16 Sept

Performing as expected from pre-season scouting below under Arsenal. 

His goal threat is very strong which is fantastic for Fantasy managers and IPD traders but he doesn’t have the performance strength for that to matter too often for match day dividends. The 2.5 out of 5 stars rating feels right.

Reading back the Arsenal scouting below, I advocated this trade down at £1.50 a few months ago as I expected big hitters like him to get interest in the EPL from new traders who might like to own players they recognise. 

At over £2 now that’s a tidy profit in a short space of time. But personally, I wouldn’t be hanging around in hope of many performance wins at this price.

It’s not awful value though given the likelihood of continued IPD returns and an occasional performance win if you can keep refreshing your 30 day window (There are better value ways of doing this though in cheaper goalscorers and I often point them out in scouting).


16 Sept

A weak performance in FI terms for Pepé. He was better last game as reported below.

This is an example of how much the club and overall set up matters to a players output because had he gone somewhere like Bayern I really suspect I would be writing much more positive reviews.

I think he will settle and we will see some goals and possibly even a few decent performance scores. 

I’ve long reported my worries here as to whether he can hold up this price tag at Arsenal. Over the last month, it’s been a struggle and he is starting to drop. Unless he breaks out soon I can see him sliding down further towards £2.50.

I took my Pepé profits way back around June as I often do with this sort of player and that has saved me at least 3 months of holding a highly priced player which is very valuable.

That’s a benefit of being able to read pre-season well, it’s not just about which players you buy it’s the ones you don’t buy or hold that can be the difference between big profits and not.


2 Sept

This was better from Pepé. 

I remain sceptical that he can justify this price tag playing at Arsenal but holders can get a bit of hope from this performance.

He blazed a few wide but we know he can score and as long as he is getting chances I think he will eventually put one away and then hopefully settle.

Strong involvement too and created 3 chances.

Much better.

16 Sept

Fraser has potential performance suitability although a bit of rotation and poor results for Scotland and Bournemouth has held him back so far. 

However he makes a lot of key passes and was second only to Hazard for assists last season and in the new scoring matrix that will improve him.

Also has possible big club transfer interest as he is out of contract next Summer, although Bournemouth may offer a big contract to ward that off. 

I have him as a 2 out of 5 stars but he could do a lot better at a bigger club like Arsenal or Chelsea which are rumoured.

Lots to do before we get there, though.

If in form for Bournemouth and starting regularly 3 out of 5 stars might become more accurate in the mean time.

£1.20 is reasonable value after the drop from £1.40. 


16 Sept

Excellent in FI terms and the 3rd game in a row (club and country) where he has managed over 100 passes. 

Also comes off the back of 2 goals for Ukraine which shows his versatility as he plays in midfield internationally. Ukraine look good to qualify so this is a positive. 

Does have issues because he has been reclassified from midfield to defender and still has a fairly high price tag for a defender. 

But it’s hard to argue with a young player looking this strong at £1.34 even in defence, the price looks fair and could go higher especially in the EPL.

He looks class and with this many consecutive starts I will bump him from 3.5 out of 5 stars to 4 out of 5 stars

That’s despite being judged to have had a generally poor game vs Norwich, I am not sure any City players can leave that game feeling good about it so he gets a pass from me as in FI terms it was solid. 


16 Sept

Still looking the main man for City. The goal threat is monstrous and he should be scoring every game, if not scoring twice or more. 

As per the last reviews he looks very strong, and it’s a decent rise since Aug 26th below from £1.60 to £1.88 with lots of IPD there too which I expect to continue.

I think he does look very strong value even at £1.88 although come December I would expect traders to get a bit wary of holding him too long into 2020.

I think he is still capable of performance wins but what I said below about his involvement dropping off is still true, I think he is conserving energy as he gets older and focusing on goalscoring. 

3 out of 5 stars from the ratings is about right if only for a bit of worry about rotation. Maybe 3.5 out of 5 stars or 4 out of 5 stars if he starts every game and maintains this red hot form.


1 Sept

Another superb display, so consistent and why do we expect anything else by now?

I do think his involvement is slightly down on last year and it may be that he is being more economical with his bursts of energy as he gets older.

This is not hurting his goal output. He should be scoring every game at this rate, that is not an exageration. 

But it will take the edge off his big performance scores as his baseline drops by 15-20 points.

Superb IPD returns are on the cards and he is still well capable of performance wins. 

Rotation also a worry as with most City players. 

26 Aug

Looks typically lethal and it should be a surprise if he does not score every game at this rate. Creating chances too although actually overall involvement has been pretty weak compared to what he is capable of.

Looking at worst a very strong IPD punt who is capable of a very big performance score on his day but perhaps not every week.

Rotation as with most City players is the concern.

16 Sept

Nice goal from Mount although interestingly it hasn’t rekindled much interest after the disappointment of limited England pitch time. 

The goals aren’t helping him crush performance scores though especially in a tough midfield category. 

I am beginning to wonder if I was a touch generous pegging him at 3.5 out of 5 stars, 3 out of 5 stars may be more accurate and I’ll evaluate that in the coming weeks. Involvement levels have definitely dipped off a bit from pre-season where he was facing weaker opposition. 

Although, once Man. United are out of the way, Chelsea do have a decent run of games to come.

I think he’s in quite a similar boat to Maddison where he has become very overpriced and is struggling to support it, particularly with fears for his England starting place. 

Will need to start an October qualifier or put up a big score soon to recover I suspect.

Personally I would have taken profits here long ago and the price is very high as I said in the last review below.

26 Aug

Mount is looking solid with regular goal threat and lots of chances created in recent games. It shouldn’t be long before he is adding assists to his goals. 

One problem – he’s a midfielder with the baseline of a good forward because of his advanced position. Other midfielders with similar threat have better overall involvement.

In an increasingly tough midfield category where players have been smashing through 230-250+ routinely, he may find himself in 2nd – 5th place more often than holders might like if he got just one match winner.

If he added an assist to that goal he might punch through. He is capable of that but a lot may have to go right on the day. Or, if he keeps playing there he may get reclassified as a forward which would also solve this issue.

But overall, solid player but with a very predictably over inflated price tag by now. 

16 Sept

Looking very strong and more like an NFL quarterback than central defender. His overall passes (often 90+) and long passes in particular stand out. 

Rotation is the worry as he may not be favoured given he is expected to leave the club at the season end. Has started the last 3 though for Spurs and is the last two for Belgium.

Without rotation I’d peg him as a 4 out of 5 stars rather than the 3 out of 5 stars he has. 

Capable of a performance win sometime soon and depending on transfer destination you can see him doing quite well for 62p with Euro 2020 to come despite his age. 

The risk is a transfer to a mediocre club but I don’t think you have to worry about that just yet.


16 Sept

This was interesting from Winks. The first game in a long time where he has shown a real interest in scoring with 4 attempts. That’s more shots than he has had in the last 16 games combined!

If this becomes consistent it could really change his fortunes given his overall strength that should deliver consistent strong baselines. 

At the price, it would offer strong value *if* this became consistent as it could lead to some very high scores for a good trend fit player.

This is just 1 game though and across the last 10 as a whole, he shows no interest in scoring at all.

Worth monitoring in the coming games. 

16 Sept

Very eye catching goal vs Sheffield and it got him plenty of attention on the market.

Is he going to emerge as a performance powerhouse? It’s very unlikely. He just doesn’t have the overall involvement in games either for Southampton or historically at Standard Liege to really crush performance scoring particularly in a tough midfield category.

He is however the sort who could excite with lots of dribbles and bursting runs.

I’ll add him to the ratings at a 2.5 out of 5 stars with potential of 3 out of 5 stars.

He gets the extra half star because in the new scoring system those consistently high numbers of dribbles are going to help him out a bit. 

I think there are options for holders here and you can either sensibly take a profit at this spike or else the bet is that he really breaks out this season and attracts a big club transfer rumour next Summer. 

That is possible.


16 Sept

A very mixed bag for Maddison lately. Being left out of the England starting line up hurt him. Holders will definitely want to see him start one of the next qualifiers in October or people could get even more twitchy.

In the last 2 his involvement stats have been poor, particularly his passing which has reduced in frequency. And his usually solid passing accuracy has been poor across the last 5 matches. 

Against that, he is getting chances and it feels like a goal is coming (even if it won’t deliver a big score unless he improves) which may be enough to rekindle interest in him on it’s own. 

Overall, it’s a fairly disappointing start for all Leicester players given that many people including myself thought they could have a good season punching above their weight for performance given how strongly they finished last season.

Holders may want to see if the goal comes or if he starts the next qualifiers. 

At the price though, I would want to see an improvement in the coming games to keep faith.

More long term, he is probably nailed on for a decent transfer and he has the quality to be a strong FI player. So those with lots of patience may be fine to ride this dip out. 

26 Aug

I rate Maddison and his headline numbers of threat and assist potential have been decent.

But, his overall involvement and passing accuracy have been very disappointing in the last two games compared to what he is capable of.

I’m being a bit picky but he is a £3.88 player now and the higher the price the more you have to prove.

The goals and assists do look likely to come though so I’d back him to keep doing well.

He will need to get back to 50/60 passes per game rather than 30/35 though.

A good test for that is home vs Bournemouth in the next game.

16 Sept

Worth covering the whole team here. Manchester United team sheets in recent games just feel so underwhelming both in reality and in FI terms. 

Starting with Rashford what is interesting is how poor he looks as a performance player for Manchester United. And then contrast that to actually how good he looked for England vs Bulgaria. 

Yes, that was a soft game but the position on the wing lets him get much more involved in the game than when played as a striker.

You can see this for the club actually and when Martial is back and Rashford is played wide he improves. It’s a big difference and I’d rate him 2.5 out of 5 stars on the wing but just 1.5 out of 5 stars as the main striker.

Either way, for the money, that’s pretty poor and I am basically clutching at straws to try to give some sense to his price. I think ultimately, he’s just not that good for FI purposes and I think traders are starting to realise that, he’s taken a big slide despite all of his England hype. 

It’s a lesson that no matter how hyped the player, eventually, traders want to see good scores or they will get ditched.

Another poor game in FI terms for James and I worry for holders at this price. He has goals in him but it’s unlikely to earn him a decent performance score. His 2 out of 5 stars rating feels right and in a tough midfield category, that may even be a touch generous on recent evidence.

Looking at the whole squad, I’m really struggling to find anyone I would ever back for a win other than:

Pogba (who has his own problems).

Martial who I think has potential but is struggling as a centre forward and is better on the wing.

Maguire on a good day when he gets a goal.

And possibly Greenwood and Gomes who look good if they were starting but are already at such silly prices I don’t think it’s worth it. 

Man. United showed some promise in pre-season when smashing weak opponents but on recent evidence, it’s looking bleak for performance returns. 


16 Sept

Brighton are never going to be the best source but there is something here at just 29p for those who like a punt.

He played the full match for the Netherlands vs Estonia racking up over 100 passes and hitting 175 without a goal or assist. 

He creates some chances and has a few shots  (came close at the weekend actually, his best chance for long time) and I can see maybe every 1 in 10 games he could be capable of a big score and even a win. 

Pretty good value for those who like a long range cheap punt because it doesn’t take much to make a good % profit on a 29p player. 

Could either get a few big scores and some attention or else people may buy in anticipation of playing for Holland later on. 


16 Sept

Marked improvement from Mané and I have bumped him up slightly in the ratings. 

It’s partly the superb form for him and Liverpool. But also, he quietly benefits from a few low key stats like dribbles/aerial duels/interceptions. Nothing major that stands out but taken together it polishes up the score a bit. 

Weak passing accuracy (as a result of playing aggressive/risky passes) will keep him back from being quite as good on FI as he is in real life. 

But still, holders can be encouraged. Obviously not the best value as he is so well known but that’s the EPL. 


15 Sept

Is the glass half full or half empty?

He scored a hat-trick! (ok and an own goal).

This should be cause for celebration, especially building on braces in both of the last games. 

On the other hand, as I’ve been saying for a long time, he is just a bad performance player for FI purposes.

It doesn’t get better than his last 3 and he has scored 193, 142, 168 on his very best days. 

That is a serious problem because to my mind if you are bad at the actual game you are eventually doomed to failure. 

You can probably ride the hype in this trade for some time to come and in the best case scenario he may get some media but eventually when the shine wears off and traders realise how hard it is for Abraham to win what happens?

In my view, we can and should stray a bit from the rules of the game to account for sentiment and the fact that traders do crazy things. And I frequently do. 

But to pretend the performance side of Football Index doesn’t matter at all and plow in at this price? It’s pretty wreckless in my opinion.


15 Sept

Oof. Liverpool absolutely dominated this game with 75% possession. 

Sometimes we really can expect Liverpool defenders particularly to dominate when facing soft opposition and TAA is the most likely to profit. 

Robertson isn’t too far behind though which is worth noting given the better value. 

Both players did extremely well and either one could have scored and flown past a 300+. 

They look really strong especially when you spot a mismatch on the way.

TAA is clearly a very solid hold this season for those who like a steady premium pick.


26 Aug

Real stand out performance from Alexander-Arnold. He got 217 but this could easily have been a 250-270 given the number of chances created and decent quality chances to score.

As per pre-season scouting we know he is quality the only issue is you pay through the nose for it.

Incidentally Robertson on the opposite wing isn’t too far behind TAA in terms of performance scoring and offers far better value. 

The “young English” trend is there for TAA and it does count for something but I think this applies much less to defenders who only usually get media during very specific events.

2 Sept

Great from Eriksen. He was gifted the goal but at least he was in the right place to finish it which is important.

Had other chances too.

If he does stay and it looks that way, I think he looks a really solid pick. 

It’s been a disjointed pre-season with all the transfer speculation and his minutes have been limited. But if it is confirmed he is staying and starts regularly he could be strong.

The new scoring matrix is going to help him too because of his solid assist potential. 

1 Sept

Well damn. I definitely did not see this monstrous 291 coming from Richarlison.

He doesn’t hit 2 very often and his usual involvement levels and passing accuracy are not brilliant (although far from terrible). 

He did get some help from the new scoring matrix here due to his dribbles and he also gets up for aerial duels too so that’s positive.

