Portfolio Review Service

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"I joined FI at the backend of 2018 and focused on buying players I rated for FI, jumped on some players mentioned on Twitter, then joined FIT and bought players rated through scouting. Within 6 months I ended up with 200+ players, no real material holdings in any (all <1% of portfolio), no idea who was good value (too many to keep track of), and who and when to sell. I contacted FIT and he did a thorough in depth review of my portfolio analysing the players I had and recommending a clear plan to reduce it to 50-75 high quality selections. After the review, the process of implementing the plan took a few months, but I now have a portfolio that is small enough to manage (50-75 players) and adjust to trends, generates significantly more in dividends (have meaningful holds in good dividend earners), and has generated significantly more in capital appreciation than i would have done. Really recommend, especially for new users."
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"Would highly recommend those with higher portfolio values to consider the review service. I undertook the review just before the season postponement and Instant Sell lockdown so understandably the scope for immediate big gains was limited. But what FIT certainly has given me, is a clear strategy, the building blocks for success, and has essentially spring cleaned my portfolio, meaning I managed to avoid some big losses. I am now fully confident my new improved streamlined portfolio is set for success now the football is back."

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Pricing and Suitability

I have reviewed portfolio’s from £20k value all the way up to £300k with £50-80k being a rough average.

To ensure value I would generally not recommend a review for a portfolio of less than £10k. 

My fee is 1% portfolio value, with a minimum charge of £400. 

If unsure you can enquire for free – I will take a look at your portfolio and if I do not think I can improve it enough to make the review worth the cost it I will not take the job.

Where the portfolio is more than 60 players there can be an additional charge to be negotiated beforehand depending on portfolio size. This is to account for the additional time it takes to review portfolios made up of very large numbers of players.

For new traders I could also assist with the creation of a new portfolio from scratch, tailored to your preferences and interests.

I can typically complete a review in about a week from application and I spend approximately 1-2 working days on each size depending.

How to Enquire

Just email me at admin@footballindextrader.co.uk with subject “Portfolio Review”.

Please attach screenshots of your portfolio and include a quick note on your thoughts on your results so far, how long you have been on FI and anything you can think of about your trading style that might help me. 

I’ll take a look and get back to you on whether I think I can help enough to make it worth the 1% charge and we can take it from there.

Disclaimer: Any portfolio that I review will be treated with the exact same care as I would give to my own. Whilst I have had a very successful record to date, past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Be aware that prices can go up as well as down and all views I express at any time are just my personal opinion and not financial advice.

You are responsible for any trades and the results of them that you make on the Football Index.

You should think all decisions through for yourself and be satisfied with them, including through your own research, before making any changes to your portfolio.