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A fantasy football game.

How To Play

Join Sorare

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Pick your squad

Pick from the top 5 leagues in Europe

Build your team

Collect cards and strengthen your squad


Winners rewarded with prizes…


Simple Landing page, allows user to understand the concept and choose to either join Sorare (using our affiliate link) or Login to the site using their existing Sorare account details.

User Stories

As a person new to Sorare, or an existing Sorare user, I want to understand what this League is, why I should join and how I can play.

As a user with a Sorare account, I want to login to this site by authing with Sorare.

Dashboard (First page on Login)

Note: Can this profile icon pull the players team logo from their account?

Welcome #username

Next Gameweek Starts in 9d 3h 38m... (counting down)

Apr 2



Apr 6


Last Gameweek Results

Weekly Rank: 958th Team Score: 321

Each players points total to display here beneath their picture


Monthly Cumuliative

Season Cumuliative

Monthly Prizes

Season Prizes


This screen allows the user to see when the next game week deadline is, and move to the squad selection screen.

The “gameweeks” should just be pulled from Sorare – we are just following their timing format, so this should hopefully make things easier? We should not have to create our own timings etc.

Leaderboards – this will pull the users Sorare score from the team they select from our selection screen, adding each players score into a team score for the week. They will need to see their Score for the game week totalled. 

But as this stage I imagine we work primarily on a monthly leaderboard with prizes. So the monthly leaderboard will total all weekly scores in that month. I am not sure if a key already exists in the Sorare api for a monthly score. If not – let me know and we could consider sticking to a weekly format, but monthly is better as it makes prizes a lot cheaper.

If there is no automatic way of getting a monthly total, we could possibly total this ourselves? Any gameweek starting in that month would belong to that month i.e if the gameweek took place over 29th March to 4th April that gameweek would count towards March. 

And then there will be a Leaderboard for overall season standings – the sum total of all weekly or monthly scores with a prize for the overall Seasonal winner.

At first, we should probably start with just one division. But if we can build in capacity to add other divisions with slightly different rules that is great.

The main selling point of our League is the ability to customise the rules to suit the UK/European market, making it more accessible and more fun. We will need to be able to set the rules of our league and then amend them in future in response to user feedback – and according to Sorare, this should be possible and they told me it was “easy”. 

Our unique rules: (Subject to change after a beta and user feedback)

– Ability to select any white “common” card player in your squad, enabling more freedom to play for free without using obscure players (as an intro). Unlike the Rare and above cards, these cards do not exist on the blockchain and do not “belong” to the user, it is just a free pool. Ubisoft have done this so it must be possible somehow.

– Select 11 players and 4 substitutes, unlike Sorares 5 players only. 

– Must have 1 goalkeeper, at least 3 defenders and 1 forward in your starting 11. 

– Bench must have 1 substitute goalkeeper, 1 defender, 1 midfielder, 1 forward. 

– Must have ability to select a “captain” (this is standard)

– A substitute replaces any player who Does Not Play (DNP), like for like (e.g the defender replaces the defender and cannot replace the midfielder). 

– Only players from the top 5 European Leagues AND the smaller European leagues. Sorare categorise these as “European Champions” e.g big 5 main Leagues and “European Challengers” (smaller leagues)”. So, you should be able to just select these two groups, rather than specifiying every individual league.

– Maximum of 3 Rare cards in your squad (we will need to edit this later to make it more). No Super Rare Cards. No Unique Cards. 

– Disable card XP modifier to level the playing field (we may want to adjust this later)

– Reduce scarcity penalty for using “Common” white cards from 45% to 10%. (If it is possible to give no penalty to common cards, and give rare cards a 10% BONUS instead – this is better for marketing, but I am not sure if this is possible). 

User Stories

As a user I want to see when the next Gameweek deadline is, and be prompted to go to the Squad selection screen to make my choices. 

As a user I may also want to see when the other upcoming Gameweeks are in future (i.e list the next 3-4 gameweeks ahead).

As a user I want to see the monthly and Seasonal leaderboard, perhaps showing the top 50 entrants on each, plus my personal position in it should always be shown without scrolling. (I may want to click a “Full League Table” to be taken to a new page with the full scrollable league table on it). 

As a user I want to see the Prize rewards on offer.

Stretch/longer term – User may see “achievements” on this page i.e a Badge for winning the league one month, or winning the entire Season, or getting a top 10% league finish. Not important now.

Squad Select


e.g must select 11 starters + 4 subs, inc. at least 1 goalkeeper, 3 defenders, and 1 forward. Subs must be 1 GK, 1 Def, 1 Mid, 1 Fwd. 

No Super Rare Cards. No Unique Cards

Must select a captain

Maximum of 3 Rare cards. 

Your Players (owned cards)

Free Pool


User selects from either own cards or the Free pool to fill out their team.

The players are sortable and searchable, as per the screenshot (This is taken from Ubisoft and works really well for the user)

They can clearly see the rules and restrictions. They should see any penalties or bonuses that apply to their card e.g the 5% bonus for having a current season Rare card, or the penalty for using a white common card. 

As in the screenshot of the “Free pool” the user should see the last 5 scores of the player, to give basic information and help newer players make good choices. 

Data Page (very useful but outside MVP scope)

Recent Player Scores

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Player Name

Last 5 Average Score

% of L5 games played

Last 15 Average Score

% of L15 games played

Trent Alexander-Arnold

Liverpool – Defender – 22

L5 80%
L5 100%
L15 69%
L15 80%

Real Madrid – Midfielder – 30

L5 57%
L5 30%
L15 62%
L15 62%

Fig1. Expandable View of scores in last 15 games? i.e on player click


This screen provides basic info. to help the user make basic decisions on team selection, without having to be an expert.

It will sort by default to present the top 50 by Last 5 average score. But is filterable/sortable by the user. 

Clicking a player name should give them a popup with Sorare’s player data page where they can find more in depth info e.g

Clicking a little drop down by the player could show a chart as per Fig1 above – easy at a glance of their performance in the last 15.

User Stories

As a user I want an easy at a glance way of knowing which players have been performing strongly/poorly. Without this, I would struggle to know who to select particularly if I am a casual user. This will make it less daunting. 

Other Basic Pages


Links to Terms and Conditions
Links to Privacy Policy
Cookies notice? 

Rules and FAQ

Simple drop down Question and Answer text boxes. 

Stretch Goals

Add friends or create sub leagues from amongst friends

Have achievements i.e if you finish 1st in the month you get a badge, and can accumulate badges.

Auto payment of prizes? I Saw some stuff in the API related to this – if it is possible to make the prizes automatically paid to qualifiers that would be ideal, but this can wait until later – early on the prizes given will be quite low anyway so it could be done manually.

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