Goals aside there is nothing hugely spectacular here but a combination of lots of small contributions like interceptions, dribbles, crosses, long passes and aerial duels all coming together.

If asked to put money on whether this will reoccur very often I’d have to say no, it looks like a day when everything went right for him.

But it’s well worth monitoring in the coming games. He’s got a strong chance of good transfer rumours for next Summer, Brazil involvement (it’s not the Euros but Brazil players always have sex appeal). 

And whilst £1.98 isn’t cheap it’s not awful given the overall package either.

1 Sept

Cutrone’s stats for Wolves look very familar from his time in Italy.

I’ll pull no punches. He’s going to be absolutely tragic as a performance scorer almost all of the time.

However. He’s getting chances to score and is very capable of finishing them.

Given how easy it is to get traders to buy a player who is scoring on Match of the Day, especially given his youth and Italy U21 involvement, I think £1.12 after a small drop actually looks quite attractive even if he is unlikely to trouble performance scoring very often.  

1 Sept

Jones is an 18 year old Liverpool youngster and has been named in the U19 England squad and recently given the captaincy of the Liverpool U23’s for the first time.

He’s well regarded as a prospect and for youth level has some performance friendly stats, with good passing accuracy, involvement and goals and assists in the locker.

Has real performance potential unlike someone like Brewster who is actually very weak outside of goals alone. 

And the best time to pick up a youngster like this is under £1 which he is (just) and when they aren’t obviously in the spotlight and being pushed to too high a price.

1 Sept

Hmm. A goal and an assist is great but his bang average involvement numbers from pre-season were back and it delivered an underwhelming performance score.

In the last match vs Arsenal he was back to his best so I didn’t downgrade him when revising my ratings choosing to wait and see instead.

His goal threat from recent games is superb but across the last 6 as a whole he has returned to average baseline levels when he is capable of much more. 

Will need to improve this or would get bumped down to a 3 out of 5 stars in my rankings not a 3.5 out of 5 stars. That may not seem like much but to me that’s actually quite a lot! 

Anyone above 3 pushing 4 needs to be demonstrating something serious to deserve it. 

Firmino is capable but is not currently showing it consistently.

26 Aug

Better from Firmino vs Arsenal as his involvement levels were back to what he is capable of for the first time in pre or early season. Strong goal threat too although no reward this time. 

The best value pick from Liverpool’s front 3 by a mile and I have been saying that for some time. 

If he keeps this level of involvement and goal threat the big scores should come. But it has been disappointing before now so we need to see consistency.

1 Sept

Getting closer to a big score. Impressive again with high involvement, chances to score and chances made.

I don’t go for many smaller club EPL players but Anderson does look on the edge of a very good score. 

26 Aug

Anderson has had his days in the sun on FI in the past and he is showing some decent numbers. 4 shots last game and 3 chances created too with some decent underlying stats in general.

Home to Norwich next game is a good a time to punt as any because he is capable of a good score on this evidence.

1 Sept

Last week I said he would be a consistent challenger, and he duly won, but I’m not sure I really expected the wins to come every other week!

It’s actually a touch fortunate that he got the match winner. I call this the “Bayern problem” and it’s the most first world problem on FI there is. 

When a team is putting 4, 5, 6 goals past opponents regularly, getting the match winner is statistically less likely and that is a real issue.

De Bruyne did hit it this time though and it flatters the score.

Coming so close to the other win that makes the market go a bit nuts.

He will be a consistent challenger but maybe not quite this often.

26 Aug

No heroics this time but he’s doing the right things and I still back him to be a consistent challenger under the new scoring matrix.

Just a very expensive one. 

1 Sept

Mahrez produced 193 without a goal or assist and it’s another example of why I rate him so highly. 

Rotation is the issue and it may continue to be.

But he had chances to score and created 5 chances that were not put away. 

With a bit more luck he could have pushed a 300 score here. 

His starts may be limited but I’d be surprised if he didn’t have some very big days this season, the new scoring matrix really helps him.

1 Sept

Excellent from Tielemans. A goal and assist is probably as good as it gets for him realistically and he even got the match winner. 

I’d have actually expected him to do a bit better than his 217. We can probably blame a high number of passes with 80% accuracy for that, as wayward passing can hurt scores.

Did a lot right but it’s another example of how brutally competitive this midfield category is. 

217 was good enough only for 5th place amongst midfielders.

As discussed on this topic before I am increasingly of the view that a strong midfielder needs to be capable of hitting that 250 mark on their good days. 

Tielemans is probably just short of that.

1 Sept

Decent from Maddison and whilst he didn’t get a goal or assist he is doing the right things. 

Could have scored and his creativity in particular is consistently high in recent matches.

We do need to see Leicester dominating a few more games though if we want to see huge baselines. 

Pricey as you would expect given the trend fit but he is capable of some decent performance scores in the coming games.

1 Sept

The assist is a bit unusual but the 2 goals aren’t. He’s still got goals in him and for the knock down price looks a solid IPD punt during kind fixture runs. 

Unlikely to be winning performance though.

1 Sept

More hot and cold from Emerson. I’ve been watching him closely after he managed 4 shots vs Manchester United and looked a danger. Since then it has dropped back a bit apart from a bright spot vs Norwich where he made 4 chances.

This weekend, zero threat and zero chances created but a general good performance and high involvement.

He will need that threat and assist potential to succeed on FI though. 

1 Sept

Good to see Barkley start again but the praise ends there.

A few shots but not quality chances, didn’t create anything this time and his usual strong involvement/passing accuracy was even a bit down.

Really faded from a very impressive pre-season.

And yet, he is capable of huge scores and can pop up with one any game he starts. 

Becoming a big of a headache player but at least the price is relatively kind after the big early season drop.

I think his strong FI stats will return and we will see big scores from him. 

What more worries me is that he isn’t really doing much to inspire confidence that he should keep his place.

26 Aug

Starting due to Pedro’s warm up injury, Barkley was a whisker away from showing why I rate him for FI purposes.

Strong involvement. 5 shots (2 on target) and he could have scored. Also created 4 chances none of which were converted into assists. Still managed 158 which is very solid without a goal or assist. 

This is the form he showed in pre-season and why, when starting, he is very capable of winning.

But, if you aren’t playing 90 minutes regularly you are unlikely to win and this could continue to be a problem.

On the plus side, the price is now pretty kind again for a quality player. Because he is capable of very big scores, holders may hit that match day where he does start, scores big and gets a big rise.

But, for a sustained rise, traders will also want a reason to believe he will keep starting too and whilst this solid display can only help, we aren’t there yet.

1 Sept

Pulisic has been ok across the last 3-4, but has hardly set the world alight.

Goal threat in particular has been poor. In fact you have to go back 6 games for his last really good chance to score which he missed. 

Over the last 6 his assist potential has actually been fairly weak (despite getting 2 assists in that time!) and apart from vs Norwich he mainly has been making 1 chance per game. That can indicate those 2 assists might be an over performance.

Overall, he’s clearly got talent and showed some great numbers for Gladbach late last season, the USA and Chelsea in early pre-season.

So, he may settle and improve. 

But if you were judging on stats across the last 6, you’d have to say it looks bang average.

What makes me worry about many EPL players like this is the price, the bigger it is and the higher the expectation, the more likely they are to drop if they don’t meet them.

1 Sept

Particularly in the glare of the EPL embarrassing things like penalty misses are always going to hurt and the price is dropping.

He has been over priced but then most top EPL players are, especially when English.

Goal and assist potential remains strong across recent games. But the underlying numbers are fairly poor, passing accuracy in particular can be a let down. 

However, the trend fit is about as good as they come and I suspect in a Euros year Rashford is not going to struggle come a few months time.

I think if the downer really continued and he saw a price drop towards £4.50, that might be worth taking advantage of in the hope of people realising by November that they need to be stacked with Euros players which I suspect they will.

I don’t love this kind of high priced trade though. Even if that happened and you can snag him at £4.50 and Euros hype pushed him to £6 by January that’s still only 33% over a long-ish time frame. 

It’s quite hard to achieve that and when you can still snag 80% in a month on something like Dzeko it does make me wonder why you would try unless you were quite a passive trader. 

26 Aug

There was lots of excitement when he was moved up front for the Europa qualifiers. That really improved his goal threat.

However, he is back in central midfield in his first EPL match back and his threat has fallen back to it’s usual weak level as a result.

His involvement is decent though, and he created 2 chances this weekend. 

Has potential but he has been over hyped and over priced for some time. 

If we did see him consistently played in a forward position and getting chances he could be worth revisiting though.

26 Aug

Poor start for Spurs but Son is looking their strongest overall with decent involvement, goal threat and assist potential.

With a run of games and an improvement for Spurs he could come good.

Moura also a worthy mention with strong goal threat for IPD although the overall stats suggest he will struggle for big performance scores outside of exceptional days.

26 Aug

Very strong in the opener vs Villa but the last two games have been extremely weak. Hasn’t looked like scoring or assisting at all.

Should improve as Tottenham emerge from their slump but the recent form is very poor.

26 Aug

Monstrous passing numbers from Laporte built a huge baseline and a score of 181. 

Laporte does have goal threat though so if he scores in a match like this weekend vs Bournemouth he can easily push 250+ and I expect that a few times per season.

How often will those stars align though? I worry a bit for high baseline premium defenders because they are more likely than ever to be put in the shade by defenders who score goals/assist.

Laporte does have 3-5 goals a season in him though at this level of threat. It could happen next week or next month it’s hard to call defender goals.

Personally with a defender I look for real statistical freaks at value prices though. 

26 Aug

An unusually high number of chances created by Mané in the last 2 (8 total). If that became consistent it would be significant as it would add that extra oomph his scores really need. 

A goal alone will generally not be enough, a match winning goal plus 2nd goal or assist might be. 

Encouraging and improving numbers although the price was high anyway for such a well known player.

26 Aug

Salah’s brace is no fluke his threat across the last 6 is strong and he probably should have scored more.

His performance weakness is still there though. Really strong players are going to be doing better than 195 with 2 goals including the match winner. 

But as long as he is scoring and performing well his media should hold up steady.

26 Aug

About as good as it gets for Haller, some lovely finishing. He’s getting some high quality chances consistently across his 4 games for West Ham apart from vs Man City where the game was a real struggle.

No reason he can’t keep scoring and get a rise off the back of that.

He is an unlikely performance winner though, and probably 50-75p more expensive than you would want for a pure IPD player.

So, I wouldn’t be hanging around too long with this if I was sitting on a good profit particularly if he scores and rises further in the next couple of games.

26 Aug

Not what was hoped for from Perez in a game where Sheffield put up a fair fight and didn’t let Leicester dominate the whole match.

Perez showed promising threat in pre-season but has shown very little in the 3 opening games. As a chink of light, he did create 3 chances last game and his overall involvement was reasonable.

Not dire by any means but it’s not great either. Home to Bournemouth in the next game holders may want to give him one more chance but could also be forgiven for giving him the boot at this point. 

If so I would remember him for later though in case he does start scoring because he has potential.

26 Aug

You always look like a donkey after missing a penalty but it wasn’t that bad really. On a good share of free kicks and created a couple of chances too. 

He’s been looking decent although some low passing accuracy is going to hurt him. 

I do not really expect many performance wins but given the trend fit in a Euros year I can see him doing quite well for fairly passive traders regardless provided he keeps scoring which he should.

26 Aug

Martial didn’t do a great deal wrong, had his chances and I would expect him to keep scoring in the coming games. Also created 1 chance.

The numbers are far from spectacular though, his involvement in this playing position is fairly low compared to what he is capable of. Would need more than just the 1 goal to figure at this rate.

As I said last update, he’s solid, but you’d have to believe he was going to dominate and pull in regular media to hold at the price.

I much preferred this trade 6 months ago when people were down on him and he was under £2. At over £3 and showing average stats not so much. 

26 Aug

Another good game for Emerson. He had a chance to score and created 4 chances this time (for context, he created just 2 in the previous 5 games!). 

Looked strong vs both Manchester United and Norwich now but weak in the other two games. Inconsistent but there are big scores here on his day.

26 Aug

Poor result for Everton but Digne looked good. He has had goal scoring opportunities in the last two games and vs Villa created 3 chances. Baselines will be just enough to mount a decent challenge when he does score or assist. 

He is over priced probably because of his popularity in Fantasy but he does look solid and capable of a big score in the coming games. Provided Everton tighten up at the back at least.

16 Sept

I’ve always liked Raphinha’s stats from Sporting CP where he showed strong goal threat and a decent all round game.

Rennes is not the huge transfer I may have hoped for. But it’s not terrible either and we saw his first game for them this weekend. Not spectacular but not bad either with a couple of shots and chances created.

At 89p, I think this is a good shout for a potentially good young prospect with some FI suitability. May require some patience, though. 

Could be worth just getting on now or else seeing how he goes for the next few games as there is always uncertainty at a new club. 

Added at 2.5 out of 5 stars potential 3 out of 5 stars.


16 Sept

Whether you class him as a defender, midfielder or even a forward there’s no doubt that he is very much off the boil.

Across the last 6, goal threat and assist potential has been weak and overall involvement is down from his highs. 

I have him flagged as 2.5 out of 5 stars potential 3 out of 5 stars which is a downgrade on previously now he is a midfielder. As a defender I had him up at 4 out of 5 stars potential.

There is no doubt he is a highly regarded talent and he may improve with a big transfer or similar, so it’s not all doom and gloom. 

But, if evaluating him on recent evidence alone, I’d not be keen. 

5 Sept

Atal has been reclassified from defence to midfield. This is genuinely very bad for his prospects.

For an unusually forward defender with high goal threat or assist potential, they are extremely attractive. However, if moved to midfield they will often become bang average very quickly.

This is the case with Atal whose prospects dramatically decline as a midfielder. (No reason he can’t be moved back to right back and be reclassified again, so it’s not all gloom). 

It’s an issue I’ve mentioned a  few times for players such as Marquinhos and Kimmich during the Scouting, do be wary of it.


16 Sept

Scored and then unfortunately went off injured, I am not sure how serious that may be. 

