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18 June: I like this trade at this price and would like to see him at Barcelona. He has the qualities to be more than just a goalscorer and could really improve as a performance player there. That’s one option.

If the rumours of Barcelona cooling it looks likely he would go anyway, and Manchester United might make the move. That would be huge for media short and long term.

Add that to his leading role for France at the Euros and you have a strong outlook for his season.

He does look still Barcelona bound although some jitters are emerging.

The only option I don’t like is a U-turn to stay at Atletico who I do not rate as a performance club at all.

18 June: I had this pinned as a high hopes Summer transfer story, and the prospect of Bale in the EPL was an enticing one. The loan move seemed like a decent way out. It has been cooling for a while, though.

Bale’s agent has said today that Bale is unlikely to be loaned and there seems to be no sign that a solution is on the cards.

It seems that Bale is just too settled in Spain and isn’t prepared to trade his lifestyle for first team football. With his contract the size it is… it feels really difficult for him to get a good move right now.

June 3: This is still on and it feels like a matter of time before it catches media attention.

With an EPL move possible too there is a big upside here.

Bit suprising he has dropped in the last two weeks. Perhaps some think he will dig his heels in and stay for the big money contract? 

Possible. But personally I think this is a decent media punt for June that has a big potential EPL pay off. 

15 May: As per the last update there is a lot of gossip around but not much to hang a hat on.

It does feel like he will go if at all possible. And the Spurs loan option seems fairly credible although I wonder whether they will really want a player they probably can’t afford long term. It’s not much to build a team on.

With no obvious option it does leave it right open to speculation which at this time of year is great. 

It’s a transfer trade and they always carry risk. But this is one of the most likely to be a big Summer story and he does retain some value even if he does stay at Real.

These decisions are always about risk vs reward. At £3 now, he could tank back towards £2 if he does stay at Real or get an unfavourable move.

He could also easily break £5 in the EPL because of media optimism. And there is a chance he is one of the big Summer media stories.

So, as transfer trades I go I quite like it but we do have to be prepared for that dip if the wrong story breaks.

This price has gone up and then as I write down again following pretty meaningless comments in the last 24 hours. 

As a general rule, splashing around getting off and on due to weak gossip is losing trading. If you make the bet, stick with it unless something serious/credible changes. 

Apr 18: Looks more likely than ever to happen and Real really do seem to be looking to offload him. 

But to where? EPL is a licence to print money if it happens. If outside the EPL, not so much. 

Manchester United are the favourites or maybe Spurs. But wages look impractical. 

I like the trade for now and his long term performance prospects if in form at a good club. 

But it feels like unless Bale takes a big wage drop I am not sure where he would go so re-homing him could be difficult.  

He is still at a fairly high price that he cannot justify if used as a sulky rotation option at Real. So, unless something serious changes and a good move looks likely again, I’ll be steering clear.

3 June: Difficult to read this one as things appear to have healed somewhat but then transfer rumours are still circling.

I guess what you’d say is that with so much trader attention trying to find one of the future best strikers in Europe… well, Icardi is one of the best strikers in Europe and at £1.50 that’s not too bad.

Poor season for him but if he returns to his usual form he will look cheap for a big goal scorer for IPD if not for his weak performance scores. 

Apr 18: Looks almost certain to leave after a troubled season.

The links are Manchester City (long term Aguero successor), Man Utd, Real Madrid, Juventus, Arsenal, Chelsea. A wide range and any big club will want a striker of his elite calibre if the price is right. 

He is not a great performance player but he can be explosive and put up big scores when in form. At a big club where he gets lots of quality chances he could be better. 

And in the EPL, the media buzz potential if he becomes prolific goes beyond just the immediate transfer. 

For one of Europe’s top strikers the price remains low and if the EPL link firms up I think this will rocket. The value risk is if he stays at Inter but it does not look likely right now. 

Apr 18: With a contract with just a year left to run and a clear desire to leave fuelled by recent comments, it looks likely this will happen. 

But the destination is still uncertain. Liverpool are apparently not keen and Chelsea are probably banned from transfers. 

This would be a big transfer for a very strong performance player. 

Man. Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea and Barcelona have all been linked. Liverpool have historic interest, although apparently he failed their medical. 

Incoming to the EPL this would be huge for a burst of media and then potentially some long term media and performance dividends.

Outside of the EPL the performance prospects are strong at a big club but the initial media will be less in both the short and probably minimal in the long term. 

Big potential but could go one of many ways. 

May 8: The link to City seems to be very strong and, as I said on the Daily this week, once a link like this at this price gets close it is as far as I will ride. 

I’ve discussed his ability for nearly a year now and his potential and I still believe in his ability.

But, like I said in the strategy: price is everything. 

At this stage, he’d have to go straight into the City line up for most games and have an explosive start to reward the current price.

More likely, some will ditch as the transfer goes through so if we really want to hold for the season there will probably be a better chance.

And, we know how great performance players like Mahrez struggle to shine when rotated which is another risk. 

He is one of my favourites of the last 12 months but once we have made our money it is time to say goodbye and not get attached.

3 June: Huge if the EPL Link did come but whilst there is a lot of talk, there isn’t much substantial to go on. Just as likely he ends up at Bayern or PSG. 

50/50 at this point whether it goes up or down short term but at any club mentioned he will likely enter the season with optimism so that is an insurance policy.

May 15: Pepé seems to be entertaining a lot of options with Man United and PSG now the latest to be linked.

He can probably take his pick so it is credible.

With so many options on the board it’s tough to call. I think only an EPL link will see him hold his price and rise.

Without it those hoping for an EPL link should exit and despite how strong he is, the price is dear outside of the EPL.

I would have however have extreme performance optimism for him at a strong club like Bayern or PSG.

So, any dip could be reversed come pre-season.

It’s just risky because the price is inflated now even after his small dip. 

May 1: Bayern looked by far the most likely move but this seems to be really cooling. 

Instead, EPL links to Liverpool and Manchester United are heating up which will be huge if so. 

Still a long way off though and the price by now is getting crazy.

However, in the EPL he starts to pick up long term media appeal as well as a big short term burst. 

Traders will probably heavily buy him if it happens. 

Fortunately he has some quality to underpin the price tag but there is always risk when holding on to players that have spiked so sharply.

3 June: Tough trade to manage because after the season he has had, good luck getting too many long term holders interested.

However, with 5 media players now in play and the rock bottom price, there is dividend value here. 

He could go to Italy (Juventus or Inter?) and it would be messy given his huge contract. United will be left paying some of that salary most likely and the potential for “where did it all go wrong?” stories is big.

If that started happening for a day or two I’d expect a value spike. However, don’t hang in too long on this one if so.

June 6: Napoli seem to be the biggest link and it is looking less likely a straight deal to Bayern is likely. You’d think that would have happened by now.

Napoli are hardly blockbuster but Rodriguez is a top tier performance player and Napoli are a good performance club. I like the idea of him there.

May see a short term drop as those hoping for an EPL move exit but I think he would have significant optimism for him come pre-season at Napoli.

May 15: Barcelona’s shock exit from the CL appears to have created a sense of urgency at Camp Nou.

Coutinho could be the fall guy and a move to Chelsea as the Hazard replacement feels credible. It’s about the only EPL club I could see taking him. Klopp won’t take him back. City is full. Man United fans hate him. Spurs and Arsenal can’t afford him.

Chelsea could but the transfer ban makes it a risk and he could easily end up somewhere like Inter, or staying as an out of favour player at Barcelona.

Read up on the transfer ban and if you think it will be lifted I really like the trade and the price is still decent for a player of huge talent.

But, there is that risk the ban stays and it leaves no credible EPL options left. 

Apr 18: This feels like it is drifting away a bit but is still very uncertain.

He wants to stay. Barcelona would sell but only at the release clause which is sizeable. 

He has also been improving so Barcelona may also be content to give him another season if they have to.

It is potentially a huge trade. But Manchester United were the big link and given he was roundly boo’d by fans this week, it feels unlikely.

It feels like he would leave if only he had somewhere to go. And if we want an EPL transfer, I can’t see who that would be right now.

