Goalkeeping Crisis

Signing a Goalkeeper is probably the toughest challenge on Sorare right now! Certainly if we are trying to assemble a competitive team for the Summer on a tight budget. This is a real pain point for the product as traditionally in these games the goalkeeper is the least exciting position, yet right now can be […]

The Dreaded J-League

It’s pretty much a cliché by now that when you put Sorare in front of a European audience one of the first things you hear is “But I don’t know about, or care about, the J-League!”.  It’s fair enough. Certainly from the perspective of enhancing enjoyment of the games we would be watching anyway.  But, […]

Sorare Scouting – The Long Game on a Budget

Last time out we discussed a short term strategy centered on finding value in the MLS. There will still be time to unearth more value there as we observe the pre-season games. And in the J-League too. That’s my preferred approach right now because as I say – next season is a long time to wait […]

Sorare Scouting – Strategy. Value. Fun?

Whilst we wait for more FI news, I’ve been getting to grips with Sorare. This came out strongly in my recent members survey as a platform of interest, and if you want my in depth review of the platform as a whole you can read that here.  In that article, I discuss my wariness – less […]

Sorare Review – In-Depth with a TLDR Summary

With FI suspended and facing an uncertain future, many in the FI community are finding that we miss the connection it gives us to the beautiful game outside of our own team.  I know I am! How disappointing is it right now when you see something good happen for one of your (former?) players and […]