Showing some performance friendly stuff across the last 3, combined with some strong goal threat.

Down at 69p, he has been creeping up recently and clearly some astute observers have noticed his good stats as he has climbed from under 40p.

Good if you like this kind of punt on a long shot performance win and is likely worth the money for IPD alone so I can see him rising further. Just check for a report on the injury when it becomes available. 

Added at a 2.5 out of 5 stars although could be 3 out of 5 stars at a bigger club. At his age (28) though I’m not sure that will happen. 


16 Sept

Decent game for Bordeaux for the young Nigerian, in fact across the last 3 he is showing some good stuff.

Hasn’t managed a goal or an assist since January but not for lack of trying, he is getting his chances and a goal doesn’t look far away. Hit the bar at the weekend and had two other good chances. 

Decent and for 80p I think he’s got decent potential for a rise. Not the world’s best performance player but if he hit form he is the sort who could see interest at least towards £1. 

Have him pegged as 2 out of 5 stars which is fair but if he kept this up 2.5 out of 5 stars may be more accurate. 

16 Sept

His first 30 mins for PSG and he got a couple of chances. 

Pretty much as we might expect – he does next to nothing but look to finish. 

Fortunately for him, he is very good at that historically. 

Could be a good shout and would expect to see him start games soon. You can reasonably expect the goals to start flowing. 

He is a poor all round performance player but he does have the explosive potential to get a hat-trick and a big score especially in Ligue 1 for PSG where he should get plenty of quality chances. 

That’s why he nudges ahead of many forwards in my ratings with a 2.5 out of 5 stars which I still think is right after seeing his first game.


16 Sept

Not much encouragement for Sarabia who has been struggling despite getting decent pitch time. 

When playing a full game he does a lot right and the baselines will be solid. But he is really struggling for goal threat across the last 6.

3 out of 5 stars feels about right but I had higher hopes for him at PSG honestly.

Could easily improve if he starts getting more quality chances, though. 

1 Sept

A bit disappointing for Sarabia who has been given his chances in early season but not taken them.

His general underlying stats are solid but he is not getting enough good quality opportunities to score to give confidence that this can turn around soon.

However, he does have ability historically and he is capable of a big score when a goal does fly in. 

If the price kept dropping and we saw an improvement in threat it may be one to revisit. 

15 Sept

Neymar returned and it was a quiet game until it wasn’t with a neat overhead finish to win the game. Find the clip it’s worth it!

Not his best game and still scored highly with a 214 which for a forward is decent. He is very capable of getting multiple/goals and assists to add to his baselines.

Once he gets a run of games, I expect him to fully justify the 5 out of 5 stars from my player ratings. He was good before. The new scoring system is going to make him even better.

Premium holds are not my style but for those who like them, after the price drop and the scoring matrix changes I think Neymar looks the best value he has for a long time. 


15 Sept

Osimhen is playing out pretty much as expected in the below write up. As a 2 out of 5 stars level player, he’s getting plenty of good chances and scoring regularly, but it’s not helping his performance scores too much. 

The price is high for IPD so you’d be betting on him scoring regularly and becoming a future big transfer target. Possible. But the  price is very high now. 


Aug 29

A fantastic debut where he scored 2 was followed up by a weak display where he offered nothing in the 2nd game.

Benched for the 3rd, he benefited from a slice of good fortune with an early injury to Remy and got another chance. He took it in style with another 2 goals.

He almost got more shots than passes though and there is a consistent pattern to his play both for Lille and Charleroi in the Belgian league last season.

It’s extremely likely he is a potential Moussa Dembelé or Piatek more so than a potential Nicolas Pepé. He doesn’t have the all round game to make his goals count.

So, do not expect regular performance wins outside of single match days or similar.

However, there is a market for strong young goalscorers provided they are a) prolific and b) have a chance of a good future transfer.

Osimhen has shown good early signs of being that player. 

But, because anything young that does something loud like score 2 goals is going to be jumped on by traders like a pack of wolves. The value goes quickly.

That’s true here. Last review under Lille I said I’d very happy to take profits if he scored again and went towards £1.75 and that feels about right.

If he showed real performance strength or dipped back towards £1.50 after a few blanks I could get interested again though.

15 Sept

Better game from Bamba after some lukewarm performances although no goal/assist this time. But he’s getting involved enough for decent baselines and some goals/assists should be on the way. 3 out of 5 stars feels about his correct level, with him needing a bigger club or similar to push any higher. 

You can start to question the value at this price but he is looking capable of putting up a decent score sometime soon.

Aug 29

Nice to see Bamba on penalties and that is a boost for sure. 

His stats in general were better than his first two games, which is to be expected given Lille were more dominant than they have been. 

The penalty masks some lukewarm performances though. Without that this would have been his 5th straight game without a goal or assist. 

He has been creating 1-2 chances a game recently and getting some reasonable shots away. 

But really, holders will want to see his threat improve in the coming games outside of just penalties especially as he pushes well above £1.50. 

15 Sept

A second consectutive start for a youngster that is still good value and I believe has strong potential. 

No breakthrough this time but it was a better game than the first which was lukewarm. Had 3 decent chances and could have scored. Involvement decent and created 2 chances. 


Lyon themselves could do with improving though, winless in 3. 


2 Sept

Nice to see him starting for the first time this season and getting an assist but this was not the best demonstration of his ability.

If Lyon had kept 10 men I suspect he would have done better. 

Lacked his usual threat this time out but still showed superb passing accuracy which will really help him. 

Should have better days, I think he could have a good season and he looks strong value at £1.05 now. 

Sept 15th

Has had a bit of rotation but was reinstated and had a decent game. 

Capable of a good score and a price rise  although the stats aren’t spectacular and players like Cornet are competing for his place. 

Feels a bit of a 50/50. But the price is reasonable for those who fancy the punt. 


Aug 29

Under a bit of pressure as his recent goal threat is weak and he has quality competition for his place in Cornet. 

In his favour, he is capable of a decent score and is at a good value price. But it’s fair to say that recent stats aren’t encouraging, he needs more shots and to come a bit more forward and central rather than hugging the wing.

Also a bit wary of him being subbed off for Cornet or even rotated.

15 Sept

Another 2 goals. Looks dangerous in every game. But it’s very rarely going to get him big performance scores unless he really goes off with a hat-trick or more. He’s a good example of a 2 out of 5 stars level player and I expect he’ll stay that way. 

Decent IPD returns but to justify the price you would have to believe in the big Summer transfer. That’s possible. 

5 Sept

An odd late transfer for Rongier to Marseille (apparently in Ligue 1 they can make a domestic signing outside of the window, you learn something new every day). 

This is very new so we haven’t seen anything about how he will play for Marseille. However, his stats suggest that if he gets a starting spot he could do well.

A deeper player but he should be capable of strong baselines, has very strong assist potential and is capable of 4-5 goals in a season. 

We could see some decent scores from him and at under £1 it’s at least interesting to keep an eye on or even take an early punt on. 


2 Sept

Thauvin looks set to start the next game after coming on from the bench after injury.

He’s Marseille’s best hope for a good performance score and still pretty reasonably priced for a player with current performance potential, likely transfer rumours later, and France involvement.

2 Sept

Martins has been looking solid but this game Monaco decided to play him as a wing back. This is bad.

Hopefully this is a one off. Whilst he creates chances this way and got an assist, he’s far too wide.

Has real potential if moved back to his usual central position. 

2 Sept

Slimani could actually be a strong IPD punt at the 50p mark for Monaco. 

2 goals at the weekend. To be fair, they were absolute gifts. But he had plenty of chances and scored a nice goal in the last game vs Nimes as well. 

Not the world’s best performance player but he is creating chances too. 

31 years old but looks in good scoring form and the price makes it attractive.

2 Sept

Like Terrier, Cornet also got a first start of the campaign at the expense of Bertrand Traoré who as mentioned last week looked like his place could have been under threat.

In a poor game for Lyon Cornet did not take his chance and from an FI perspective this was a very poor performance. 

He is capable of much better though as he showed late last season with a streak of 5 goals and 2 assists in 3 games. 

He has last minute transfer rumours to Rennes. People may not like that move on paper but actually he would become the star man there and for 83p that would be solid.

More likely, he will stay at Lyon though where I think, like Terrier, he will have much better days than this and prove to be good value.

2 Sept

Good he got his first start for Lyon and the involvement numbers and passing accuracy in particular are solid which should lead to solid baselines.

Zero threat or assist potential though and that is an issue. 

Worth keeping an eye on but he will need to be given more attacking licence. If he keeps sitting deep like this he will struggle.

2 Sept

Another goal for Depay but overall one of his weaker games with 10 man Lyon struggling (2nd game in a row they have had a man sent off).

Another goal keeps confidence going though and he looks consistently very solid so far this season. 

Lyon themselves will need to stop getting men sent off though, they looked like cruising to a win at the weekend before the red card but could only draw.

Aug 29

For a game with 10 men Depay held up his strong numbers from recent games. 6 shots and some decent chances amongst them. His price rose ahead of his single match day and then fall back afterwards which is fairly standard as flipping players with single game days is very common. 

But nothing in Depay’s performance that should trouble holders he looks consistently good in recent games.

1 Sept

Last week I said he looked dangerous and he duly delivered a performance win off the back of a penalty and strong all round display.

He’s had a huge rise in the week but then dropped back after the win.

I think this reflects people fearing that in a fully fit squad he will lose penalties. That’s almost definitely true.

However, he does not need penalties to win and I back him to be a consistent challenger through his natural goal threat, overall involvement and assist potential. 

A strong early season veteran pick and it would be a surprise if we didn’t see him putting up further big scores.

1 Sept

Good for Marquinhos holders that he was back in defence for a second consecutive game, holders must be wary of him being reclassified.

He was narrowly pipped to the win on this single game day by Thiago Silva. I think this will be a common occurance and why I think he will be over valued in the new scoring matrix where goal scoring/assisting defenders will usually beat high baseliners. 

His advantage historically comes from playing in midfield but with the new system for reclassifiying players based on domestic position that carries big risks for holders. In the midfield category he would really struggle to break through. 

Aug 29

In the Marseille review below I highlighted Payet as one with potential and he did indeed win. However it was mainly for his strong assist potential and general solid contribution to games that I picked him out.

The penalty feels a bit of a bonus and when Thauvin comes back I would expect him to nick them. 

Payet has however created 10 chances in the last 3 although somehow remains without an assist.

Goal threat without penalties has been a bit soft. 

Solid player and capable of winning again but I wouldn’t fall over myself to buy given the age. 

In a veteran I tend to like a predictable IPD haul at minimum rather than the off chance of a performance win. 

Aug 29

Consistent solid numbers from Cyprien in the opening 3 games.

He is flattered a bit by getting 2 penalties in a row and that’s probably not the best moment to buy given it spikes the price. 

It may be better to wait for another couple of games without a goal and hope people get bored.

His overall game is solid and whilst he is very deep he is consistently creating chances to add some shine to his scores. 

He bagged a goal and assist yet only a 157 on 17 Aug. Generally, on those days he would do better, his baseline stats were about half what you might normally expect that day which is a bit unfortunate.

On a normal day when he scores and assists a 250 or so could be acheived. Won’t be every week though.

It’s a touch expensive now (£1.40) after two penalties in a row draws too much attention to it.

The £1.20 mark would be good value for this and if people drift away if he stops getting a penalty each game it might look good again.

Aug 29

Bamba has previously been my favourite of this pair and I pointed out in pre-season that Bamba should be the more expensive one, not the other way around. 

Over the last month that has come true as Bamba pushes up significantly.

Ikone looks better value now after a little drop and actually his performance in the last game was pretty good. He could have scored if his finishing was a little better and he created 4 chances. 

He’s not consistent enough to make me rush out and buy but it’s a good example of how a dipping price and an improvement in form can match up and make a previously uninteresting player worth watching again.

Aug 29

It’s a wonder the Montpellier man did not score with an elite level 8 efforts on goal vs Lyon midweek. He has had good threat across the last 3 games (scoring 1) and has been creating regular chances too.

Looks a solid value IPD punt.

16 Sept

A Macedonian youngster at just 19, making his debut for Napoli.

He’s looked high baseline with good overall involvement in play but for Napoli hasn’t had a shot to date in pre-season.

That changed at the weekend and he managed 4 efforts although mainly long range efforts. 1 really ood chance amongst them and he showed some impressive running and dribbling, beating a man to make his own opportunity. 

Not the perfect package because he has a fairly deep position and the lack of consistent historic goal threat in his game is a worry. But he did show potential in this game.

Price has stagnated for a few months but if he keeps appearing for Napoli I think there could be a nice rise here and he has some potential. 

Will be interesting to watch him in the coming games if he gets more pitch time, particularly as to whether he can keep getting chances to score. 

When Serie A player ratings are updated, I’ll add him at a 1.5 out of 5 stars with potential 3 out of 5 stars which is an optimistic rating and factors in the expected rotation for a young player. 

16 Sept

Some good goal threat recently and 4 chances created over the last 3 games. 

Further big scores look inevitable and when one of these long range efforts flies in (1 game in 4/5?) it could be a really big score. 

Was optimistic on him in pre-season and he has risen from £1.10 to £1.65. 

Really, for a player of his quality, that still looks cheap even after he has announced himself with a win already. 

Normally you could expect a low price for an older elite player but he is still just 26 and also starts for Croatia who are topping their group as it stands. 

Will bump him up a bit more from 3.5 out of 5 stars to 4 out of 5 stars when I redo the Serie A ratings.

15 Sept

Last season’s Serie A topscorer and at 36 year’s old shows no signs of slowing down. 

That age keeps the price down though which is what makes him a great IPD source for early season. 

Has 2 goals in the last 4 and is showing the regular goal threat that should make this consistent.

From the 22nd Sept has a good run of games and at 58p he looks a strong veteran IPD punt. 

15 Sept

Very strong game for Sensi, his best since he transfered to Inter in July. 

Udinese really let Inter dominate here, not helped by De Paul who got himself sent off on 35 minutes. Likely, that flattered the scores considerably as it often does when playing versus 10 men as possession goes up.

He’s looking a solid player and I’d expect him to get some regular big scores, particularly when playing softer opposition. 