On the plus side, the price is still kind for a high quality player so if playing regularly at Barcelona at anything like his potential I think he would justify it even without the transfer.

June 16: This is hitting strong media dividend territory. But that’s cold comfort to any holders as the price is taking a kicking.

As per below in the last update, big players leaving the EPL are almost always trades to avoid.

This is particularly true for Pogba since if he risks losing penalties by leaving, his performance returns will almost certainly dip significantly. 

He will always get some media, but out of the glare of the EPL, not as much.

None of us know whether this transfer will happen. It feels a 50/50 right now. And it is very much a gamble.

Whilst the uncertainty lasts, the price will probably continue to decline. 

If the transfer looks very likely, the price is going to tank. And it will tank hard

On the other hand, if Pogba is set for another year at United, the idea being that he will be sulky and cause trouble, that’s a media goldmine. If he is confirmed to stay, the price will fly. 

I don’t take gambles like this so I will not be buying. If I happen to be online and I see confirmation that he will stay at Old Trafford I would be into this very quickly provided I had not missed a huge price bump. 

Apr 15: I can increasingly see this deal happening. OGS is the sort of “no player is bigger than the club” manager who will not really want Pogba around.

And Real are flush with cash and desperate enough to pay the insane fee it would take.

So, it could be a huge short term media blitz.

However, I am very wary of out of EPL trades. Traders don’t like them.

If Pogba did not get penalties at Real his performance returns will crumble.

Media will be less too although he will still get a decent amount. 

But if it happens I can only see the price going south once any media storm has passed.

If he does stay it might increase. 

Tricky trade and I will be staying out of things like this, you might get a big gain but you also invite a big loss too.

May 8: Looking more likely although it is possible an unexpected CL win might change his mind. 

Spurs do seem to be shopping for a replacement though so I would bank on Eriksen going to Real right now.

It would likely get significant initial attention but then there is a belief amongst many traders that a move out of the EPL = sell. 

In this case, it’s unfounded because Eriksen is not a big media guy and his performance prospects significantly improve at Real. 

However, not everyone may think that like that and there may be sales once the transfer looks set to go through.

If there was a dip, I am sure many will fancy him if starting for Real next term and there will be significant pre-season buying if the price is right.  

18 June: As mentioned several times now Felix’s price has just been way overheating for too long.

Way too much has to happen for him to even come close to justifying this kind of price. 

I found him very early last season and rode him for a huge profit and I know many readers found him on the site too.

But even here at £3.24 from a high of nearly £4… it’s still risky. Price is everything when considering whether a trade is good or not.

From here, if the transfer is into the EPL, people will fear rotation and after some initial hype he could drop. If the transfer is somewhere like Atletico, he drops hard.

If an EPL link firmed up there could be another wave of excitement but if I still held I would be selling at that point before people saw him warming the bench. 

Apr 18: Zidane was very non-committal this week when asked about Isco.

I thought the link was cooling as Isco got some starts but I think with that comment it is clear that his future is far from certain.  

March 22: These rumours looked very hot until Zidane returned and started him. Isco scored and looked good. So, he could decide to stay after all. 

If Zidane wants to sell though, there are a wide range of suitors who would want to take him. You can find a link to just about any big EPL club, and also to Napoli, Bayern, and Barcelona (?!).

We just need to monitor and see whether those EPL links firm up, if they do, the price should rise significantly especially given what a budget price tag he still has.

3 June: Still gets some mentions of a return to Barcelona but this would be so difficult to organise given contracts.

He obviously wants to leave but this is probably a Summer too soon.

Apr 18: There are always going to be rumours around Neymar but with the contract as it is, I find it hard to believe anything can really come of it.

Neymar’s father is playing things down with acknowledgement of the long contract etc.

There are even outlandish links to Manchester City surfacing so you can never forget about this totally.

Anyway, with this sort of trade, if it did happen, the media dividends would go on for so long that jumping on relatively late and exiting early after the wave of hype has been a strong strategy for me in the past. 

This avoids having to tie up huge funds for a long time in very expensive players in the hope something unlikely might happen and I think that is the best call here too.

Apr 20: It was only two days ago he was reported as loyal to Palace. Then, he makes the strongest possible statement about needing to leave for Champions League football. 

I wrote below that Zaha is a nightmare to predict from experience of other transfer windows and here we are.

Looks likely he will push to move now but will anyone take him? Good chance of drama either way I reckon. 

Apr 18: This has cooled somewhat with Zaha making a fairly strong statement of loyalty to Palace. 

Still early days though so I am not sure that is the final word.

Zaha to Manchester United seems unlikely but it would be a big ticket move.

Zaha is one I would expect to improve as a performance player if given the chance at a big club. 

And it would get some decent media attention too, so I like it. 

Zaha is tied to a long contract and has recently stated no desire to leave.

I also recall from other transfer windows that he is a bit of a nightmare and can make very conflicting statements. 

Potential big profit here but the odds of it happening seem low to me. 

June 6: Still has transfer links rumbling, Liverpool the strongest at the moment. He’s another trade I’ve supported a long time because he’s got quality. 

A good fit for the site Key Strategy with CL and Euros involvement so even if he does stay at Lyon I’m ok with that.

And, if the Liverpool link did come off you’ve got a big upside.

Apr 18: Apparently Depay was involved in a bust up with team mates this week (physical!) which is why he was dropped.

It only pours fuel on the fire for an exit and EPL clubs are being tipped. 

Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United at the moment. 

If any of those happened the price could explode given it remains kind for a quality player at just £1.50 now. 

Given the price, I like the trade because he is someone that can be held into next season anyway.  

June 1: After transfer links seemed to cool he dropped. Although, they are not completely dead and the “deal” was not quite as simple and it may be a case of them waiting for a good offer. 

Regardless, at just above £1 for a solid player either at Napoli or any other good club and an Italy international in a Euros year I can’t see many ways to lose on this trade. 

May 1: Seems to be progressing and the gossip remains live as the relationship between player and club has broken down.

Has had a rise recently but has stayed relatively quiet. If he did get a big club move the price still has a lot of room to grow at £1.29. 

Apr 18: This has stayed low key on the market but does quietly seem to be ticking along.

He has got himself a new agent recently, Raiola, who is known for making big moves including Pogba to Man United.

Insigne looks to be getting more frustrated and has made some strong comments about leaving and big clubs being interested, including PSG, Manchester United, and Real Madrid.

I like all these moves for him and he remains at a value price for such a quality FI player.

3 June: Seems to be fading and the new manager throws things up in the air. In a new system and starting staying at Juventus might not be a bad thing.

EPL links are still active but Inter and Bayern are in the mix too.

I think holding in the hope of an EPL transfer looks a bit slim by now but he is a real quality player and if he is playing football at any of the mentioned clubs I’d expect him to do well.

He would need a more forward playing position at Juventus though or he will end up second fiddle to Ronaldo again. Something to watch in pre-season.

May 15: Dybala is dropping after an “Atletico might want him” story.

This is the kind of garbage from a weak source you have to ignore because it just happens all the time.

If you drop in and out of trades based on weak gossip it’s just losing trading.

If you make the bet, stick to it, unless something credible/real happens.

The below advice still stands and the last day makes no difference to it. 

Apr 18: All the signs are pointing to an exit. He is just on the bench too much for a player of this quality and price tag.

He would be in high demand and you can find a link to almost any big club. Real, Barcelona, Man. Utd and Chelsea, Liverpool have been rumoured.

This is a huge transfer if he comes to the EPL, and in the right team, he is a potentially elite performance player.

Lots to be interested in but he isn’t exactly cheap. The rise would be enormous in the EPL but without those links the price could dip significantly, at least until the start of next season if he looked like starting.

A potentially excellent trade but needs watching closely. 

May 15: Links to PSG and Atletico are more credible than the previous Liverpool link. 

A move to a big EPL club would see this price fly. A move out of the EPL is more difficult. 

PSG I like because Richarlison could do well there for performance. Atletico, not so much.

But traders do not like out of the EPL moves so either may be ropey.

