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Assistant Manager:  This transfer market has been exciting, and we’ve managed to seal the deal on four new signings –


1.       Ciro Immobile (Serie A),

2.       Kylian Mbappe (Lique 1),

3.        Halland (Bundesliga),

4.        Camavinga (La Liga).

Not All Leagues Are Equal

Whilst you navigate through the game, you’ll have the opportunity to pick the star performers from across the top leagues in Europe! But not all leagues are equal! We need to make scoring fair across all the leagues in order to make sure the best players really get rewarded.

To account for the range of abilities in different leagues the game provides realistic scoring based on UEFA’s assessment of the quality of the leagues they play in. Here is an example:

So, if Lukaku starts the game (+1), wins the game (+3), scores a goal (+7) and gets a yellow card (-1), he’ll score 10 in the EPL. 

Immobile would score 7 with the same contribution (10 adjusted by -30%). Mbappé would get 5 (10 adjusted by -50%). 

The best players from foreign leagues, like our established signings, Immobile and Haaland, will likely overcome this adjustment and outperform most EPL strikers – points are often easier to come by for them.


Mbappe could still contribute well to our team in Ligue 1 given how prolific he is. But he may need that big EPL move to truly realise his potential! We’ve signed him mainly as an investment.  

This game is intended to have give realistic scores that make sense to fans who watch the match.

So rather than worrying too much about fantasy points, you can go ahead and just pick the players you think are best in reality – primarily thinking about who is going to win the game, score goals and assist. Defensive players benefit strongly from keeping clean sheets too. 

In addition to those basics, the game will give players a natural bonus for good performance in their individual role.

You can read more about the scoring system below if you wish, otherwise, just pick a formation and select your best 11 for this gameweek! Don’t forget the selection info is there to help you above.  

Attacking 4-3-3

Strikers get +2 more for a goal than other forwards making them very powerful, but they lose 1 point if they miss a big chance. Pick your most clinical finisher!


Global - Applies to All Players



Subbed On




Shot on Target (Without goal)




Key Pass (Chance created without goal)


Team Wins 

3 (55 mins+)

1 (15 mins+)

Team Draws

1 (55 mins+)

0.5 (15 mins+)

Own Goal


Red Card


Yellow Card 


Penalty Giveaway


Penalty Miss


Performance Rating (Added on top of Global scoring system)

Performance Rating
Forget Fantasy. Embrace Reality. In this game each player will get a base scoring bonus that will reward them for good performance in their individual role. But unlike standard fantasy games we don’t ask managers to adapt to our scoring system, we adapt to you. All you need to know is what most fans would expect that role to do and the game will take care of the rest. Here is a summary of what to look for:
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