I expect to peg him at a 3.5 out of 5 stars when I re-do my Serie A ratings, which means better than most but not quite into the elite.

I’m also a little tentative because of the price. When you get a big win for a player being hotly discussed on social media the champagne comes out and things can over heat a bit.

But, with him appearing for Italy now too, he looks solid enough for a long hold if not the most incredible value anymore. 

Will be interesting to see if Conte really improves Inter because if so, we could see good value emerging at Inter. 

Brozovic we have already covered in Scouting before his win. Politano, Gagliardini, Lazaro, Sanchez, Barella would all be worth watching if getting starts.

15 Sept

I’ve covered him extensively in Scouting and the Euros articles because he has looked really good quality for both IPD and some performance wins.

Came close here with 240 which is impressive for a forward, narrowly pipped by the also great value Moreno covered below. 

Still looks excellent particularly where Napoli have a lot of games coming up. 

I suspect had Moreno not beat him to it there would have been a decent price rise here. 

*Correction* I momentarily made Mertens Italian and said he competes with Belotti! I must have been thinking of Immobile. Ick. 

For Belgium Mertens probably starts in a fully fit squad although the formation/line up is fairly unsettled. 

2 Sept

A penalty for Lukaku. Getting penalties is encouraging.

He did need it though, threat outside of that was soft. And it needs to be big given he contributes little else.

Should be a regular goalscorer but a weak performance player. I’m not sure why he would be worth £2.29 at Inter really. 

2 Sept

Covered in best of the rest last week for his high goal threat despite a lack of goals, he delivered this week with 2 well taken strikes. 

Looks consistent for IPD purposes (not big performance scores regularly though) and can easily keep scoring.

2 Sept

Unusually poor game from Under who has looked much better across pre-season and the opener. 

Filed under “one bad game” and not a problem as I believe he has quality. But something to keep an eye on. 

2 Sept

A wonder Correa did not score for Lazio, he had fantastic chances. Extremely strong goal threat and assist potential across the last 4 games.

And still just under £1, 25 years old, looking a solid choice after a great pre-season and a promising 2 opening games. 

2 Sept

Another strong goal threat game from Immobile despite the lack of finish. 

Risen about 20-20p since the scouting under Lazio below but with 5 goals and 1 assist in 4 he looks good to keep going given his level of threat.  

2 Sept

After last week’s heroics Insigne was pulled at halftime due to an injury. It doesn’t look serious but it may be frustratingly timed for holders as it could keep him out of the Italy team for the qualifiers. He is being assessed and may yet be fit.

FI wise he had a couple of chances and created 2 as well and showed very high passing accuracy. So the performance itself was fine especially vs such tough opposition.

2 Sept

Lozano got his debut following Insigne’s injury and he made a good impression with a well taken goal and general good performance.

This could put him in contention for a start next time although it’s not clear who will miss out if he does, I’d be very suprised if Insigne, Ruiz or Zielinski made way though. Lozano played up top with Mertens in a 4-4-2. 

He is unlikely to be a brilliant FI performance scorer. But his goal threat has been solid in the past and if he keeps scoring he could do well as he is well known.

Perhaps a bit too well known, if he was 30p cheaper I think this would look very attractive but at just under £1.70… it’s a bit of a 50/50 bet. 

2 Sept

Some lovely involvement stats for Ruiz in this match. 76 passes at over 90% accuracy is excellent especially in a tough game away to Juventus.

He really does look the elite level baseliner and is not too far behind a Pjanic or Brozovic in many games.

Capable of some huge scores but it needs one of these long range efforts to go in. 

He’s almost certainly going to score big before too long but for it to happen regularly we do need to see him pushing more forward and getting more shots in the box which we have not seen yet this season. 

Alternatively, he could get better at long range shooting which would also do the trick! Scored 2 wonderful long range strikes for Spain U21 in the Summer but we haven’t seen that regularly at club level yet. 

2 Sept

A goal for Ronaldo and it has been coming based on his threat in the last two. Can be expected to be on the score sheet consistently as ever. 

Overall his stats are not spectacular, it’s likely to be those days where he explodes with 2 or 3 goals that get him the big scores. 

He is capable of that as we all know. He looks far from the level of a Neymar or Messi for FI purposes these days but he will still have his days in the sun.

He has his problems with age but it’s hard to see him not getting interest come November/December with the Champions League and the Euros still ahead.

1 Sept

Interesting youth prospect.

Italy Under 21 regular, was sold by Juventus to Bologna just this Summer after spending last season there on loan.

Showing very strong goal threat over the last few games (incredible he did not score at the weekend with 7 efforts actually) and also created 5 chances.

This is a bit of an over performance but he does have both goals and assists in the locker, as well as a solid all round game that can build a decent baseline.

Looks a very good prospect for a patient holder who may find that he pops up with a few big scores this season and could be hitting decent transfer speculation by the season end.

With the move so fresh it may be that he stays for another season so that would have to be kept an eye on. 

But at £1 in a market where finding young talent that hasn’t been over bought is tough, I like this. 

1 Sept

I’m glad I waited before damning AC Milan last week following their awful opener. This was much better.

Suso bagged his first win and it should not be the last. Winning as a forward and hitting 212 with just an assist is monstrous behaviour. And it can be reproduced consistently.

Creating lots of chances is definitely a strength.

What is consistently weak here in recent games is his threat and despite a lot of shots they are not good quality chances. 

But, when his baseline is so unreasonably strong for a forward, he doesn’t really have to do much to win. A single goal or assist can put him in contention in the forward category. That’s exactly what we want and it’s the opposite to the frustrating forwards who bag 2 goals and still end up with a 150. 

Strong. Just watch for any signs of poor performances or rotation out of the side because he has tended to drift in and out of favour last season and some traders will remember that. He’ll need to show consistency to keep confidence. 

A match winner for Calhanoglu but being hooked off on 66 minutes hurt him. Capable of very strong scores and at a cut price. Bit of positional uncertainty and a deeper role is a dampener but the price is kind and he is still getting and creating chances. 

Solid for the money but he would need to go back to the more advanced role he used to have for me to think him spectacular. 

26 Aug

Woeful opening performance from Milan. They have a lot of potential quality at value prices but they will need to do a lot better than this. It made everyone look bad.

I’ll do a longer review after the next game when we can see if these numbers are the result of a bad game or are consistent.

Pre-season stats were much better so you can’t write them off after just the first game but it’s got to improve.

A 6th game without a goal for Piatek who looks very much off the boil. Not really getting any good chances either and since he contributes little else it looks bleak. 

He is a quality goal scorer so if he hits form again it could turn around quickly. But he looks in a slump right now. 

Leao had a 20 minute run out but offered nothing. Pre-season stats were better so it’s worth watching how he gets on. 

Suso gets a bit of credit for creating 3 chances but generally, this is a poor game for him. Capable of much better. 

Paqueta started which is good although I have to say I do not like this position for him. He is very deep. When I was optimistic about him he was much more advanced. If this continued I would lower my expectations. 

22 Aug

New signing Leao has only had 45 minutes but it was a solid start. Didn’t score but he had plenty of chances and got an assist. Saw a bit more of the ball (per minute) than he did at Lille too. 

He also has decent assist potential so at a new club and in a new scoring system he is worth revisiting. Historically, he has been a strong IPD player but a very weak performance player. 

At a new club, with a new matrix and a reduced price he may look start looking better. But, we need to see more because this is based only on a 45 minute display and a decent assists record from last season. 

An unspectacular pre-season for Piatek. He has not scored in 5 games despite a decent number of minutes. He is getting chances though and with his clinical record it would not surprise me if he was back amongst the goals. 

He is a poor performance player though and I don’t expect that to change. His price is just a bit high now for an IPD player. 

That reflects the not totally unreasonable belief that he could become one of Europe’s top strikers and get a big move one day. 

Suso has big potential with a more central playing position and both goals and assists in the locker. He’s risen a fair bit since the last review below and people are noticing. £1.64 is still decent value at this stage.

Whilst he has scored 2 in pre-season, this is probably an over performance based on his goal threat which has actually not been huge. Plenty of shots but they are not easy chances. 

Whilst he doesn’t have any assists in pre-season, he is creating a good number of chances. 

If one of these goals goes in early or a couple of his chances are put away he is the sort who could fly in price in this hysterical market. But holders will want to watch the first few games closely for any signs of under performance.

Calhanoglu is a good performance player but his price has been kept down for a long time with periodic rumours about transfers or losing the confidence of the coach. He’s still here, though. 

Since his last review below in June he has soared from under 50p to nearly £1 and this is the kind of low key huge profit trade I love.

Will he be worth his 93p? Could be. He has seen plenty of minutes in pre-season in a deeper midfield role than last season which should raise his baselines if that continues.

Normally this would be a problem but he has continued to create chances and get forward for efforts on goal. That threat is not huge but if one goes in the score could be impressive.

Paqueta has been lightly raced in pre-season as he was with Brazil at the Copa where he came on from the bench. Rest is no bad thing because he showed talent last season but faded and looked tired after a long season in Brazil before making his transfer straight to Serie A.

Has real potential and his base scores should be decent but there is plenty of uncertainty because we don’t have too many pre-season minutes on him. He does have goals and assist potential though. 

At £1.25 I think he looks a solid punt. If he did well early it would be quite easy to get him rising from there but if the games wore on without him delivering he could drop back fairly easily too. 

Borini may be underrated at the 30p mark particularly early on as other players are rested and reports in Sky Italia say he may start the opener. 

He scored in pre-season and got plenty of minutes. Saw lots of the ball too, far more than usual on the right of midfield. Also created 4 chances in the last 3 friendlies. 

It’s a bit of an unorthodox first game punt but it looks quite an intriguing one.

Kessie hasn’t had many minutes due to AFCON. Reasonable baselines expected but he doesn’t usually show enough threat or creativity to punch through regularly. On his day though, he should put up the occasional decent score. 

I can’t see much potential in defence. Calabria if anything could do ok as he has reasonable involvement, creates a few chances and has the occasional attempt on goal. Decent trend fit and a kind price so it’s a reasonable shout but the numbers aren’t hugely exciting. 

Aug 4

A good pre-season for Suso who was looking like being shown the door but seems to be back to being their main man. Showing strong creativity stats and some goal threat. If he can improve the latter he could do extremely well. For the money, he’s got a strong chance of success. 

June 11 

AC Milan didn’t light up performance scoring last year, but, they have a lot of talent that in the right shape could do well. Giampaolo, formerly of Sampdoria, is set to take over the reins and it will be fascinating to see what he has planned.

Calhanoglu scored pretty well even in a tricky season and was unlucky not to win more dividends. He’s long made a mockery of his price tag, but people are starting to catch on as he rises from 50p to 75p recently. There is a loose rumour that the expected new coach is a fan and sees him playing in a preferred No 10 role. If so, I would see him doing very well. He may have to fight Paqueta for it though.

Paqueta gets a bit of stick on social media from a few people I have noticed saying he is just a showboat. But the stats suggest that is not true. He made a bright start to life at Milan but faded badly and looked tired after a long season in South America. Fully fit, I think he’d do well in the right role and some traders must agree because he is rising recently. Will be important to watch closely in pre-season.

Suso another talent that didn’t quite deliver last season. He had a great start with some big scores but really tailed off. He could move to Atletico where I wouldn’t be too keen. But, if playing in a settled and decent performance side I’d rate him.

Bonaventura is worth watching. He had a season out with injury but is capable of a big score and should be monitored in pre-season.

Cutrone had heavy rotation last year displaced by Piatek often. The proposed new coach however did play with 2 up top at Sampdoria, so the plan may be to accommodate both. If so, Cutrone’s goal output should be decent although his performance scores will likely be poor in general. 80p is a reasonable price though and if he looks like starting he should head up towards £1 fairly easily. Pre-season will tell us more.

Piatek looks nailed on for a start after a great opening to life at Milan. A weak performance player but he is prolific so at least has strong IPD value. Should definitely see interest and a return to his mid season price of £1.60 or so wouldn’t be a surprise. And as a young goalscorer for Poland, he should see further interest later in the season with the Euros in mind too. 

27 Aug

As soon as I saw Brozovic had the first goal I knew it was going to be a monster score. It was with a 304. Last review below I said he was capable of a very big score on his day and this was his day. His goal threat has been strong recently, much better than usual, so it’s not unreasonable to expect it again soon.

However, he will likely need these soft matches where Inter can dominate for these kind of scores, tougher opposition won’t make it so easy. Under £1.20 last review he looked a total bargain. £1.66 now… those kind of rises make me wince. 

But at least he looks good for that price and very occasionally buying after a rise is ok provided the evidence justifies that price. You can definitely make a good case that Brozovic does. 

Good again from Sensi with a nicely taken goal. Also created 3 chances. Was a soft game though that made everyone look good. On the whole I think he is solid but probably no better than reasonable value at £1.50. We can reasonably expect decent baselines regularly and a smattering of goals and assists but not every week.

Lukaku actually looked pretty decent on debut. Strong statement of intent that he was put straight in and he should be the main man. 

Historically he has been dire. You could say his goal was a bit of a gift but at least he was in the right place to finish it and strikers need that early confidence boost. Created a couple of chances too.

I’ll watch him with an open mind. As a well known player the price is already fairly high. £1.50 would look a no brainer. £2… he’d have to be scoring very frequently. He could, worth watching.

Martinez is a dire performance player and is probably always going to be. However, for IPD purposes he is looking decent. Could have scored vs Lecce and it is surprising he didn’t. Creating chances too. Under £1 I’d say yes, at £1.50 I think some people still think he is better than he is. 

15 Aug

Taking a pre-season penalty renewed interest in Politano. He’s long shown potential but never really put it all together consistently. Penalties would indeed help the cause although it is not clear he will be the main taker. Otherwise, his goal threat has been a bit soft and he’d need to improve significantly before I went in heavy. The price is kind though.

Barella is generally too deep to be expected to win regularly. Did get a couple of shots in pre-season but it’s not enough. Nor has he created many chances. Has an occasional big score in him but not enough to excite me.