I will probably wait and see and pick him up if the price dips and he moved to a good performance club. 

If he did get a shock move to a big EPL club I might miss out but I can live with that sort of thing. 

Apr 18: This would get a fair bit of interest if he moved to Liverpool as is being rumoured however it is cooling. 

Everton seem determined not to sell particularly to their rivals and Richarlison rubbished the claims too.

He is on a long contract too and it looks like a long shot.

He is a big talent though and I would like to see him at a bigger club for performance purposes. 

Price is reasonable for his ability and overall fit with the trend, too.

But I am not hugely convinced he will move this Summer.

There are some Barcelona links emerging which are a more credible move but it is early days. 

Apr 18: This feels like it is fading a bit in my view. 

Unless Chelsea get the ban lifted, he is seeing more minutes so he has less cause to complain.

And if they can’t buy anyone else they are going to be reluctant to let him leave.

I flat out do not believe any EPL rumours because Chelsea need him coming back to haunt them like a hole in the head.

Bayern remain the most likely if a move does happen.

With much of his value based on a possible summer transfer drama, this could either go very well for holders or very badly.

3 June: Strong prospect for the future although links to Spurs may be a season too early for Maddison who is on a long contract.

There is also a feel good factor at Leicester under Rodgers which is another reason to stay.

That’s not bad news for holders because Leicester look more performance friendly.

If he did move it would get lots of attention but right now I don’t think it likely.

Apr 18: You can still find rumours but they are fairly low key.

I don’t believe Bayern really want rid of a player in this kind of form.

Still, huge transfer if it did pick up traction so worth mentioning. 

23 May: This looked crazy not long ago but after his comments after collecting the Ligue 1 player of the year award it does need to be considered possible.

It’s not a clear statement but it does suggest that he either wants a bigger role at PSG or would consider leaving.

The price tag though. Surely only Real with their huge war chest could afford it and you are talking north of £200 million.

At 20 years old and already elite standard they just might do it.

It probably is more likely he stays at PSG but this is one where I would jump on if it seriously looked like happening as the story would have a good while to run if the transfer did happen.

Apr 24: A breaking story of unrest because he is not starting. Still low key though and far from conclusive.

Worth mentioning though because it would be huge, not just for initial media but also for the long term performance prospects of an extremely strong performance player if he started regularly. 

June 6: EPL transfer could still happen but all of the serious mood music is about him staying.

Whilst the extreme over optimism for youth remains he will do fine but he has been declining for two months now.

Dortmund are looking tricky for next season with so much talent now and competition for places will be fierce.

Apr 18: Man Utd apparently making him their key transfer target for the Summer.

Huge if so, although the price assumes it will happen. Would still likely get a boost from it. 

Would not be sure how long it would last for next season if he does not deliver on huge expectations though.

As per the Scouting section, Sancho has been improving recently as a performance suitable prospect and is looking good. 

That price though. There is just no way to justify it. It was dropping hard until the England call up this week rescued things. 

At this price, he has to be Neymar, Pogba or Messi level player to make it worthwhile. And that is just so far away. 

For me this is a ticking time bomb because if the links fall through and he stays at Dortmund, people will realise they have a decent performance player at about 3 times his rational price. 

If the links do harden up, how many people really want to hold Sancho at £20 once the hype fades?

Just my view but when a price gets this big the reward for being right is low and the punishment for being wrong is severe. 

Category B

June 18: Looks very likely to move but the question is where. Arsenal are still the hottest link, Manchester United and Liverpool also mentioned but this seems a bit far fetched. Other clubs like Bayern have been linked in the past.

At £2… I am basically happy with any of those moves given the potential performance strength of the player. Arsenal are not the best platform for him to show it certainly compared to the damage he could do at Bayern. But then he may get some media attention to balance that.

June 6: Very likely to move to a big 5 league club but destination is uncertain.

Arsenal is rumoured and apparently he likes the club. That would be a big deal. But equally he could go to Bayern or similar.

That’s a 50/50. And the price is not the best value at £2 anymore. However, he has extreme performance quality and that means he will enter the season with optimism pretty much wherever he goes.

For non-holders an ideal scenario would be a move to Bayern, a drop in price from people disappointed he did not come to the EPL, and then signing him up nice and cheaply because he will almost certainly rise in July with a season at Bayern ahead of him. 

For holders, Arsenal would be great. But whilst there may be ups and downs, people are going to be keen on him whatever come the new season.


Apr 19: Should be a big trade with some potential to grow towards £6-7 (in pre-share split money) if not in the Summer then certainly towards the new season if as expected he is at Bayern.

However, a transfer to Bayern will not be huge for media buzz and the initial reaction may be muted. 

There are some loose links to Liverpool which have become more definite recently, if that happened, it would be a huge transfer and he could rocket. 

But I do not have a great deal of faith in the story that a Liverpool deal is close, the source Ian Mcgarry is known to be unreliable. 

3 June: This was a “done deal” a couple of weeks back and it’s an example of what you can expect when a move to a non-EPL club happens. A sizable drop.

It also shows how you can’t just believe everything you read.

He does look likely to move and Real looks very likely but isn’t confirmed. 

He looks an awkward hold at this price because if starting for Real he should score plenty although he isn’t the best performance player in the world. And he isn’t quite big enough yet to get regular media outside of the EPL.



Apr 19: Eintracht have signed him but it is likely that is to cash in later so the transfer is far from off.

I believe it depends on whether the player himself wants to stay for another season or go. Whether Eintracht qualify for the CL will be a big factor there and the race is tight between them and Gladbach. 

He is attracting interest from host of tops clubs including Bayern, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City.

Strong media prospects if he comes to the EPL both short and long term so an EPL move will see a big rise. 

If however he heads outside the EPL media prospects fall and so may the price. 

As a long term hold though he is strong provided he gets pitch time at a big club. A move to Liverpool or City would be a dream for initial media but if he can’t get in the team it might not bring immediate performance success. 

Apr 19: This is looking more and more likely, with the Manchester City rumours consistent, and he fits the type of player that could replace Fernandinho.

At City in that deep role, he will probably have excellent baselines. Goal threat is another matter and he should be second fiddle to the more attacking players in the line up.

Still, those high baselines could sneak him wins on soft days and if he can bag 4-5 goals a season he should make a few challenges.

It could pick up some short term media buzz, though I think many will be aware of his lack of goals and it won’t be an A list transfer. But, it should still see a decent rise.  

8 May: Spurs is starting to look more likely and it’s not a bad move. Should see pitch time at least.

And, there is England potential too.

This is a bit better value than it was but still the price is too high in my view.

Too much hype for too long has pushed the price up and it doesn’t look great value to me.

There will be some interest though particularly if he starts doing well for Spurs.

Apr 19: Plenty of links for Sessegnon who looks nailed on to leave Fulham.

Manchester United and Spurs seemed the favourite but Dortmund also seem interested lately.

His season stats are nothing spectacular, but you have to be a bit forgiving because of Fulham’s struggles. He’s got potential and I rate him at a possible 3 out of 5 stars.

That might creep towards a 3.5 out of 5 stars with more development in future, but the evidence to support that is not there other than with Championship level stats. 

Should see plenty of interest with a big move, particularly if he goes to the Bundesliga where the “Next Sancho” crowd should be out in force.

It is not the best value trade though because he is far from unknown. 

May 1: He looked nailed on for a Real Madrid move but apparently they have cooled.

EPL links are coming and they  are much more attractive for short term media at least.

But, he is not a big goal scorer so long term prospects of media attention are slim.

He is a high baseline player, and potentially, good enough to emulate a Brozovic. But his weak goal threat will likely always hold him back.

Could have a decent rise ahead for any transfer but given his weaknesses it is not one I would particularly be betting on.

June 3: He’s a good player at a value price and whilst he had a poor season last time out, in better conditions he could be very good.

It’s not an exciting transfer trade with Milan now possible. It looks likely to be another Italian club.

But, by pre-season I think he will get optimism provided he is fitting well into a new side.

May 23: A move to Juventus is starting to look pretty likely. A mediocre season for SMS but he will still command a big price tag and clubs will know his quality.

