet money but they aren’t sure where to put it, the lack of confidence can lead to the “follow the crowd” […]

Football Index Daily: Saturday

Click here to find out what is in the Members Area! This week I did an interview hosted by Football Index Guide which can be found here. However, I missed out a question asked on Twitter! It’s a good one (although a very tough one to answer) so I’ll make it today’s topic instead.    I […]