Sensi looks a bit better. Scored vs Spurs and has had other chances in pre-season. He won’t tear it up every week but he’s capable of putting up some good scores. At 80-90p it would be an easy yes, at £1.16 it still looks a solid pick if not amazing value.

Brozovic is looking good. Had the last Valencia game been scored he would likely have done very well as he racked up over 100 passes with superb accuracy. Has also been getting some long range chances. Capable of a very big score on his day. Looks solid value at £1.28. 

July 29

First real look at Barella who was deep as expected but did get forward for one decent chance. I have long said he was overhyped. He was and the price has come down.

If he can show some more forward running and the price comes down a bit more, he might start looking more attractive. But we need to see more minutes for him before judging. 

No threat from Sensi in this match, he has potential but we need to see more consistent quality chances for him to really to be expected to be a regular challenger.

July 25: Lots of rotation so far and an unsettled side.

New loan signing Sensi has been getting a bit of attention. He has a good all round game but in the past has lacked goal threat. He has scored in pre-season though and had quite a few long range efforts. For 89p he looks decent although I would want to see more consistent goal threat before getting over excited. 

Gagliardini is another to watch who has potential. We just need to see him getting forward more, goal threat not brilliant so far in pre-season. With 5 goals in 19 last season though he has shown he has the ability.

June 11: Inter were not the best performance side last year. Conte coming in may not entirely change that, although individuals, like his preferred wing backs, might benefit. But, he tends to be fairly direct without too much fussy build up play which isn’t ideal for us. Still, will be some decent targets and they are worth watching.

Brozovic: Solid player and capable of big scores without a goal. Which is just as well, because he doesn’t get too many. Will likely be fairly consistent though and I think people will fancy him, should probably get closer to his mid-season price of £1.20 at least for a nice little jump from his current £1.

Politano is a decent player and probably underperformed last year, I think him capable of better because he throws up some nice stats. He just didn’t put enough chances away and managed twice as many for Sassuolo in the previous season. Could improve, and has Italy involvement. Worth watching in pre-season at least because he has a budget 60p price tag. Would be surprised if he didn’t get some kind of pre-season rise.

Icardi is causing a ruckus. Inter want him gone apparently but he is refusing to leave. That might not sit well with Conte and he doesn’t seem the type who will play him if he is unhappy. Potential transfer there but the possible move seems to be to Juventus. In the EPL Icardi would be a big deal but not so much outside of it. If he stays in Italy he is probably only good for IPDs, but if his price drops after no transfer, that might be decent value.

Baldé could come good if he gets pitch time. He may need to move to get it, with Lazio the latest. He’s a talent and if he looks like starting for a decent club I’d rate him for a nice rise from his budget 67p price. 

Karamoh is worth watching although he may get loaned or sold. He’s got performance potential but he will need the minutes. One to look at in pre-season with a bargain 47p price. 

26 Aug

Insigne smashed it out of the park with a +300 score. I know a lot of site members have interest in Insigne due to recommendations in Scouting so it’s great to see him deliver.

As per his entries below he has been looking really strong throughout pre-season and I expected him to be a big beneficiary of the new scoring matrix because of his creativity.

A big player for Italy too in a Euros year, signing him up and going big on him was an easy decision after seeing his numbers and the new scoring system.

Will he do this every week? No! But I do expect him to put up big scores frequently and establish as a consistent dividend challenger. He would have to really dip in form for that not to be the case and I’ll keep monitoring that here.

The best thing about finding a low price gem that breaks out is that they are capable of winning again and the price still has much further to go when he does. 

As I covered in the latest blog post, players who win and then win again tend to get rewarded and Insigne is capable of doing that if he keeps doing what he is doing. 

Of course, hype buyers are fickle friends so if Insigne doesn’t repeat his heroics next game some traders may exit but as long as his underlying numbers hold up I would be content to stick with him for the foreseeable, perhaps even for the season or most of it.

Mertens as per the scouting below looks solid. A goal this time which is not unexpected. IPD returns look like they will continue. Performance wins may be rare but he does have an outside chance on his day.

No fireworks from Ruiz but it was good enough to stay optimistic. Overall involvement very good, particularly his passing accuracy which is elite level. 4 chances created but no assists which is unlucky. Couple of shots but they are his long range speculative efforts. They can go in but they aren’t reliable. 

When Ruiz is at his best it is when he pushes on and gets shots in the box and this is what we need to see in the coming games.

As per the scouting below, I have been cooling on Zielinski. Nothing to change my mind in the opener. He has bags of talent though. 

His involvement is great and his baselines will be good but he has not shown enough goal threat or assist potential to make it count. Will monitor him but I am not optimistic. If he pops up with a big score (which is possible) it’s probably going to be a fluke based on current form.

Fantastic game for Callejon. He is not a player I normally pay a lot of attention to given his 32 years of age. 

But if he kept this up it might change. Poor season last year with just 3 goals. But in previous seasons he has been a 9-15 goals man. If he rekindled that, combined with his definite assist potential he could be a bargain at 56p. I’ll wait for another game because it might be a false dawn though I would say at 56p even if was a soft performance player IPD would justify that price at least in early season. 

Well worth watching how he gets on in the next games. At 32 he will always be a hard sell but you might get him towards 70-80p if he does well and that’s a handsome profit. But a wait and see for me. 

11 Aug

1 goal and 4 assists in pre-season for Insigne and really he should have scored  more particularly vs Barcelona where he had 6 efforts on goal and created 4 chances. Has very strong pre-season stats and he looks good especially at the price. Should benefit from the matrix changes due to his creativity.

Interesting to see Fabian Ruiz tried as a forward in the last game. May not continue but his baseline held up and he had a decent chance to score. He’s only had just over 90 minutes in pre-season so far so can’t comment too much. Nothing spectacular in the stats but some decent encouragement as his involvement is still there, he’s getting some chances and creating them too. 

Zielinksi needs to improve to be a regular contender. His goal threat just isn’t there despite what should be some solid baselines. Will pop up with the occasional big score on this form but it’s unlikely to be regular enough to really break through. 

I like Verdi and early pre-season he showed promise scoring 3 in 90 minutes. In the last 3 friendlies though he hasn’t had too many chances. Has transfer risk so is probably a wait and see rather than a dive in. 

Mertens looks as threatening as ever with 2 goals in pre-season and plenty of chances vs Barcelona. Could be strong IPD value and has an outside chance of a performance win too. 

June 11: Napoli were fairly average as a performance club last year. But, they’ve got some improving players and some tempting targets.

Ruiz: A player I mention often and there was an improvement in late season I am hoping continues. His involvement stats are fantastic, approaching elite levels matching players like Alcantara etc. He also had a lot of shots, but they were poor quality long range blasts. In late season he got forward more and we need to see more of this. If so, he could have a real breakout season and I think given the recent price rise people are realising that. Also getting Spain minutes now. Should enter the season with plenty of optimism behind him.

Insigne had a poor season with plenty of distractions. Still, 10 goals isn’t bad, he was unlucky to miss out on dividends at times, and he is capable of doing much better whether at Napoli or elsewhere. He probably looks like staying now but that’s not confirmed. He is capable of being an excellent performance player if settled and in form. Plus, he will play for Italy at the Euros. At the price still just over £1 I think this is a solid bet.

Zielinski: Similar to Ruiz, he’s a talent but we need to see him get forward more. There is less evidence that this is the case though than with Ruiz. Still, he’s cheap and has some potential. I think at the 70p price he will see interest before pre-season, and possibly beyond for Poland. 

Ounas may get loaned out for next season. He had limited minutes but it’s enough to flag him as a potential good performance player. If he went to a good club I’d be interested. If he stays, it’s hard to see him getting much pitch time if he is on Ancelotti’s black list. 

Verdi spent much of the season recovering from injury and was introduced lightly in late season. If he looks like playing a bigger role next year with regular 90 minutes, I’d back him to do very well as a performance player. Budget price so not many will be aware of his potential yet but they could be if he starts well. 

26 Aug

Pjanic got the classic reaction to a big half time score which from memory was 140. I said below he would be the sort who could get a big reaction in this hysterical early market. 

It wasn’t a goal but the big halftime score was enough of a trigger. 

He went on to win with 216. As per scouting below, Pjanic’s baselines are very likely to hold up and 200-220 should not be uncommon for him. 

One worry is whether 200-220 is really enough anymore.

216 is the lowest winning midfield score on a treble day since we had a respectable number of leagues in action. 250 is more the mark in midfield now.

There is cause for optimism though. When you put up a 200-220 someone still has to beat you and sometimes, like this time, they don’t. (They usually will though I think). And you have the odd single game day etc too where he could easily win.

Pjanic also has a bit of goal threat and better assist potential, despite having neither scored nor assisted in the last 10 games. He is getting shots and creating chances though so it should come. 

These will bump up his scores that bit extra so he is well capable of several big scores this season. 80p to £1.20 just 3 months ago now looks an absolute steal. £1.68… more about fair / reasonable value. 

With 7 efforts on goal it is suprising Ronaldo ended up goalless. In the last 4 games he has looked dangerous scoring 2 but could have had more. With this kind of threat you can get braces and hatricks and he looks threatening. Will likely need 2 goals or more to challenge but we know he can.

The bench again for Dybala and not even used. It’s a crime against football. Sarri tends to stick with his first 11 once he has found it so once a player looks established it’s bleak for any subs. If this continues and Dybala’s price gets panned towards £2.50 there may be a value opportunity there for a patient trader. This surely is not sustainable for another season and I would suspect he would move on if it doesn’t improve. 

If and when he does get a chance he has a chance of smashing it like vs Triestina in pre-season where he dominated. 

Solid from Sandro who delivered an assist. 87p is reasonable for a solid player who can challenge although he may struggle to do much better than his 182 at the weekend apart from on the days he bags his usual 3-4 goals a season. Good value. Possibly not incredibly exciting but that is often the case with defenders. Often gets linked to the EPL too so that’s a bonus. 

22 Aug

Dybala offers a reminder of his quality vs Triestina. Playing 61 minutes (the whole team was rotated) he scored 1 (lovely chip) had 6 shots, created 3 chances and saw plenty of the ball in general. Superb stuff.

It’s just pitch time and the right playing position that are his problems. Transfer rumours still circling. Barcelona? PSG? Either of those would be good moves provided he started.

Ronaldo did not appear as he was rested although worth noting that he has this week said he may retire “next year”. 

He also said he could keep going until 40 so it’s hard to read. However, as per the analysis below, it remains a tricky but potentially very rewarding trade because he is capable of a huge season whilst that “next year” comment might spook people too. 

Some people may like to go for this and there is potential value for sure. I tend to stay out of things that can give me a big headache. 

First appearance for Ramsey. He’s got potential and he was played in a good position for performance scoring. Did ok but we need to see more than 20 minutes. No shots but did create a chance and should have decent involvement. 

Worth watching and I would back him for success if he played 90 minutes regularly the only worry is rotation which looks likely unless he performs exceptionally well early on.

Pjanic‘s solid baselines are set to continue, I can see no reason why they wouldn’t. Strong assist potential but weak goal threat. Could be a nearly man who hits big scores but not quite big enough to win. 

However, he often gets 1-2 long range efforts per game and if one of those flew in early he could get a nice rise in this hysterical market.

Douglas Costa shows some decent threat in pre-season and good assist potential too (creates a lot of chances and should get more assists – either he doesn’t create great quality chances or someone isn’t finishing them). Good involvement undermined by ropey passing accuracy. But, would be value if he finished 90 minutes regularly although that doesn’t look likely. 

Bernadeschi is still not showing much goal threat. Reasonable assist potential but nothing spectacular. Looking weak throughout 2019.

Not much encouragement from Bentancur mainly due to limited minutes which could be an issue. Decent underlying numbers but nowhere near enough goal threat or assist potential to give us real hope. 

De Ligt got his first shot away for Juventus so we can expect him to come up for those headers and nick the occasional goal. Stats are decent and he is capable of a few big scores. But being honest, for the money, it’s nowhere near enough. 

Sandro was solid again with reasonable involvement and another chance created. Gone up about 10p since I last said he was a decent shout for that money a week ago… it’s probably still true at 87p which is reasonable.

15 Aug

I don’t think Ronaldo will be going anywhere just yet. His goal threat looks as strong as ever, scoring twice in pre-season and getting lots of opportunities. Created some chances as well. Those big scores should come. 

Interesting trade because the price is rock bottom for a player of his quality and it is very unlikely to be his final season. In fact he could have 3-4 more seasons to go or more. 

He’ll also be the big draw at Euro 2020. 

Versus that you have the drag of the fear of age. People will drop Ronaldo at the first sign of any major difficulty so it’s hard to relax with him in your portfolio.

The potential rewards for those who do though are strong and barring any major disaster I see his price rising as we head towards December.

Something of a disaster for Dybala holders as his EPL move fell through and he is stuck in limbo. His FI potential is huge but he needs regular starts in a favourable position and it is hard to see how he gets them from here. 

Looked dangerous in his pre-season appearance vs Atletico but didn’t score. Will always be worth watching to see if his fortunes change but it’s hard to recommend him at the moment when there is so much uncertainty. 

Ramsey has potential but has not featured much in pre-season and it would be a surprise to see him starting the first game. 

Some chances for Bernardeschi but still has not put anything away and some of his opportunities are poor quality. Capable of a big score but I can’t see them coming consistently because his finishing record is awful and he hasn’t scored since January!

We can expect continued big baselines from Pjanic. His assist potential is strong and that may push him into contention. Will get help from the new scoring matrix for sure. But I generally like a bit more goal threat than this.

No reason to expect De Ligt will be anything more than average in FI terms. Still looks extremely over priced even after the drop. 

Sandro could fare a bit better and has been creating chances in pre-season. Should benefit from the new scoring matrix and could be in contention. 

July 25: Bit of unusual tinkering for Sarri as he plays his usual 4-3-3 and an experimental 4-4-2 so I’ll keep an eye on that.

Ronaldo looks dangerous so far scoring in both, with decent involvement otherwise. He will likely need 2 goals to post monster scores but he can do that even in average form. Interesting one to watch because now the cloud has lifted over his rape allegation he looks very cheap compared to other premiums.