A Juventus move is not going to be raining media dividends down. Holders will have hoped for old Man. United links to be rekindled.

But, at £1.25 for a performance suitable Juventus player who would be very likely to start, he looks a strong bet to either hold or pick up in pre-season if he has dropped.


Apr 19: High early season expectations quickly turned sour for Savic, a really poor season for him.

But, he is a quality player in reality and for FI purposes given the right platform. 

He wants to leave and there are plenty of suitors. Manchester United could resurrect their failed bid from last Summer. And Manchester City are rumoured too although I believe that less.

Interest from outside the EPL too with Inter and AC Milan.

It’s going to be a big price tag if he moves, possibly pushing £85-100m. So, if incoming to the EPL that would make a media splash. Outside of the EPL those prospects are limited.

But at any big club I’d expect strong optimism for him in pre-season. 

3 June: An average looking FI player and extremely overpriced.

He looks set to be confirmed as a Manchester United player in mid-June where he is likely to spend the season making bench appearances at best.

With 5 places of media in play and no story dominating right now he might get some media but there is nothing to underpin this price when that is out of the way.

This price only has one direction to go between now and the new season.



Apr 19: Thauvin looks more likely to go than ever after he blasts his own team as “rubbish”. 

Destination is still unclear, possibly Inter but lately Arsenal and Tottenham rumours are also surfacing. An AC Milan link is also gaining a fair bit of traction. 

He is an excellent performance player and could do very well at a big club. 

Short term media prospects are a bit ropey unless that EPL link firms up. But he’s got quality and he is one that could be held into pre-season if at any performance suitable club, or even if he stayed at Marseille.

May 15: As per the below, if you picked him up at £1 or even £1.20 you are going to be pretty happy right now at £1.60+.

There are a lot of clubs interested and Leicester want a big fee. So my judgement would be it is possible to ride this for a bit of media.

But, I wouldn’t want to hang in too long certainly not beyond £2 for a defender. 

May 1: Gathering pace with City now entering the race which I actually like better as a move for performance purposes.

This should be one of the few defender transfers that will get some decent media. 

I said this looked decent last time at the £1 range. 

At £1.20 now the shine is off a bit but whilst the price is high, it is not totally crazy yet and could have a good burst if the gossip intensifies.

Beware the drop afterwards though with defenders so off trend.

3 June: Looking more likely to happen with Tottenham strong contenders.

As below signing players to sell on is a thing these days so him signing for Betis was not the end of the road.

Lo Celso is one of those players I tend to bang on about a bit because he’s quality and decent in almost all transfer outcomes.

This looked better a month ago at £1.20. At £1.50 now, it still has value provided you are content the transfer will happen.

If so, he will get plenty of interest because good analysts will know his FI quality.

And if not, he will get a drop but he is still holdable at Betis.

Apr 19: Good season for Lo Celso and it got him some big transfer links including Real and Barcelona.

However Betis have made the deal permanent which throws a spanner in the works.

It is possible that they are signing him to sell on so this is not totally dead yet.

I think he is too good for Betis and if it is not this window he will probably get links again next Summer.

He is a solid performance player even at Betis and the price is not crazy so this feels like a fairly low risk trade provided you are happy to hold him into the new season.

That could require a lot of patience although if Betis do sell him on it could pay off nicely.

Might be best to buy if and when there is any rumblings of bids coming in rather than waiting around. 

June 3: Struggling a bit with no EPL link. Still, as long he goes to any of the rumoured clubs (Juventus and Inter the most likely as apparently he wants to stay in Italy) he is going to get attention come the new season.

As an exciting regular for hosts Italy at Euro 2020 and with Juventus’s FI unfriendly style possibly getting shaken up with a new manager, I think he has a good season ahead.

Risks are if he stays at Fiorientina or the new Juventus setup doesn’t look suitable in pre-season.

But after his price drop towards £1.50 I think it’s a good bet.


Apr 19: Juventus look the clear favourite to sign Chiesa and still do. However, Liverpool have apparently made an enquiry about him which would be big news.

If that were to happen and it remains a big if, the price would almost certainly fly. 

He looks the real deal as a potential performance player, although it is hard to show that at Fiorentina he has the right attributes. And should be a star for Italy for a long time to come. 

He is a player I have mentioned all season so the value is no longer what it was. 

But it’s still not bad and as a potentially strong performance player there are reasons to hold him beyond any transfer. 

17 Apr: Good performance potential and he looks likely to leave Sevilla this Summer.

Has links to Roma but also Real Madrid are in the mix. At the cut £1 price for a performance suitable player this is looking decent.  

Apr 19: Looks likely to move and has strong to Arsenal and other links to Manchester United, Liverpool or Inter.

Potentially, Bergwijn is a very strong performance player and for a forward he has good involvement to back up his threat. 

Would no doubt pick up significant buying if moving to the EPL although the rise may not last through the Summer.

He’s not a A list level player  and it should not be a huge media spree.

And, somewhere like Liverpool, with things as they stand, I’d be concerned about pitch time issues with their established front 3 blocking him.

So, he might get a big initial rise but I may be wary about holding him too long. 

May 8: Napoli is the biggest rumour at the moment although it is far from confirmed.

Lozano is one where we really want an EPL link. He’s good as a performance player, but not great, so we want that EPL media possibility thrown in ideally. 

Watch this closely because there will be huge interest if coming to a big EPL club but not much if going to somewhere like Napoli (not until pre-season, anyway). 


Apr 19: Quiet at the moment but the links seem to be progressing, with Manchester United the most common.

Juventus, Chelsea, Milan have also been linked. As have Everton in the past.

He could be a decent performance player and at any big club I think he will get market attention, particularly in the EPL, because his World Cup performances made him a well known name. 

Price is fairly high right now so he needs that EPL link to rise further and could fall if it does not happen. 

Apr 19: Neres looks like he could leave after some great displays for Ajax particularly in the CL.

Looking better and better as a performance player. Manchester United, Liverpool and now Arsenal seem to be battling for his signature. And he should get hyped if going anywhere in the EPL. 

However, Ajax are apparently determined to keep Neres and I do wonder whether they will let all their stars leave at once.

If he does go they will probably drive a hard bargain. 

He also has Dortmund links but they might not have the financial muscle for this. 

Apr 19: Kessie plays deep but I have warmed to him lately after a string of good games where he added some decent threat to his possession. I don’t think he is going to ever be a top tier performance player but he does have some potential. 

Linked to Spurs and Chelsea (fairly weak) he would probably get a bit of attention at his relatively cut price.

Although I am not sure even an EPL move would bring many media dividends beyond a day or two maximum.  

Apr 19: The move looks likely but it no longer seems a done deal for him going to Real. Inter and Juventus seem to be trying to nick him.

If those links heat up particularly Real I think we will see plenty of interest at his budget price tag. 

Whisper it though, I am not sure he is actually that good. To me it feels more one to hold and then cash in on any hype rather than someone to pick up for next season. 

If the Real link returns that hype could be significant. There are plenty of traders who don’t know/don’t care if a player is weak and this is one that is easy to confuse with a strong performance player. 

Apr 19: Bayern has been the big link although there are rumours recently this is dropping away and this may have to wait until next season.

Not confirmed though. Other suitors include Barcelona and Juventus. There are some EPL links to Liverpool, Manchester City and Arsenal but I am sold on this.

A big move outside the EPL would not be brilliant for media but could be fantastic for performance. He could be fearsome at Bayern. 

An EPL move, though unlikely, would get huge attention. 

If he were to stay at Leverkusen another season before joining Bayern, you could expect his price to drop but he will probably start the next season with strong expectations. 

Apr 19: The strongest link is to Spurs although Liverpool and Arsenal are also in the mixer. As are a host of mid tier clubs like Everton and Leicester.

A big club should see significant buying in the build up but I suspect not many will want to hold throughout the Summer. And for the season start, he would likely have big pitch time issues at least in the first season. 

Somewhere like Leicester/Everton may see some initial buying. At least there he would likely get pitch time but he will have similar issues to Maddison in that it is hard to win at a mid tier club. 

