members area guide - Part one

Welcome to the quick 3 part guide to getting the best from the Members Area. To use the site best, you’ll want to understand how I put things together. 

We will cover the main sections of the site: The Dashboard, Scouting, Transfer Centre and the Player Ratings.

As my top tip, I encourage you to make full use of the research and strategy discussion available on the site, whilst always thinking about what your own goals are and the strategy that suits you best. I don’t recommend members blindly follow my choices, I am not a “tipster”. Whilst they can work in traditional gambling, on FI, I think those sorts of “services” that pump a small selection of players only really serve the tipster themselves.

That’s why I operate as an analyst that looks at the whole market. This takes about 100x the effort a tipster puts in, but I think it makes for a better and more sustainable resource. 

For the players you are interested in that I highlight as strong performers or good value, I recommend doing at least a little bit of your own research on top to make sure they fit with your own style and strategy. 

This is the top of the Members Dashboard. You can think of it as the Members Home Page. 

Any important site news and notices are here, along with notes pointing members towards the latest updates so it’s easy to know what has changed on the site.

The current “Key Fit Strategy” is always pinned here, so members can easily see what the current thinking is that is guiding my trading at the moment. Reading this is one of the first things to do, as it will help you see how all the information on this site is being used in practice.

All recent Members Articles are linked here in the scrolling gallery, and the archive of all Members Articles is available here too.

You will notice various things throughout the site are tagged with a 0 out of 1 stars. This means that it is new content and helps members see at a glance what has been updated within the last few days.

Market and Events SECTION 1

Click each heading below for a description of that section.

In the main “State of the Market” heading, I give an overall assessment of the mood of the market and it’s level of confidence, discuss the reasons why, and share my analysis of what we can expect in the coming weeks and months.

This is important as it gives my top level guidance on how I see the market operating in the short term.

Under Opportunities and Risks, I will pick out and analyse individual market trends or factors that could be good or bad for traders. You will note in the example given, the same trend can create both opportunity and risk, and I discuss the pros and cons of both! As with anything on this page, each opportunity or risk can be clicked to reveal more detail and analysis on this point. 

Guide Prices are a rough average of what the market is willing to pay for strong players in a certain position if they are KNOWN to be strong performers or widely considered to be strong POTENTIAL performers. 

So, when it becomes common knowledge that a player is good, what are people willing to pay?

I use them when considering whether I am paying too much for a player or not. 

If I think I have found a good player, but the market is not aware that player is strong, how much will they pay when they learn what I know because he gets a couple of PB wins or similar?

Or, am I wasting my time holding a good player that doesn’t really have much further to rise in the current market?

Each player is different and you have to mentally adjust the Guide Price depending on how well (or badly) they fit the trends, the transfer rumours, and the general “feel good” factor around the player. 

Guide Prices should not be taken too literally but are best thought of  as an anchor or a marker in the sand.  

There is a Guide Price given for a perceived strong player who fits the market trends, and a Guide Price for a player that does not strongly fit the trend and has very few hype factors.

This can take some getting your head around, I admit! For more detail on Guide Prices, see the latest Guide Prices article in the Archive


Click each heading below for a description of that section.

These are the main positive and negative trends that are affecting the market, as I see them.

These are important because finding a good performance player alone is not enough.

If you find a strong performance player who is bang on trend, you are far more likely to get other traders buying them if your player succeeds. 

If your player wins but falls foul of the negative trends, you might not get much reward for the victory.

To trade optimally, we have to find high quality performance players who also fit the current trends of the market. 

Some trends vary heavily depending on time of year and have clear reasons. Other trends can just be in and out of fashion for no obvious reason.

These are updated regularly, so you will always be aware of the key drivers in the market. It shows each trend together with my assessment of it’s strength and whether it is likely to get stronger in the coming weeks or start fading away. 

There is a separate tutorial on trends in the and how to use them best in the Menu as it is really important to work with these to make the best profits.

Key Dates notes any big events in the next few months we need to be thinking about.

7 Days is a bit more detailed and covers anything notable in the week ahead.

Nothing spectacular here, just helpful reminders.

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