If he strung some big scores together early and some media wins too he could fly in price (and he is well capable). Competing with that you have the general fears about age and retirement which is valid. Early season is the best time to hold an older player if you are going to.

Still no appearance for Dybala which we could put down to recovery from international duty or because he is indeed on the way out

Decent from Bernardeschi if not spectacular. He’s got some nice stats but he needs to put more goals away. His finishing last season was just not good enough and we need to see that changing to get optimistic. Lots of chances again in pre-season and still no goal.

Rabiot is probably too deep to be more than a high baseline nearly man. He did get one shot away and if this improved he could be of interest. 

The same applies to both Pjanic and Matuidi. Pjanic is particularly strong for baselines but will need more regular goal threat to suceed. No evidence so that will change under Sarri. 

Own goal for De Ligt, ouch. Pass completion excellent althogh overall numbers low in the last game. As I’ve said for a while there is not much justification for this price which I expect to continue to fall. Nothing I have seen so far changes that view.

June 11: Big change at Juventus and Sarri looks very likely to take the reins. Whilst he will leave England with his reputation dented, Sarriball can be performance friendly and we shouldn’t forget that. He does stick with a 4-3-3 which is what Juventus do anyway, so there may not be a full change over.

Ronaldo: Indisputed main man and as good as that can be, he definitely does suck the life out of other Juventus targets who could otherwise be solid picks. Age has been a problem for a while. And the rape allegation is still on-going. All that said, he’s still Ronaldo and still very likely to be having another good season at the forefront of both Juventus’s Champions League push and Portugal’s attempt to retain their European crown.

The price is back in a range where people are willing to take the punt despite the risks. I can see definite upsides here but I think this is one where if you are going to buy, you should do so sooner rather than later. Then, if he gets a period of hype and a price rise, probably not hang on too long. 

Dybala: Conflicting statements about whether he will stay or go. In a 4-3-3 where he is forced wide (likely to stay under Sarri) that is not his best position in reality or on FI. I think he remains a good transfer hold as I think if 4-3-3 remains the system he will look to move on. However, I would not hold him if he stayed for another season like this one. If moved to his favoured central position however I think he becomes one of FI’s performance stars. Close monitoring needed.

Bernardeschi: Not a great season. Fair bit of rotation probably did not help. Does have potential to do a lot better though, perhaps under a new manager. Has Italy involvement too so at 66p, he isn’t bad at all. Perhaps one to evaluate in pre-season.

Kean: Good goal scorer. Poor performance player. Should get some pitch time but rotation will likely continue. Far too expensive by now for my taste.

Pjanic: Quiet season for Pjanic but we shouldn’t completely rule him out. He’s capable of adding a few more goals than he scored this season, and he’ll probably do better than 84p price tag by the new season, maybe pushing towards £1. One to evaluate in pre-season with a new manager. 

Ramsey may have to fight for his spot but if given a favourable playing position I like him a lot. Better than he has been able to show in a fragmented season for Arsenal. Will be watching in pre-season.

26 Aug

As per the scouting below Dzeko looks lethal and duly delivered his 3rd goal in as many games. Could have had more, he’s looking dangerous. Creating chances too. Excellent veteran punt for IPD and like Lewandowski is capable of a win when he pops off. 

I’ve been over and over how good Under could be in pre-season (see how these fantastic puns keep the scout reports fresh? No? Ok.) He has been looking likely to score recently and so he did. Nice goal too. In fact, he could have scored again. Also, created 4 chances. Involvement is decent enough too. Looking good. Obviously, better when he appeared in Scouting below in July at £1.25 but at £1.63 now I still think given the trend fit he can keep going.

Zaniolo on the other hand showed very little in the opener. No good efforts on goal, no chances created. He was better than this in pre-season and could do well. Given the trend fit, a goal could see him rise further. But I think Under is the better FI player and he’s also cheaper.

Possibly a bit better in the last pre-season game and the opening league game for Kluivert although overall, he still looks weak. Having not had a shot for 6 pre-season games the only way was up. Really poor pre-season. 

His goal off the bench in the final pre-season game might give confidence and in the opening league game he did get 3 efforts away but they were not good chances. Not creating anything either. If he did have a strong game he would be an easy player to sell but he would need to get a lot better than this. 

As per below scouting Kolarov has good goal threat for a defender and he did indeed deliver. Created an incredible 5 chances too building on 4 from the previous match. Looking very strong for both IPD and possible performance wins.

22 Aug

Dzeko is now staying at Roma and has shot up from 65p to 80p since the last review a week ago. Goal threat is very strong and he has scored in his last two, with 11 shots across those games. Creating chances too. 

Overall involvement not huge so he will likely need to get more than just 1 goal to win but he can do that. 

At 80p his IPD potential alone is excellent and a possible win is a bonus. Superb veteran punt that was better taken last week but is still good.

Under looked good again with consistent goal threat now even though he hasn’t scored. Assist potential too and some good involvement. Passing accuracy has to improve but he is looking good. 

Zaniolo had chances again, good threat and created 1 chance per game in the last 2 (though nothing in the 4 games before those). Involvement was better than usual this time but it needs to be consistently a lot better than usual if he is going to get big performance scores.

Kolarov looks likely to stay and could be a veteran powerhouse for 52p. He has had chances to score in the last 3 friendlies (scoring 1) and created 4 chances in the last game (1 assist). Could very easily nick a win and has strong IPD credentials too. 

15 Aug

Under is still looking good. Scored vs Lille, a brace vs minnows Ternana and has had consistent chances across pre-season. Showing good involvement stats too and creativity with chances made. Optimistic.

Kluivert‘s pre-season stats are… yuck. No shots at all despite a good number of minutes and not much else to shout about either. Last update I said I was concerned… still am for a player that has shown some potential in the past. 

Zaniolo has shown some decent threat in pre-season and scored vs Lille. Given the hype for him I have to say though that his underlying stats are fairly average and he likely needs more than 1 goal to make an impact on performance scoring. 

Dzeko, if he stays, looks his usual threat and has also been creating plenty of chances too. Looks a solid IPD choice. And to be honest this would likely stay true if he moved to Inter.

Kolarov may also leave. If he doesn’t, his stats look pretty great for a full back. Good baselines and creativity. But a risk of a move to Fenerbache is too much to bear until the window is closed. 

2 Aug

No obvious formation change for Roma so far.

A string of poor misses for Schick in pre-season. Could have taken over from Dzeko who also may depart for Inter but pre-season goal scoring records will not fill a coach with confidence. 

Kluivert has some decent baseline stats in pre-season but nothing spectacular and he has shown zero goal threat in any of the three games which is a concern. 

Under has shown impressive pre-season stats, smashing in two vs Ternana and creating chances too. These are easy games so you can’t get over excited but he is looking good so far. Passing accuracy is a touch low which could drag scores back a bit but if he maintained something like this threat and kept creating chances he could be strong. 

Not brilliant from Zaniolo so far, particularly in the last game vs Perugia. In the pre-season opener he was good with 3 shots (although he missed them) and some decent involvement and a chance created. Poor involvement, no threat and no chances created vs Perugia or Ternana though.

If Kolarov stays he could be a strong budget veteran again, with hood underlining stats, strong creativity and some goal threat. I won’t fear buying a quality veteran like this in early season if they look set to start. 

2 July

Kolarov is really knocking on although if he does stay at Roma for another season (that is in doubt), should not be underestimated. He’s got quality and at 39p there will probably be some in early season who fancy him and he could rise towards 50p. He’s capable of some big scores over a season for sure. Wouldn’t be holding too long if I fancied that punt, though.

El Shaarawy could be worth watching but doesn’t over excite me and has risks of a move to China that make any hold right now far too risky in my view.

Kluivert arrived at Roma last season with big expectations and a hefty price tag that he did not justify. The too high expectations are probably more at fault than he is though. Wasn’t a bad first season really and he showed glimpses of performance potential. Worth watching and should probably enter the season with positive trader expectations and is not yet as pricey as other hyped youth of similar potential.

Zaniolo is one such youngster with a pretty high price that he will have his work cut out to justify. He’s talented in reality and has some FI suitability (and has a long shot EPL link to Spurs which would be a price boost). If thinking of players who may rise as traders get excited for a new season, he’d probably make the list. However, the stats are not strong enough given the price to convince me to genuinely hold in expectation of a performance win early on.

Under is another young talent at Roma and he has some decent FI relevant stats. Arguably, he has done more to show FI potential than Zaniolo so far but comes 40p cheaper which makes me much more inclined to punt on him succeeding this season. 

Veteran Dzeko is capable of a big score on his day. Subdued season for him last year which may cause worry about decline. At 50p though with increased IPD offerings, I think at Roma (or Inter, possible) he looks decent for those happy to take an early season punt on an older player (best time to do it).

Schick is worth keeping an eye on for an IPD punt (does not look a strong performance player particularly). Has transfer uncertainty (may go out on loan?) but if he looks set for more pitch time than last year at a decent club he might do ok. Has spiked in value in the last month though which is a dampener.

Aug 26

Immobile was excellent again with another 2 goals. Threat is very consistent. Last week I said he was good value at 94p. Still is at £1.06. 

Excellent threat from Correa. He’s a youngster with real potential. Nice goal, could have had two. Bit of an odd game because by his usual stats, his involvement was down and he is capable of much bigger scores than his 125 with a goal would suggest. He creates chances too and his baseline is usually better. I was optimistic before the opening game and I am even more so now. I just want to see his usual level of involvement in the next game. 

Alberto did very well to get the win with 2 assists. He is capable of this although it is a touch fortunate that he created 2 chances and both were converted, that is quite unusual. I am sure he will score big again but perhaps not every week. 

Decent from Savic in terms of threat and creativity. He had a good effort on goal and created 2 chances. He is capable of much better overall involvement numbers than this though and we will want to see that improve. But he did enough. 

Aug 20

Lazio cancelled their final scheduled friendly so there is nothing to add to the last update below. The 4 players identified on Aug 15 look the most promising. 

Aug 15

Correa has had a good pre-season and shown strong goal threat, good assist potential and a decent level of involvement too. A solid young prospect that could have a good season. And still decent value.

Immobile continues his strong threat with another 2 vs Celta Vigo. Strong IPD potential and can nick a performance win on his day. Great value. 

Savic is now looking more likely to stay. Still has bags of potential and is kindly priced again after the EPL move fell through. Has shown consistent goal threat in pre-season and the underlying stats are there. He’s had so many stop and starts many will be sceptical but I’d be quietly confident on him especially at this price. 

Alberto is a solid performance player capable of a big score on his day. He was a bit goals light last term with 6 and he shown he can do better in previous seasons, bagging 11 in 17/18. Shown decent threat and creativity in pre-season so there is a chance he kicks on. £1.16 is still reasonable value. 

July 29: No obvious formation shift from Lazio, the standard 3-5-2 is back again in pre-season.

30 year old Caicedo catches the eye with 3 goals in 90 minutes across the first two friendlies. He will be rotated and will rarely challenge for actual performance. But at just 26p, with 8 goals last season and looking threatening in pre-season, that’s a good looking IPD punt. Just beware – he has transfer links to Leeds although the latest gossip is he may stay. If so, for that money I’d say he is looking a solid IPD choice.

Immobile still looks good at 74p for IPD and an occasional performance challenge. 1 goal and looks his usual threatening self generally in pre-season games so far.

June 11: Not the best source of performance points last year in a season where they really struggled. Only managed to qualify for the Europa through the Cup. Surely they can only improve? Some good potential players.

Savic: Widely expected to be playing at Juventus but it may not happen. He’s a talent and better than he showed in a poor season.  Although performances in late season were better. Without an EPL move, his price has dropped to decent value. Depends on the move, and how he shapes up in any new team. But, he could improve. 

Berisha: Entered last season with decent optimism. And then tanked hard. Injuries were unlucky but he never really hit the form he showed at Salzburg. Remains to be seen whether he is given a second chance, but if he has a good pre-season he could get a nice rise given his rock bottom 26p price. Wouldn’t rush to buy him but worth keeping an eye on.

Immobile is reliable at least for IPDs and possible performance wins too. Actually a subdued season for him with 15 goals, he is capable of better if Lazio improve next season. Should start for Italy too. Pretty strong bargain at 69p and should see people return to him for the new season.

26 Aug

A warning shot from Alejandro Gomez. 4 shots on target, 4 chances created but perhaps amazingly no goals and no assists. A 186 on an unlucky day. Could tear it up in this new scoring matrix.

His strike partner Zapata looks dangerous too although more for IPD than performance wins. Getting good chances to score in the last 2. 

Belotti scored (arguably an assist!) but this is not a surprise given his strong goal threat that I have been discussing under the Torino section. I am moving his entries here since Torino was just coming a vehicle for Belotti anyway. 3 chances created too this game, he looks strong. 

22 Aug

Some big stats for Chiesa vs Monza in the Coppa Italia with 9 shots (1 goal) and 4 chances created. Not the greatest performance to watch but this would likely have delivered a competitive score.

Transfer rumours still circle. He should go to a big club (likely Juventus) either very soon or next Summer, starts for Italy already. Long term trend fit and his potential quality are about as good as they get but if he stays at Fiorientina he can’t reach his full potential yet.

De Paul at Udinese is another who could get a big club move either now or next Summer. Saw lots of minutes at the Copa for Argentina although the numbers are actually pretty disappointing, never looked like scoring in 6 games. 

Looks better for Udinese though and he did bag one in pre-season and has some good chances. Created 7 chances with 1 assist last game too in the Copa Italia so he does have that mix of goal threat and assist potential but he will likely need a bigger club than Udinese to show it more often. 

Alejandro Gomez is worth a mention although apparently Atalanta don’t believe in friendlies in August because they haven’t played since Aug 2. Average stats for him in the 3 pre-season they have played with some goal threat and assist potential but none of them converted. He was in the old system anyway and he could be a strong beneficiary from the new performance matrix. I am optimistic on him. 

Quagliarella, Serie A’s veteran top scorer last season is back and shows no signs of slowing down. Strong goal threat in pre-season and scored in the last game. A pretty awful performance player but IPD potential doesn’t get better than this with a 60p price tag. Late bloomer for Italy too.