Apr 19: This move to Arsenal could feasibly happen. His contract only has a year left to run.

I like Fraser as a performance player and think he could be a contender at Arsenal, probably 3 out of 5 stars, maybe even 3.5 out of 5 stars. (I’ve added him to the ratings, see Scouting). 

Probably not huge for media purposes but it might get a bit in the short term. 

If linked to Arsenal firmly I could see him getting a good rise given the budget 74p price tag.   

Apr 19: No news on this for a while. Some links to Manchester United although it feels a bit odd in terms of team fit to me. I am not sure who he would replace. 

He may be a backup/rotation option and that would hurt his prospects. 

He isn’t an ideal performance player as his involvement is low. But, he has shown he can be prolific and put up big scores anyway. 

He has been better used as an In Play Dividends player though. 

If the price rose at United it would dent his IPD appeal, and I can’t really see him being a regular performance or media contender unless he really did break into the first team.

I can’t see that happening though and I feel like he will be a rotation option if the move happens. 

Still, he would probably be bought up heavily at least at first if it came true.

Apr 19: Some credible links away from Milan, possibly to Arsenal. 

Milan are apparently waiting until the end of the season to decide. Looks serious though because they have been experimenting with other formations without him.

This would be a big transfer if incoming to the EPL. 

He is an excellent performance player, despite a rough second half to the season and many experienced traders will remember that. 

Should see significant and sustained buying if the link happens. 

3 June: Looks likely to move to another Italian club. Napoli perhaps. 

Strong FI player and I like him for the money at Napoli. Should see a nice rise if so. 

Apr 19: de Paul is a potentially very strong performance player in hiding at Udinese.

Links to Napoli and Inter Milan are credible. He did sign a new deal in January but this may be about Udinese increasing the price.

If it happened, it would not be one for huge short term media but there should be performance interest in him ahead of the new season because he could do very well at a better club. 

June 3: Some Liverpool rumours emerging and he could rise further with that.

A future talent but that’s not a secret and the price is still high at £1.87. 

Had a nice rise since his last mention here. Bit of a 50/50 by now whether he gets a good move or not. 

But, it’s still early in the window so I think it’s ok for now. I wouldn’t want to be hanging on if he remained at Villareal though. 

Apr 19: Decent young talent that many have their eye on and I covered him in the Europa league article yesterday afternoon. He could be performance suitable. 

He has some decent transfer links and big clubs are circling including Bayern and Barcelona. 

If those did pick up the price boost would be substantial. 

Only problem is he is far from a secret by now and he will need a big link to materialise to rise in price. And if it gets shut down there could be a dip. 

23 May: Asensio is a decent player who didn’t get many opportunities last season. He still looks on the fringes and Zidane may move him on. 

If so, it could be a big deal particularly if he came to the EPL. Traders will be confident in media prospects short and long term and probably performance prospects too at the right team. 

Whilst Asensio has recently said he doesn’t want to go, it may not be in his hands and I don’t think we have heard the last of this rumour.

At the £1.42 price, provided he did play at Real I think he is decent value anyway. 

Apr 24: Still feels like a tough deal because he has 3 years on the contract, has a huge price tag now and Ajax are already set to lose a host of stars.

But, he’s a good performance talent and is gathering interest from plenty of good clubs including Real Madrid, AC Milan and Tottenham.

After Ajax’s exploits it is not much of a secret though so the value is not the best right now.

May 8: Had a big spike after a Manchester United link recently and this becomes high risk/reward at this point.

He’s basically an awful performance player. But, a decent goal scorer. So we need either the big EPL move and hope he is good enough to get some media, or, we need his price to stay low so that he is useful for IPD punts.

If Manchester United did happen you could easily double your money here. But, it could be a painful fall if he went somewhere like Atletico which is also rumoured. 

Apr 17: Dembelé is shaping up to be an excellent striker but for performance purposes he is particularly poor. 

So, outside of IPD’s, the thing that could boost his value the most is an EPL move where be broke through and won media for goal scoring.

There are few better than Manchester United for that. And that is the link. Arsenal are also rumoured.

However, it feels a long shot. Lyon are going to lose other stars this Summer and Dembelé has only just arrived this season. He is on a long contract too.

Would be a big deal if it happened but I think it unlikely.

However, given his value for IPDs, and the relatively cheap price at 89p, it would not be a terrible idea to hold for an IPD punt and then hope you catch the right link. 

At time of writing he has the recent goal threat to make that viable.

May 8: An interesting link to Barcelona although doesn’t look likely at this stage.

He could get a short term bounce as people chase any dividends. 

The market might not like the sound of it long term but realistically, in normal times he doesn’t get much media anyway so him moving out of the EPL isn’t a big deal. 

In fact, if you saw him starting at Barcelona his chances of succeeding would go up considerably for performance.

That’s tricky though and is he really going to be the Suarez replacement? I’d worry about him being a rotation option.

Apr 3: Malcom has struggled at Barcelona but he looks good as a performance player when given the chance.

Barcelona may keep him but his good performances have also put him in the shop window if he does move on.

He would definitely get some interest especially if incoming to the EPL.

He has a decent chance of a move and Tottenham are apparently interested. 

Good move if so as if starting, I think he could do well at Spurs. 

And, the price is not crazy yet so it has room to grow if the right links happened.

Apr 19: Despite his cut price, Ozil quietly hoovers up his media dividends and it would be wrong to count him out just for age. 

If he picked up a firm link (Juventus or Barcelona are rumoured) then he could go on a decent media spree ahead of the transfer.

After that, prospects look a bit tougher but there should be that initial buzz as he goes on his way. 

19 Apr: Perisic has often had EPL links in recent windows, including to Manchester United and Tottenham. 

Perisic isn’t a bad performance player and could do well. he is a big ticket player and might get a bit of media from an EPL transfer, certainly initially, and possibly a bit later on if he performs well.

At the cut price, if a move did look incoming there would be a lot of buying.

But, it’s an off trend move at the moment due to his age so whether any increased price is sustained beyond the initial spike is questionable.

May 1: Below still applies but worth noting Liverpool links are gaining a bit more traction recently.

Apr 29: Apparently Lyon want keep him for one more season and Aouar wants to stay to maximise chances of playing at Euro 2020. He wants the first team football.

This all makes sense to me. As well, Lyon will be losing a raft of stars so I do not think they will want to let Aouar go as well if they can help it.

He could be on the move although the links to City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Barcelona are subdued so far. 

With a strong EPL link I am sure he would see some significant buying. 

I think it much more likely he stays though. 

He’s a decent performance player who could be 4 out of 5 stars level if he was given licence to attack at the right club. He has a deeper playing position than we would like, though.

Apr 24: There are rumours of a move away from Roma after some contract haggling.

I think this is very unlikely though. His contract runs until 2023 anyway so there is no panic for Roma and they do not seem too far apart on the new deal.

Just does not make sense for Roma to offload him so soon and Zaniolo is getting minutes at a good club.

A window or two too soon I think.

Apr 19: This appears to be fading now Zidane is back. 

March 22: When Zidane came in the talk was he might stay at Real. But, the rumours have not slowed down and they still send him to Juventus to link up with Ronaldo.

In form he is one of the strongest defenders on FI so whilst there will not be much initial hype, it might be of interest during the Summer. 

Category C

Apr 24: Not a secret that his move to Watford was meant to be a spring board to a bigger club. 

AC Milan is the rumour and that would be decent for long term performance prospects because he does have potential. 

Not a huge media trade though and might be one to revisit in pre-season.

Recent strong performances will give confidence in him if he does move. 

18 June: At £2 the market is probably overestimating Tieleman’s value. 

He may go to Leicester where he finished the season well but even there when scoring the matchwinner and having a decent game he only crept into the 170’s. 

Manchester United is another option and would be good for short term media. He could do very well there, but the market will not yet be optimistic about United players as performance prospects. He would need strong attacking licence to do well and that is all a big maybe.

May 1: Looked set to stay at Leicester and may well do. But he also has other options now which are interesting.

He has been improving strongly as a performance prospect under Rodgers. He would need that same licence to get forward elsewhere.

But, the Leicester link is no longer the performance death sentence it was. He could do ok there.

The price is high by now though. It could still get higher if he did get a big move to somewhere like Manchester United.

But by the time that link happened his price had already pumped due to some good performances so it is no longer the best value in the world.

Not a bad pick but there could be disappointment ahead if he signs for Leicester. 


18 June: I like Trossard and since featured here at 60p he has had a nice rise. Links to Gladbach or Arsenal are attractive at his price because he has performance quality. However, I do not like these recent links to Brighton at all. The other moves are still in play although the Brighton link makes me wary.

3 June: Good rise from 60p to 85p since first listed here although he is creeping back down to 76p. 

Rumours have gone a bit quiet although Arsenal is still possible. He is expected to leave. Bundesliga somewhere like Gladbach also possible.

Given he has performance quality I’m pretty relaxed about holding him at either of those clubs, and the Arsenal link should see a nice boost.

Apr 24: The strongest link was Arsenal last update however Wolfsburg seem to be making a strong bid.

His agent seems to think he may be better at Wolsburg before making a step up to Arsenal level in two years or so.

Arsenal are still in the mix though and it is uncertain. 

Trossard is currently at Genk having a superb season with 19 goals in all competitions so far.

He is also extremely performance suitable because he marries that threat with a strong all round game.

If anyone bought him when I first listed him here they will have got a nice rise.

To get another big one we need him to go to Arsenal. But, he is a strong player and the price is still not silly so even at Wolsfburg he would not be a terrible hold.

In the right circumstances he could easily be a 3.5 out of 5 stars or even a 4 out of 5 stars

May 1: Getting some EPL links but remains odds on to join Barcelona with the bookies.

This is a toxic trade because it doesn’t matter where he goes, he is massively overpriced now. 

A matter of time before it crashes hard and the potential rewards in a best case scenario do not justify this risk.


Apr 24: A long expected move to Barcelona is on the cards, and it looks credible. Other destinations include Juventus, PSG or Liverpool. 

However, he is a defender and expectations have to be limited in reality, especially for any media hopes. Performance wise, despite the hype, he isn’t any better than many strong centre backs at a much cheaper price. 

The high existing price limits growth potential as he is already significantly above the price paid for a good centre back.

If the EPL links did happen unexpectedly, there could be short term buzz though. 

Almost certain to have a price crash at some point, the value is absolute madness. 

Apr 24: This has gone a bit quiet but that’s not unusual as it is a fairly low profile trade.

Looks like contract negotiations are just ongoing. 

Not many have heard of Herrera and he might be an unsexy transfer. 

Had some Spurs links but it looks like Atletico Madrid now. 

Given his budget price tag, he may see a decent rise either initially or at least towards the new season if he looks like starting.

He could be a strong performance player although this season at least Atletico have not been the best platform.

Still, at just 44p he may be one to look at in pre-season.

18 June: This looks quite close to getting over the line with West Ham. I like Maxi Gomez at the right team but West Ham kills interest for me. 

One to watch to see if he does really well and attracts bigger things later, but for now, £1.28 feels too much. 


Apr 24: Rumour is still live and it is now Tottenham who are picking up the links.

This could either be very good or pretty bad because he has good links like Spurs and Liverpool and also bad ones like West Ham. 

Potentially Gomez is an excellent performance player so at a big club I’d be interested and if that happened he would be Cat B for sure.

At West Ham or similar, I am not interested but at a bigger club I definitely would be.  Worth monitoring. 

11 Apr: The Celtic man is picking up some Manchester United and Arsenal links, which look credible. 

He could see a bit of buying off the back of that. But really, he’s nothing particularly special as a performance player. 

United defenders particularly are also a weak source of points so we would also need to see a new approach from OGS next year.

24 Apr: Porto’s right back is a decent player and might get a bit of attention due to historic high performance scores. 

The move is to Atletico whose defenders are decent and it looks fairly likely to happen. 

He has scored 4 penalties recently which is astonishing. That might get him attention. 

Word of warning though, Griezmann might have something to say about him taking penalty duties. 

Without those penalties, Telles loses his shine. 

But, he may get a rise anyway come preseason as at just 52p because of the Atletico move and people might not spot his goals and high scores come from penalties.

26 Apr: It looks fairly likely the Benfica man will move on. Juventus or Arsenal perhaps.

He’s a talent. That is not totally unknown and the price is not cheap. But it’s not bad either, and he could see some buying after a good move.

He is potentially a strong performance player, I have him at 4 out of 5 stars for potential. 

His knack of putting away long range chances gives him an edge. 

Apr 24: The Guingamp man is attracting interest from Arsenal and Dortmund and lately Lyon. 

The Lyon links are starting to heat up now.

The 21 year old winger has had a good year with 12 goals (soft league, but he has a soft team to be fair).

It’s not really a hidden gem anymore but at the £1 mark the price is not yet outrageous. 

If the Arsenal link gathered more pace, he should see a good bit of buying. Lyon is also a good move but the buying may come later in pre-season.

As a player, he could be pretty good, probably a 3 out of 5 stars if starting for a decent team. 

Apr 24: Positive mood music on this possible move to Arsenal.

He’s had a decent season at PSG and could shape up a decent performance player. Although, he has played a lot of soft games and those stats could be flattering. 

Links are to Arsenal and if you believe those, he should get a decent bump if they firm up. 

18 June: Mitrovic is worth keeping an eye on. His goal output would make him value for IPD alone at a good club, but in some games he shows the ability to build a reasonable baseline too. So he is capable of nicking the odd performance win as well.

Betis would be a good move and that’s the rumour. I won’t rush to buy but if he is still 80p and on the way to Betis I think he would be a good option.


May 8: Links to Napoli and also Arsenal.

He’s a decent player who has put up some good scores. But it must be noted that many of his goals come from penalties which he may not get at a new club.

If shopping by historic performance score you might think he was better than he is. 

He alright though and at the price of 70p, it’s not a bad trade. He should get some interest if he went to Arsenal. And even Napoli is a step up. 

Apr 24: Gone a bit quiet but is still possible. Ajax are making noises about keeping him though.  

Ajax players are well regarded and a move to Atletico as rumoured or similar club might see some buying. 

He could be performance suitable, although Atletico’s defenders in the current system have not typically done well in performance scoring.

Price is still not bad given the Champions League involvement and Ajax feel good factor.

Apr 26: Quiet at the moment but very likely to pick up links at some point in the window.

A decent performance centre back with some loose rumours to the EPL (Arsenal) and other big European clubs (Inter.) 

This would be a low key trade but like with many Cat C’s, if the price is right, you can still make a decent profit as many traders use comparative pricing and say “if these Arsenal defenders are worth X than the new signing must be worth near that too”. 

Price is still ok and has some room to grow if the right link emerges. 

Apr 26: Still looks alive. Credible links to Man Utd for Koulibaly that have been around for a couple of windows now. 

He could be strong for performance but United defenders have not been good this season. It may be that he is being brought in to improve passing out from the back which could change things though. 

Should see some decent buying if it happens, as it would be a big transfer (for a defender) and should get some initial media and there will be some optimism about his performance prospects next season. 

However, as with many long rumoured big transfers, you are paying a big premium here and the best value has now gone.

May 1: Picking up links to Chelsea and even Bayern.

As a defender who sometimes pushes up as a winger I quite like him as he fits my target type and he would be one I would look to buy for the new season.

However, it is a touch unfortunate that he happened to get a hat-trick recently which has brought attention onto him and he has just rocketed.

The price looks too high now given he is extremely dependant on where he plays and we will not know that at a new club.

Could get a further rise if the right link happens, temporarily at least.

One I will be monitoring to buy in a couple of months if there is a drop.


3 June: No longer quite the 35p bargain he was since first featured here. He’s 61p now and not far off doubling that.

Good player and potential moves to Lille or Lyon to replace leaving stars like Pepé are a sign of his quality.

A few banana skins in Bordeaux and St Etienne to dodge but for the money he isn’t bad there either. 