Some people on Social media love to pump Pulgar. Maybe 6 months ago, at 50-60p that wasn’t such a bad thing. Now at 90p… he’s alright. He is capable of a big score but you have to keep expectations in check at a smaller club. We have seen two appearances for Fiorentina so far. He is deep but does get forward a bit. No goal threat so far but created a couple of chances and sees plenty of the ball. Ok but nothing to get super excited about.

22 Aug

Torino have a tough qualifier vs Wolves tonight with a place in the Europa league at stake, that’s a tougher draw than both sides would have wanted. I wouldn’t expect huge over reactions to this for who goes through or goes out, at budget prices European involvement can be considered a luxury.

A rare blank for Belotti in the Europa second leg but he still got a couple of chances. It’s a very impressive pre-season goal tally with 6 in 5 (including Europa league qualifiers) and he has also created 11 chances in the last 4 matches. 

These were easy games so the stats will be a bit flattering. But even half of this would be very good indeed for his budget price. Still looks good and if Torino do overcome Wolves it will look even better. 

13 Aug

Star man Belotti is firing with 6 in 4 in pre-season including penalties. Some soft games in pre-season so it won’t quite be at this strike rate most likely! 

But he looks dangerous as ever and he should be on the scoresheet before too long in the opening games.  

As below not a great performance player but he is capable of an occasional big score because he is so prolific. 

Looks a strong IPD punt at the 90p mark and with likely Europa League involvement as well this year he has every chance to build on his 15 goals from last term. 

Regained his place in the Italy set up as well recently. 

2 July

Belotti is the stand out choice for Torino and for good reason.

He’s not the best performance player as he is very goal focused with not much else to pump his scores. However, he is capable of putting 2 away in game which can put him in the 180-200 range and make winning possible. And, he has decent IPD value as well as Italy involvement. May get a move to a bigger club but I suspect it could be a season too early for that.

When first featured here under Best of the Rest he looked a good steal at 72p. At 95p after Torino qualified, the shine comes off a bit.

But, he finished last season strongly and returned to the Italy line up too. So, I still think he represents decent value.

16 Sept

What price Fati if IPO’d right now? It would be crazy. 

He is a one boy website crash waiting to happen.

Every so often amongst all the overhype for young players there is one that looks to justify it and Fati is one of those rare gems who is both a trend fit and performance suitable. 

I probably wouldn’t sell a kidney to get him at IPO, but I’d certainly think about it. 


16 Sept

Started for Real and had an excellent game (started 2 of the last 3 now). 

He was in for Modric who is out until early October. That, combined with the excellent display, gives Rodriguez every chance of continued minutes. 

Managed a 171 on this occasion including an assist, which is ok. Had a few shots and across the 2 games he started the threat is decent for a midfielder. Involvement good, and creativity too with 8 chances created and 1 assist across those 2 games.

He’s exciting, and capable of being one of FI’s top midfielders with a run of games. 

The next few games could be make or break and if he can put up a big score over the next month, I think his £1.50 price tag will look like an absolute bargain.

Against that, we have stopped and started with Rodriguez many times before so he will have to show a lot of consistency to convince some.

As long as he gets minutes I back him to show his quality. 

He is at 3 out of 5 stars to account for the rotation risk but if playing regularly he would be a 4 out of 5 stars at least, likely higher.

16 Sept

The brace will come as no surprise to members as his extremely strong goal threat has been well covered here under Real Madrid.

Superb veteran IPD punt up there with Lewandowski and other elite strikers.

Perhaps not one to hold too much into 2020 but for now he looks a great source of continued IPD’s for £1. 

Capable of a performance win too on a really good day, and I rate him at 3 out of 5 stars above many goalscorers because he does have a bit more to his game than most. 

16 Sept

Just 35 minutes for Hazard, no goal or assist but he did a lot right getting one good chance.

I rate him and whilst it has been a disjointed start with injury, I think he will come good which is why he sits at 4 out of 5 stars with an even higher potential.

You do pay for the quality though so it’s not the best value but it’s a solid enough hold for traders who like a long term premium pick. 

Decent chance of a small value spike on his first big score or similar which should happen before too long. 

16 Sept

Actually a much better game from Vinicius after a very poor start to the season.

Importantly, he is getting chances to score after a barren run of 4 games without a shot. Has not scored since February. 

So it was all looking a bit bleak, but this was better and holders can hope he will kick on from here.    

Overall, not the best performance player and has been over hyped. 

Sits at 2 out of 5 stars at the moment, which on current form is actually a bit generous. 

He has a 3.5 out of 5 stars for potential, which is arguably a bit generous too, but it is possible that young players improve a lot at this age. 

Value-wise… still not the best at £2.82 but a damn sight better than when he was north of £3.60. 

As I said to one member via email this morning – it’s a lesson here that no matter how big the hype is for a player, eventually, they have to start delivering big scores or the shine will start to wear off. 

The more games they play without doing something special, the more the pressure on holders ratchets up and it’s something we need to bear in mind when looking at any currently hyped players in our portfolios. 

You’ve got to take your profits at the right moment. 

16 Sept

Decent again from Greizmann with 1 assist and he could have very easily added a goal with 3 chances, 2 of them really good including hitting the post.

Showing consistently good stats which is important because at £2.68 he is hardly cheap anymore.

But I also think he is superb value given the way the trends for the season are running.

He’s capable of consistent wins to add to the one he has already and the weight of that combined with Euro 2020 hype can keep pushing him on.

I think he is one of the most solid holds for the season.

16 Sept

Oof, a goal and an assist for De Jong and yet only 183? That is damning. And suprising.

He has been over priced for a long time but you would expect him to be posting very high scores on the rare occasions where he gets a goal. If he can’t… when can he ever win outside of a single match day?

This was a rare effort on goal and I would expect the chances to stay rare unless he dramatically changes style.

I would not get suckered in by the 2 goals in 3 stat (1 for Holland). He has had 3 shots in the last 13 matches so it’s unlikely to be a regular thing.

I suspect he is capable of better than this when he does score though. His headline stats like passing are high but he does suffer from being quite central and not having too many stand out stats like crosses, dribbles, aerial duels etc. he does tend to do quite well for interceptions and recoveries though.

I’ve pegged him at 3 out of 5 stars but really, I may have been a bit generous and if his stats continue in this vein it will warrant moving him to 2 out of 5 stars.

16 Sept

Looking strong and it’s the 4th game in a row where he has made 90-100+ passes.

Has some goal and assist potential too to make these baselines count.

Maybe not exciting but he’s got Barcelona and Spain involvement and 90p looks solid value.

16 Sept

Kroos is looking very strong and has started adding goal threat to his high baselines. 

He’s getting a few long range efforts per game and when one flies in 300+ scores are possible. That’s important in a very tough midfield category where 250 isn’t a guaranteed win anymore.

Penalties for Germany is a help with one eye on the qualifiers to come. 

And he is showing assist potential having created 11 chances in the last 3 for Real with none being converted, which seems unlucky. 

1 assist could be enough for him to challenge. 

2 Sept

Kroos got 175 without a goal or assist or winning the game. A hair away from scoring the match winner and producing a huge score. (Would still have been beaten by Parejo but you can’t do much about that). 

Better goal threat in this game than he has shown recently, and he has made 9 key passes in the last two games without hitting an assist which is quite unlucky.

Looks very strong.

15 Sept

2 lovely goals and he finished tough chances. This shouldn’t have actually taken us by surprise as he has scored 7 in 8 games now. 

He’s 27 and I feel age sometimes switches us off to these things. We should pay more attention to players in their prime because there is good value, price rises and wins to be had in this space. 79p is still very good value even after a 10p rise after the win. 

That’s 15% in 7 days so it really is a myth that you have to be under 24 to make a profit. 

I did peg him as an improver in the revised player ratings as he will benefit from some of his solid secondary stats in the new scoring system and be capable of a big score or two but I probably wasn’t generous enough. 

I’ve increased him a bit more to 3 out of 5 stars because I think he is capable of some more big scores. And if not, he looks good for  good IPD returns at minimum. 

15 Sept

A decent 230 score from Odegaard and he is getting some momentum now and showing consistency. 

I’ve pegged him at 3 out of 5 stars in my ratings which is good but not elite. I think that’s about right in a tough midfield category at a smaller club. If Sociedad have an exceptional season he may do a bit better.

Baselines are excellent, goal threat for about 1 every 4-5 matches and a smattering of assists. We may see consistently high scores and a few peaks and wins when he hits a match winner. 

As a general rule though I side step the pumps, the price is very high and the best profits have been and gone. 

There is also value from a long term hold if he returns to Madrid next season but at this stage, it may be worth waiting until a quiet spell and for the hype to die down before worrying about that. 

2 Sept

In a comedy twist Bale scores 2 and then get’s 2 yellow cards in injury time. A poor way to end what has got to be his best performance for a long time, certainly in FI terms.

Builds on a solid performance last time out vs Valladolid so you could say it’s getting consistent.

Looking better than he has for a long time and a big score would not be a surprise in the coming games. But it wouldn’t be a surprise if he was dropped either. 

Tricky. Price is about right, I don’t think it is too much or particularly great value either.

2 Sept

Parejo does Parejo things.

In the Valencia entry below last week I said he had an average game in his first game of the season but that his big scores should be along if holders show a bit of patience.

They did not have to wait long and he pulled out a massive 349 score.

Two penalties is lucky for sure. But he only needs one because his baselines are so strong. He would have comfortably won even without the second penalty and that’s why he is so strong.

Should be a regular challenger and probably a regular winner because he is in an elite group who can blow other midfielders away, and that’s important in such a competitive category. 

2 Sept

A goal can cover up a multitude of sins but this is the third league game in a row now where his general baseline stats have been very poor.

Very much a decline from his promising pre-season stats. 

Must improve or the slide could continue as traders get frustrated by consistent poor scores from a very highly priced player.

2 Sept

Excellent from Fekir and a whisker away from pipping Suso to the win on Saturday. 

As per the Scouting reports, he has been looking strong and this is coming through in the performance scoring.

Should be a regular challenger although you do have to manage expectations a bit at a smaller club.

Also has future transfer potential much like Lo Celso.

The difference is when I made that very profitable Lo Celso trade he was under £1 where as Fekir is much better known and is already over £2. 

So not quite the same value. But still, continues to look a very solid pick. 

2 Sept

A well placed header from Barcelona’s youngest ever goalscorer. 

When he does get IPO’d and added to FI traders are likely to go crazy for him.

And it’s not without cause in this case.

For 45 minutes, he had some very impressive stats and if you look at his Barcelona U19 level stats they show he has definite performance potential.

An easy buy at IPO. If you can get on it at anything like a sensible price.

2 Sept

With so many senior absentees for Barcelona the youth are getting a chance.

Perez has looked great over both games. He scored in the first game and produced 2 assists this weekend. His record for both Barcelona and Barcelona II suggest he is capable of decent FI scores.

Another very easy decision to buy on IPO if possible at anything resembling a sensible price.

2 Sept

Night and day for Griezmann. After last weeks superb display, this match was basically dire. 

His numbers have been solid all across pre-season and the opening fixtures. But this was his worst performance since he joined Barcelona by some distance for FI purposes. No shots at all, limited involvement, just 1 chance created.

He’s quality though and I don’t go dropping such players for one bad game. Only if it becomes pattern. 

16 Sept

Nothing in the last 3 since the hat-trick for Werner but worth noting that he is close and looks capable of scoring any game. 

6 attempts vs Bayern and 5 vs Northern Ireland (uncharactersitcally quiet vs Holland but this was a real blip compared to his averages). 


1 Sept

As per the below Scouting Werner’s threat was looking good and he came through with a hattrick.

This sort of score is repeatable provided his goal threat holds up and it has been consistently solid. 

I like him as a strong key strategy fit. Whilst this was obviously better a month or two ago, I still think he could have a way to go given the overall trend fit – European involvement and whilst people believe an EPL transfer is possible (it’s actually more likely Bayern). 

But holding a player like this through to at least December time looks sound to me.

Provided of course his on pitch numbers hold up and all the positive background factors stay true.

16 Sept

Duda at Hertha has some potential and has transfer links to bigger Bundesliga clubs in the past that never came to anything. Maybe next Summer. 

I think he could be performance friendly at a bigger club and has a chance of a big score even at Hertha. 

Has not scored since a friendly in July but he is getting closer with good chances in the last 3 games. Also creating good chances (4 last game). And decent involvement levels generally.  

I don’t really expect huge scores at Hertha too often (He’s 2.5 out of 5 stars in my ratings) but a goal or two and a bit of attention sometime soon isn’t unrealistic.

I think for the patient holders out there he looks solid at 79p. 


16 Sept

Lewandowski in high goal threat shocker.

I’d stop reporting on this by now as it can basically be assumed for Bayern until further notice however worth noting that for Poland his numbers were really down and he didn’t look his usual dangerous self.

Something to monitor in the next qualifiers because information like that would lead me to 100% avoid taking such a player into the Euros themselves. 

But we don’t have to worry about that quite yet, it’s still early and I think he is a solid fixture in a portfolio for some months yet.

2 Sept

Another goal. Monstrous goal threat in the last 4 games and he can basically be expected to score every game in this form and often get more than 1. 

New long term contract until 2023 may give some confidence that he is far from done which makes it easier to hold him longer into the season, especially with Euros/Champions League involvement. 

Clever trading around peaks and troughs to refresh your 30 day IPD window could be very profitable.

16 Sept

No immediate goals or assists for Thuram after his move to Gladbach but he is getting some decent chances. Would not surprise me if he got off the mark soon.

His 2 out of 5 stars does feel right because the rest of his stats aren’t brilliant. But a goal or two after his drop from £1.20 down to £1.05 could see some renewed interest given his youth and France U21 involvement. 


16 Sept

Looking a struggle for T. Hazard who is seeing limited minutes. 

Worse, when on the pitch he is looking off the boil and really hasn’t had a chance to speak of in 3 games. 

Dortmund’s abundance of quality players leading to rotation has been a real concern and I think we are seeing that bite now.

Does have quality though and you could argue that £1.62 is getting back towards value range hoping for better times. 

I’d probably wait to see if it dropped a bit more though because the latest signs aren’t encouraging. 

16 Sept

A disappointing off game for Brandt after getting the start he needed. 

It was an odd game as Dortmund won 4-0 but Leverkusen dominated possession suppressing Dortmund numbers across the board.

Did at least have a good opportunity to score and was unlucky with a good save from the keeper. 

The main issue is that his overall involvement was down from his usual levels. 

Given how consistently good that has been in the past, I’m happy to accept it’s a blip and just monitor it over the coming games. 


2 Sept

Dortmund had a nightmare but Brandt’s full debut was promising.

I think he will become a regular starter. Not much by way of threat or final pass this game but we know he is well capable of that.

He’s a quality player historically and I am wary of bias and a player living on reputation. He has scored 2 and assisted 1 for Dortmund already though despite limited minutes which is promising.

And historic quality does count for something as well as his decent trend fit. I think he could have a good season. 

The main thing for holders is to see that he keeps getting starts.

16 Sept

I remember covering St-Juste (Mainz) a long time ago in one potential player article or another but hadn’t mentioned him since largely due to some bang average stats for Feyenoord. 

His rock bottom price and Dutch U21 involvement did appeal a while back though and indeed he has come up from 20p towards 42p and scored at the weekend.

I would probably not get too used to this, performance wise he looks very average indeed.

However, if he does well at Mainz and continues moving through the Dutch ranks you could see him carrying on to 60-70p or so. A patient holder may be keen on that. 

16 Sept

Another hit for Demirbay holders as he was absent from the squad due to “family reasons”. 

Can probably expect him to return the line up, where hopefully he can show more goal threat than he has been doing. 

2 Sept

Demirbay has failed to impress so far. 

Involvement is there, and his assist potential is good. But he isn’t getting enough good quality chances to score.

He is likely to produce some very big scores this season but the recent evidence doesn’t do much to convince it will happen next week. 

But he is getting some ranged efforts and if one were to ping in he could suddenly be in demand again.

After the drop to £1.36 I would say he is worth that price but holders may have to be patient.

The usually excellent Havertz has also shown similar lukewarm numbers so it maybe that Leverkusen as a whole are a bit off the boil. 

15 Sept

A recent IPO at a fairly high price although not totally unjustified. He climbed to £1.20 and is back at £1.11 now.

Looks a decent goal scorer and certainly when he is on the pitch for Frankfurt, goals never look far away across pre-season or in recent matches.

Rotation has been the killer for him but he has been getting starts recently and delivering. 

The only question mark is the line up and Frankfurt need to settle on their preferred forward line from Panciencia, Bas Dost and Andre Silva. 

Looks a decent goalscorer and IPD source, but not likely a good performance player and I will add him to the listings at 2 out of 5 stars

I can see him pushing towards £1.30-40 if the goal streak continued and it might. 

As for the line up Dost has challenged by scoring on debut but in a friendly last week it was Silva who did the business with 2 goals and an assist. He blanked at the weekend though vs Augsburg but did get some good chances. 

I think whichever of these 3 are starting look good value. 


15 Sept

Excellent score from Kimmich and he’s going to do this from midfield. Unlucky not to add an assist although goal threat was non-existant.

Most importantly, it’s the 3rd consecutive game for Bayern as a midfielder. If FI do what they say they would, he’s surely at risk of being switched to a midfielder now which could cause a ruckus. 

Midfield is a much tougher category for him to compete in although it’s not a total disaster because he is just about strong enough to contend. 

Be interesting to see how the market reacts to it if it happens. 

2 Sept

Kimmich is taking a bruising in recent weeks. 

He isn’t actually doing a great deal wrong apart from not hitting that early win that gives confidence.

And at high prices, frustration sets in easily.

Stats wise he looks fine and those really big scores should be on the way. 

Two things are a concern: 

First, Bayern and their irritating tendency to concede an odd goal.

Secondly, and more importantly, he played in midfield again. That’s twice in a row and if he gets classified as a midfielder then “top defender” becomes “average/good midfielder” very quickly. That’s a big risk to run. 

15 Sept

Last review below I said he was getting close and he duly delivered. 

Goal threat strong over the last 4, and he even created 2 chances this time and showed some decent secondary stats like crosses and a fairly jaw dropping 17 dribbles (5 successful!). 

Non an elite performance player but he is  a bit above many strikers and should put up a fair few competitive scores per season. 2.5 out of 5 stars is about right, possibly 3 out of 5 stars if he keeps improving. 

And whilst young, on the fringes of the France squad with a possible transfer later on, the trend fit is solid. 

I’ve been banging on about him for a long time and especially during pre-season at 73p. £1.23 now is nice but I think he could be pushing up towards £1.50. 

1 Sept

No goal this time but good chances to score for the 3rd game in a row. 

I don’t expect big performance scores too often but he is looking like the very solid goalscorer / IPD player I had hoped for. 

And he has positive background factors since if he keeps scoring he may get big club transfer speculation, and he is on the fringes of the France squad. 

When I was mentioning him here at 73p that looked a bargain. At £1.07 now… I still think it looks a solid choice.

2 Sept

Job done for Bas Dost as he nods home on debut. 

As covered in the transfer section before his move to Frankfurt, he’s got an exceptional goal scoring record so it’s perfect for him to give traders confidence with an early goal.

It’s not the 60-70% profit possible if picking him up when mentioned in the transfer centre at around 45p about 10 days ago. 

But, at 75p now, I think if he keeps scoring achieving £1 or slightly more is possible. 

2 Sept

In the elite striker group that looks like scoring every game at the moment along with Lewandowski and Aguero. 

6 goals in 6, he is getting the quality of chance required and he clearly has the ability to finish them.

Probably 50p more expensive than you would want an IPD player to be. But he’s a solid choice.

2 Sept

Hakimi did start in place of Schulz after scoring last time and that’s a touch surprising to me given how highly rated Schulz is. 

Apparently Hakimi was preferred as a more attacking option. It didn’t pay off in this game as he had no chances to score and didn’t create anything. But his general performance was good.

I like both players but if they are going to be trading game time constantly it makes it hard for either to really succeed so that’s a worry. 

On the more positive side, Schulz is likely to start for Germany in the upcoming qualifiers and that may remind traders of his ability.

2 Sept

Like Demirbay, the last two games have seen a bit of a drop off for Havertz and good quality chances to score have been hard to come by. 

His overall game looks solid though and it would be a surprise if he didn’t show his quality before too long.

He is expensive by now so people are going to sell when he doesn’t deliver immediately (and that’s one reason I tend not to hold highly priced players). 

But, if I was holding now, I’d probably stick with it given he is in the Germany squad for the qualifiers and a good performance there might get him some attention.

2 Sept

Reasonable from Bailey. The main thing is that we are seeing him get starts which is positive and he has potential.

Goal threat in the last two has been soft, but he has been creating chances at least. Involvement high last game but let down by some very poor passing accuracy which does happen in some games and that needs to improve.

Overall, a solid prospect with a reasonable price and it’s good he is starting. But the stats could be better from recent games, he looked better in pre-season.

2 Sept

Waldschmidt didn’t score this time but another solid performance at the weekend with good goal threat. 

I’ve tracked him on the site since scouting for the Under 21 Tournament in Summer. He’s been putting in some very good performances and has now made the senior Germany squad for the Euro qualifying.

Really gaining traction now and he looks a very good prospect for a future big transfer and IPD (if not regular performance wins). 

2 Sept

Whilst I think Pavard is solid it’s safe to say I did not see a goal and assist coming in the same game!

This is actually his first goal since that goal in the World Cup! 

At right back his assist potential likely increases a bit, but it’s hard to know where he will line up each game as he could be moved to centre back to accommodate Kimmich at right back.

Still, he was a whisker away from a very big score and a win here and he would probably be an easy player to sell if he did get one.

Really not bad for 92p but I do not expect goals every week.

2 Sept

Decent opener for Coutinho but for FI purposes it was pretty tame.

For a relatively deep position his involvement was weak. He had no shots and just one chance created.

I actually expect much better from him, he has all the ingredients to be a slam dunk success at Bayern.

I’d be happy to bet on him coming good and improving on this if I believed he would be a regular starter. But predicting that for Bayern right now feels tough.

2 Sept

Slow start to the season for Alcantara. Not one of his better games this weekend although there is no reason his big scores won’t be returning before too long.

Had a decent chance to score at the weekend. 

One concern is that in the last game he created his first chance in 6, which is fairly unusual and he normally has much better assist potential.

And in general midfielders have a high bar to hit as it is a fiercely competitive category. He is one that is capable of pushing 250+ though.

I think the drop is a case of frustration with the lack of an early win given the high expectations. 

Slow start for sure but I think his class will come through. 

2 Sept

Perisic got his first start for Bayern at the expense of Gnabry. 

With a goal and assist you can never complain. He had a good game although his performance score was underwhelming at 137. 

Being hooked off just before the 70 minute mark doesn’t help. This kind of rotation given the wealth of talent now available following the arrival of Coutinho, Cuisance and Perisic in an already packed team is something that concerns me in general.

Perisic only had 2 shots and only created 1 chance too, he was just clinical with what he had. 

But it’s a very solid start and he might make his 75p price tag look very cheap, though age is obviously a worry.

I have no problem buying an older player at this stage of the season in fact it’s been very profitable however I would like to see more regular goal threat from him first.

1 Sept

A better game for Sabitzer than last time. I still think traders hugely over-reacted to his 1 goal and 3 assist game in the opener. 

As I said back then, that’s not something that will happen every week and it’s been two blanks on the bounce and had a fair fall back of about 10p.

However, he did get 1 good chance to score and create 4 chances this match. 

After the drop it’s almost tempting to buy just to ride another wave of optimism if one of these shots goes in or the assist are converted. Rough fixture vs Bayern next though. 

Overall, his consistently poor shooting/passing accuracy over last season is a downer for me, it’s hard to believe that just goes away in just one pre-season.

1 Sept

A 2nd consecutive goal for Embolo and threat across the last 3 is good. Starting a game is positive too. 

His involvement overall though is fairly poor and it’s quite odd given he drops deep a lot. Usually, I’d expect such a player to have far more involvement in play.

Some decent secondary stats like dribbles though.

Bit of a puzzle but I think for under £1 it’s still not a bad punt and at least there is IPD potential to fall back on, even if I don’t expect huge performance scores unless he blows up and scores 2-3. Which isn’t impossible.

15 Sept

Lots of hype kids flying at the moment in the wake of FIFA wonderkids etc.

This is something I’ll discuss more in the coming weeks but with everyone buying any starting youngster with a pulse in the Dutch/Portuguese and other ineligible leagues heavily we have to be very good at picking the genuinely good ones if we want an edge. 

AZ 20 year old Stengs is a possibility and has the all round game, goal threat and assist potential to succeed on FI. And he is getting the minutes he needs to develop and get attention. Europa league coming up, too. 

13 May: Good loan season for Utrecht and should return to Wolfsburg for next season. Look out for him there. 

He is fairly deep but does get forward and has shown some very nice finishes this season with 3 league goals in 839 minutes. 

Good age at 22 and well worth watching out for for next season.

13 May: Has stated an intent to move to a bigger club than Feyenoord this Summer. Eintracht and Sevilla are the vague links.

He looks a decent performance player probably at least a 3 out of 5 stars at a decent club and at the 50p price he isn’t a bad shout.

13 May: Did have some vague Real Madrid transfer links but does not look likely. 

Given how strong Tadic is as a performance player, it’s worth noting his quality just in case he does get a decent transfer link this Summer.

Despite his age at 30 he has a lot of great qualities and comes at a budget price.


13 May: Another one to watch from the Dutch league in case he does get a good transfer link. He is making Dutch squads and is at an absolutely rock bottom price at the 25p mark. 

12 goals in all competitions and 11 assists this season and could be an exceptional performance player potentially 4 out of 5 stars.

That’s great although before we get too excited we really do need a transfer link and nothing credible exists right now.

But if credible links to a big club did appear he is a good one to have at the back of our minds. Will likely at least have Europa league involvement.



13 May: The Club Brugge star has 14 goals and 13 assists in the league this season. 

He talks of a desire to move particularly to the Bundesliga to play for a top 6 club. He wants first team football. 

I have seen no rumours but that could point to a club like Gladbach or Wolfsburg.

He has very strong performance credentials, possibly 4 out of 5 stars in the right situation. So it’s a trade I like.

Some people must have noticed though because in the last month his price has gone up significantly. Still good value if he does move at the 60p mark. 

13 May: Great season for Isak who is on loan from Dortmund. I’ve covered him in the transfer centre.

More likely, he will return to Dortmund where he could challenge for a place next season having seriously impressed on loan.

3 barren games recently but he has had chances. 

13 May: Another Porto player who will be a free agent this Summer and has an undecided transfer destination. 

He’s a good performance player and at the budget price he’d be decent at the right club. Also has some links to weak clubs where his strength might not count for much. 

But worth keeping an eye on and I could be interested if I see a good transfer link (Liverpool? Long shot). 

13 May: The Porto striker has netted 11 and provided 5 assists this season. He has some transfer links to Wolves.

His goal threat is excellent but his involvement is absolutely dire and I would not expect him to be a strong performance player.

However, at the 40p price tag with a possible move to Wolves (who may be in the Europa League) this is worth looking at. 

May 13: Continues to start and completed his first full match. Had chances, but fairly weak involvement. 

Important thing is he is getting minutes and scoring goals so he may yet pick up some transfer links even though it is a late show. 

24 Apr: The Fluminese man was due a Real Madrid move last year until he got a crippling injury that had him out for much of the season.

He made his first return to action recently though coming on as a sub.  

For 41 minutes he looked pretty good with 3 shots and 90% passing accuracy and ok involvement. 

Can’t read too much into that the important thing is he is getting some minutes to put himself back in the shop window. 

He is leaving it late though and he might need to do something special to get noticed again in the coming 2-3 months. 

11 Apr: Strong again from Ziyech with good involvement and strong goal threat. No reward this time but it is another example of his strength.

If he moves to a performance suitable club he could be excellent. 

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