One of my better Cat C summer trades. May dip a bit at a smaller club but could easily continue up to £1 or beyond if he signs for Lille or Lyon. Is expected to leave.

Apr 17: A decent performance player even at lowly Angers and has had big scores in the past. 

Decent age range at 26 and a favourable playing position on the wing. 

Interesting a host of performance suitable clubs including Betis, Lille, Lyon and less favourably but not terribly Hoffenheim and Rennes.

At just 35p at time of writing some smart money will be going here.

Apr 24: He is picking up some decent links to Manchester United. Last update I said he may rise significantly from his current budget price if so and he has.

United defenders have not been historically great for performance but if they adopted a more ball playing style from defence it is possible it could improve.

If the transfer link hardens up there is still a bit of room to grow in this trade.

Apr 24: Has gone a bit quiet but that isn’t a big deal for a low key transfer.

Some decent links for the talented German including to Liverpool and more loosely to Spurs and Arsenal. 

He’s a decent performance suitable centre back and at his budget price would get a significant boost if he did head to Liverpool.

These Cat C trades can be low key but if the buy price is right can turn a very nice profit. Still well priced at 48p.

Apr 24: Picking up credible links including to Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Juventus. 

Definitely a talent and should have high baselines but he plays a little deep for our purposes and has been goal and goal threat light, particularly this season.

Still, he gets some hype as a young talent and should see some interest anyway. But, he is not going to be a performance superstar unless suddenly used in a more forward role.  

Apr 24: Looks to be fading as Rodgers revival gives a reason to stay. The contract is long until 2024 and Leicester are demanding an insane sum of money.

Maybe a window too early now.

Was widely expected to go to City or possibly Liverpool, Spurs or Arsenal.

Should get attention if it does happen due to youth and and England links however being an off trend defender as well as the high current price hurts the value. 

Should improve as a performance player at a big club but I would have pitch time concerns at least for the first season. 

Apr 24: The PSG  man has some Man Utd links which seem credible enough. They are gaining more traction.

Could pick up a bit of buying action if so, and there could be a decent 10-20% gain in it.

Could be a decent defensive option but United are not a good source of defensive points on FI, they would need to change something.

I like Meunier as a player though and at 65p he could see some interest if the link progressed.

3 June: Nice rise since he first appeared here. Rumours are still circling with Milan looking possible.

He’s a talent and described as the “Turkish Messi” (I hate those overused comparisons on FI). He isn’t going to be that good for us.

But he’s a talent and traders will have some optimism for him if he does come to Milan so he should rise further in that case.

May 1: The 19 year old Turkish up and comer does have reasonable links to Barcelona and Liverpool as a youth prospect. 

He would not be the best performance player in the world, as he is relatively deep. 

He does not get too many goals because of that, but he might be able to get 1 in 7-10 games. 

But his involvement and passing accuracy are very good so there is something.

His decent fit with the mania for youth would be the main reason to buy provided the price stays low in the hope that the links strengthened and people piled in. 

Could happen. 

May 1: Petagna has done well for SPAL this season knocking in 14 in 32 this term. 

SPAL have an obligation to buy if they avoid relegation as they almost certainly will.

They could buy to sell though and several clubs are interested including Leicester, Eintract, Atletico and Leverkusen.

All good moves and although he has risen from 35p to 50p recently, there could be mileage in this if the links firm up.

He looks decent enough as a performance forward and has IPD appeal too.

Apr 24: Some links to Manchester United. Calabria has some potential as an attacking full back. 

I started the season with high hopes for him at Milan but he has not actually been that great. 

Does have some potential though and at Manchester United he may get a bit of initial media attention (not much though). 

Given the budget price he should do well if the move happens.

Apr 24: Appears to be fading a bit. Gone a bit quiet and the last news was him making a strong statement of loyalty.

Links to Arsenal and Manchester City for the Atletico man. Arsenal looks more likely, if it happens.

Partey would probably be a high baseline low threat nearly man for those sides. He will put up a few good scores but he’s nothing special. 

That said, given his low price there will be those who pick him up anyway at least for the initial hype buying and there could be some profit there if you don’t hang in too long after any initial rise.

Apr 24: Probably looks like staying at Marseille but you never know with Mario. The contract expires at the end of the season. 

His form since joining Marseille has been excellent, and I would not rule out a bigger club giving him one last chance. He is still just 28 and could be hitting his prime. 

And we all know he has media appeal. 

Apr 17: Certainly making an impression in the Dutch league with 12 goals this term for Willem II. He’s on loan from Dortmund and just 19. 

His expected goals is too good to be true, to translate this to a top level would put him on a par with the best in Europe. 

Encouragingly, he scores more than he should which indicates he is a good finisher. 

As for the rest of his game, I am going to go with: not good. Apart from the goal threat there is not much else.

Still, something as inconsequential as being bad at performance scoring has not stopped players like Moise Kean rocketing. 🙂 

He is picking up links to big clubs like Real and Chelsea, so there must be something here.

Trends as they are, and under £1.50 I quite like the trade. 

If it runs away much further than that though it would be a turn off. 

If he feels like a player you might want to FOMO into, it may best to get that over with because I could see him catching light in this current market if the transfer links heated up. 

Apr 24: Well regarded 22 year old Danish midfielder. Great stats this year with 27 goals all be it in a weak league. 

But that’s enough to get him some attention and he has potential performance suitability.

Has a decent Spurs link too.

Only issue is I wish I had seen that link sooner because he has had a sharp value spike in recent weeks.

If the Spurs link happens he still has some room to rise though. 

3 June: This one has gone fairly quiet with no live rumours currently. He is expected to move to Europe though, the only question is whether this is a Summer too early. 

At some point it becomes fairly high risk as if he does stay at Fluminese the price will crash. But, we are still relatively early in the window and it is probably that rumours do resurface.

Just got to watch this one quite closely if holding. Does have a potential big upside and could get a very nice rise. 

In July I wouldn’t hold something like this. In June, it’s ok for now. 


Apr 3: Guilherme is a performance suitable talent who, if not for a big injury, would probably already be at Real Madrid.

I picked him out ahead of his IPO in the Scouting section and he has done well since.

As covered in Scouting he made a return to action this week and he is getting some minutes to put himself back in the shop window. 

He is leaving it late though and he might need to do something special to get noticed again in the coming 2-3 months. 

If he does though and Real links pick up (or another big club) the pay off for holders could be big.

Other than that, traders may have to wait for another window.

But he is a strong prospect and a patient trader has a great chance of doing well out of this if willing to hold long term. 

Apr 24: This has gone a bit quiet but that is not too worrying with a low key move.

Currently at Salzburg but has some links to RB Leipzig and Lazio.

Hardly an A list transfer but at the bargain price, he might see some buying if those links happened.

First identified here at just over 35p, he’s 57p now and some of that value has clearly gone. However, with the right link, and given his performance potential, there is probably still some decent mileage left. 

He has decent performance suitability, if starting somewhere like Lazio, probably a 3 out of 5 stars, maybe 3.5 out of 5 stars

Apr 24: Fairly quite but still picking up some links and should appear again before too long. 

Arsenal are the link (Arsenal being linked with almost everything right now).

There would undoubtedly be interest in him if he came to the EPL. Has a shot at being a good performance player.

Because this was known in January the price is not extreme value but at 78p it’s still not bad and there is money to be made if the link happens. 

Apr 24: This would get a fair bit of interest and the links to Bayern and Arsenal (who aren’t Arsenal linked with at the moment?) do seem to be gathering some pace. Also, Spurs and Manchester City loosely. 

I did not initially think Roma would want to sell and felt Under was progressing quite nicely there. But, there are rumours they are willing to cash in for the right price. 

Feels a long way off. Unlikely to generate huge media interest short or long term but at the right club there could be performance optimism for next season. 

1 May: Calhanoglu could very easily get shipped out this term in a squad overhaul.

At the right club, even staying at Milan, he is a fantastic performance player for the price. 

He has links to Leicester and West Ham. At Leicester, I’d be pretty optimistic that he could be worth his 50p price tag given their improvement under Rodgers. At West Ham, not so much.

Apr 24: A low key player at a cut price but he could be a hidden performance gem. 

Was looking good in December before his injury problems. With Hannover looking near enough relegated I think Bebou will move on because he is well regarded. 

There were Monchengladbach rumours and I like that with Bebou at a bargain 37p. Possibly one for pre-season though because there will be no fuss over this. 

Apr 24: Quiet at the moment but he has had links to Spurs and they are credible as he should be affordable. 

Manchester United have been rumoured to be interested in the past, although loosely. 

He’s a young striker with some potential performance suitability. Overall involvement probably not going to be great, but he does have an eye for goal. 

He has got a nice rise in the last month already and whilst I do not think he is an amazing player, if speculation hots up he may get another nice bump at his cheap price.

Apr 24: Has been linked with a move away from Gladbach although the long contract to 2023 may be a block.

It could be a window too early for Plea but I think this is worth being on the radar.

At just 58p for a solid goalscorer who is highly rated and starting to break into the France side, he would look fantastic value if a good transfer link started building. 

Apr 24: A decent if not amazing performance prospect, who is attractive because of the budget 50p price.

Per 90 minutes he has done well for Valencia with an expected goals good enough for 1 goal every 3 games.

9 goals this season out of that so he does put away those chances although it is nothing special. 

Still, Valencia are rumoured to be willing to sell and there are links to “unnamed EPL clubs”. 

If one of them is performance suitable, he could get a rise given the budget price and his scoring record. 

Category D

March 22: Likely to join Inter at the end of the season. But not a great performance player and whilst people may recognise the name, I don’t expect him to make a huge impact or improve at Inter. 

March 22: Likely to join Bayern. In Bayern’s system he could improve as a performance prospect. Should not generate huge excitement but he may get a price bump out of the transfer. It’s one I will look at in pre-season if the move happens. 

Apr 11: At the cut price Bennacer might get some buying if the transfer to Napoli comes through. It looks fairly likely. 

He could be a high baseline player but he has very limited goal threat throughout his career. 

So, it is hard to see how he could make an impact more than a handful of times a season in reality. 

Not everyone will realise that though and he could get a bump. 

May 1: Being tracked by Arsenal.

Does not look a great performance player at all.

But, people may not know that and if he moves to Arsenal he could see buying at this budget price tag. 

Would not be one I wanted to hold though.


March 25: A good on pitch player but with seriously limited goal threat. Should post some decent baselines regularly but will struggle to go beyond the 150’s too often without a significantly different role. 

Still, with Liverpool links (if they firm up) he could still stand to do well out of the trade as people may buy without realising he is not that great for FI. 

Likely to have some short term media prospects with an EPL move but limited long term media and performance prospects. 


Apr 3: The 20 year old Atalanta forward has scored 4 in 958 minutes. 

That doesn’t sound that impressive but per 90 minutes it’s pretty good for a young player at a smaller club. 

And, his involvement is decent too. So potentially a good performance prospect.

Given he rarely completes a game, those shopping on historic performance data will see that his scores are awful. But he’s actually got promise.

It is a fairly long shot transfer and he may stay at Atalanta. 

But there was talk (a year ago now) of him being the signing to be back up to Harry Kane. And in the past he has had Juventus links too.

Not saying it’s a slam dunk, what appeals is the very budget price at just 46p. 

If any of last Summers links restarted people might find it attractive. 

1 May: Really not a very good FI player but there are rumours linking him to Arsenal and Spurs. 

I wouldn’t be interested at all but his 29p current price is rock bottom. 

And he is well known enough to see buying if that link hardened up. 

Not sold on the link yet but could see a decent rise if it happened.


Unfavourable Transfer Rumours

Category E

Strength: 5 out of 5 stars

March 25: Brahimi is a decent performance player and could be a cut price bargain with the right link.

However, Watford appear to be leading the chase and that all but kills off hopes for any consistent returns from him. 

March 22: Links to Inter but unfortunately once you are a regular at Barcelona, there are not many ways to go but down. Not much if any media from this and likely hurts his performance prospects. 

He would still be a decent player but I don’t think many will get excited by this trade unless he puts in strong performances pre/early next season. 

Apr 3: He gets interest and has been pumped by social media wags in the past but he is a bang average performance player at best. Decent -ish goal scorer, though.

A move to Everton or Southampton isn’t great unless you see him doing well and putting himself in the shop window for a future move. 

March 25: Inter remains the most likely destination but he is now picking up decent links to Manchester United. 

This is an example of how changeable fortunes can be with transfer trading. If the United link firmed up, this becomes a Cat A transfer with him still just 29 and with performance and continuing media quality. One to watch. 

March 22: Links to Inter although leaving Real Madrid might put a downer on his prospects. 

Should he get more set pieces at Inter it may actually work out for him performance wise, and Inter are a solid enough club. However, I think the market may interpret this move negatively as a step down. 

23 May: In the time we have seen of him Sané has improved a lot and shown he has what it takes as a performance player.

If he had regular pitch time at Bayern, who apparently have permission to talk to him, he could be even better for performance purposes.

However, traders do not like these moves outside of the EPL and no matter how hard we might try to justify it rationally with thoughts of how good he could be at Bayern, it almost doesn’t matter. Traders almost always sell players moving out of the EPL, at least short term.

It may not happen. But if it did, I’d expect the price to drop and depending on how far he may be worth revisiting by pre-season.

March 28: Links to Everton for the Lille striker.

I’ve been saying this ever since the hype nonsense about the “next Pepé” was in full flow – Leao is a very poor performance player. Doesn’t always make me popular to say these things on the public site but I only say it when it’s true. 

He’s better for some In Play Dividends but that’s not going to support the big price tag, even if it has dived recently.

To succeed he needs a really big move probably to a top 5 EPL club where he might score enough goals to win media. At Everton that could be difficult. 

If he moved, and caught the eye, and if a big club then picked him up AND he became the main striker then yeah he could do fine because he is a goal scorer.

But how many times did I say if there? Long shot. 

Apr 11: Far from a done deal but it would not be ridiculous if Lukaku was offloaded, possibly to Inter as an Icardi replacement.

Leaving United and the EPL this would probably be seen as a big negative by the market. He really is not much crack for performance without that media hope.

If the price did tank, possibly a good pick at a budget price in the new season for IPDs or similar if at Inter. 

Dying Transfer Rumours

Negativity: 5 out of 5 stars

March 25: Excellent season from Brooks and there were rumours of a move. But a big new contract makes that look like a very long shot now. 

I did not hold but if I had, this early on, I would have been straight out as soon as I saw a definite transfer killer like that new contract.  

He may be one to revisit in pre-season, though.

Strength: 5 out of 5 stars

How strong the hype for the transfer is / how likely it is to happen, based on gossip sources and practical considerations like contract end dates and finances. More reputable sources/more links will get a higher rating.

Market Impact

Cat. A  – On trend, performance suitable high profile player incoming to the EPL, OR a major move for a global star. Likely to result in major short or long term media potential. 

Cat. B – On trend performance suitable player incoming to a big club in the EPL OR very strong performance player linked to a big club in the 5 major European Leagues. EPL transfers should get decent media attention. Transfers outside of the EPL may not see huge initial gains particularly if the price is already high, however there should be strong interest in the player by late June/July at least due to strong performance prospects for next season. 

Cat. C – On trend performance suitable player going to any big club in the big 5 European leagues. Unlikely to get much media attention but should be a strong player for next season. Or, a mid tier performance player coming to a big club in the EPL.  

Cat. D – Average or weak performance player going to a big club in the big 5 European leagues. They still may get buying for the transfer but they may not succeed at the new club or generate much media interest. 

Cat. E – Performance suitable player who may be off trend or going to middle/low ranking clubs in the big 5 European leagues.

Negativity: 5 out of 5 stars

For a dying transfer rumour, the more red bars are filled in (out of 5) 4 out of 5 stars the more negativity there is around the transfer, and the more likely the player is to stay at his club and not pick up big speculation links. 

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